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Digital transformation agency by 6B. 6B delivers digital transformation that enables organisations to achieve significant growth, to deliver superior customer service, and to stay ahead of their competitors.

6B utilises tried-and-tested Agile methodologies and a high level of technical expertise to deliver digital transformation that is cost-effective, provides lasting value to organisations and their customers, and delivers long term success.

6B works with clients to undertake a comprehensive analysis of their existing systems and processes, and then develops a digital transformation strategy that is specifically tailored to your organisation’s requirements, and those of your customers.

Digital transformation agency UK

As a specialist digital transformation agency, 6B is capable of researching, designing and developing innovative digital solutions and services that can transform your organisation, whilst providing lasting value to your customers.

We can work with you to implement a range of innovative digital tools such as automation, AI and IoT that improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience, transforming the way your organisation operates.

We can work with you to update legacy systems and dated processes, to ensure you can deliver the highest level of service to your clients.

6B’s digital transformation strategy involves combining digital technology with wider cultural change, working with staff from across your organisation to develop solutions that improve efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

We can work with your team to embed a culture of innovation and continuous improvement across your organisation, resulting in a wider team that is receptive to change and the benefits of digital transformation.

6B works with ambitious organisations to transform the way they operate, through the adoption of innovative digital tools, services and approaches.

Combining established Agile methodologies and industry-leading technical insights, we will work with your organisation to deliver cost-effective and sustainable change, which provides ongoing value to your organisation, and to your customers.

Our goal is to develop a lasting working partnership with your organisation – to deliver innovative approaches and technology that provide long term success, and can continue to change and evolve, to reflect the needs of your organisation.

Developing a strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation.

The road to digital transformation will be determined by your organisation’s capabilities – its strengths and weaknesses – as well as its aims and ambitions, and the wider challenges it faces.

Our first task, therefore, is to undertake an “as-is” analysis of your organisation, before we can determine an appropriate route to achieving digital transformation.

We will work with you at the discovery stage to develop a detailed understanding of how your organisation operates – the systems, processes and approaches that you currently utilise – and then develop a product strategy, or roadmap, for achieving digital transformation.

Adopt new technologies

The adoption of new technology – automation tools, AI or IoT, for example – could provide significant benefits to your organisation.

Conversely, reliance on legacy systems, out-of-date technology or archaic working practices could significantly hamper your operations – stifling staff productivity, preventing growth and resulting in substandard customer service.

We will work with your organisation to design, develop and implement new technologies and approaches that are flexible, scalable, and deliver against your goals – significantly improving the efficiency of your operations, and enhancing customer experience.

Establish a culture of change

Adopting new technology is key to achieving digital transformation, but it only represents one (albeit critical) piece of the puzzle.

Ultimately, people are at the heart of digital transformation.

Indeed, establishing a “culture of innovation” is central to achieving positive, lasting change, and this has to come from your team.

That’s why we take the time to understand your people – their aims and objectives, strengths and pain points – and the wider environment in which they operate.

We take this learning, and work with your team to integrate innovative and best practice approaches into your organisation – empowering people to work in new ways by establishing methods of working that improve efficiency and cohesion across your organisation, whilst remaining receptive to positive change.

Why choose 6B for digital transformation

  • 6B delivers positive, affordable and lasting change to organisations across the UK
  • We can deliver digital tools, services and approaches that benefit your organisation and your customers
  • We can work with your organisation to devise and deliver a digital transformation strategy that meets your needs, and those of your customers
  • We can design and develop innovative digital products and services that improve staff productivity and customer satisfaction, and provide your organisation with a platform for growth
  • We can work with your wider team to instil a culture of innovation and continuous improvement – delivering positive change across your organisation.

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