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Our talented, in-house mobile development specialists range from strategists and developers to UX experts and more.


With an extensive library of successful projects to show you, our technical excellence covers a range of sectors, including healthcare, housing, legal and local government.


We’ll guide you through the whole process of your mobile product’s lifecycle, and support your existing internal team as we help them fill in the knowledge and skill gaps.


Here’s a quick look at a few members of our key app development team, so you can start getting to know us as your new technical partner

“As a developer, I like the tools and language around apps. I know what I build will be more convenient and more responsive than a website for end users, so they’re very fulfilling projects to work on.”

Our Frontend Manager Daniel Edwards has worked on a range of mobile app projects over the last three years for 6B, helping to build apps that meet the real needs of our diverse client base.

He’s helped develop apps for clients in the hospitality and membership sectors, but it’s a project for Trip Aid that comes to mind when he thinks of his most rewarding work at 6B.

Trip Aid was developed by a teacher who wanted a way of better tracking the whereabouts of students when on school trips. The work Daniel did ensured that a student’s location was visible on a live map and allowed teachers to message students in the event of an emergency, ensuring they remained safe whilst off school grounds.

“I like working on app projects because there’s a lot of different features you can access on a phone, like camera, location and bluetooth. There’s more flexibility with what you can do with an app in comparison to a website.”

As 6B’s Head of Development, Josh Walshaw is an integral part of our app development team. With four years’ experience building apps – and even longer using the technology that powers them – he knows which features and functionality end users want to see in a mobile app.

Since joining the agency, Josh has helped build apps for clients across a variety of sectors, but one particular project that springs to mind is Career Street.

This app was built to modernise the recruitment process, with an algorithm that screens candidates and matches them with suitable vacancies based on select criteria. Although the app is still in development, Josh expects it to transform the way employers recruit for roles in the future.

“Apps span well beyond looks alone. You have to think about each page or button with transition between each other, even the smallest micro-animation can make a big difference to the user journey. You also have to consider how it will interact with finger gestures that can help make a more intuitive app. Striking this balance is what I enjoy most about working with apps.”

As our Head of Design, Phil Millward is responsible for creating a seamless user experience and ensuring that the apps we create look as good as the content we populate them with.

Phil is an award-winning designer who joined the team at the start of the year and will help redefine our mobile app proposition. He’s got a wealth of experience in designing native apps for utility, luxury accommodation, parking and social care companies, as well as social media apps, which all include complex account areas.


“6B have brought our company on leaps and bounds with the use of digital technology. We have a great relationship and they understand our business needs.

I would very much recommend 6B to give your business the extra edge when it comes to tech. Awesome company to work alongside.”

Aaron Lyons, Operations Director, UKA247

UKA247: Fast, efficient, always online service


UKA247 is a property repair company with a difference: they empower contractors to trade well beyond traditional trading hours.


As such, they needed a solution that would be as responsive as the people using their platform. A complete overhaul of their existing operation was required and would take shape through a three-pronged approach: a business management system, self-service web portals, and a mobile app.


This would enable customers and contractors to conveniently manage their own claims, and help build trust among their community of users.

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Our mobile insights

Our mobile insights


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Devices showcasing the Career Street mobile app


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