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6B is a DApp development company that delivers robust, secure and reliable end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes in the private and public sectors.

The DApp development company work that we undertake for our clients helps bring them closer to end users by improving their user experience and interacting through its peer-to-peer network. 

In industries such as gaming, gambling and prediction markets, we offer the clients that we work with continuous support and guidance throughout the entirety of the development phase and in post-deployment. We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver decentralised applications that contain bespoke built-in features and give the clients we serve a notable competitive advantage in their market. 

DApp development agency

The decentralised applications that we build have the capability to process millions of transactions per second and provide a secure platform to store user funds on a public decentralised ledger. DApp also has the potential to monetize in other ways, opening up more revenue streams, including: 

  • Tokenisation 
  • Advertisement
  • Donations 
  • Freemium 
  • Subscription 
  • Commissions

It strengthens customer trust because it’s a fully transparent and highly reliable application that is developed on the blockchain, making it more secure than applications built using a single central authority.

Cryptocurrency exchange has become synonymous with DApp development, but its use stretches far beyond this. By utilising the main benefits of blockchain – transparency, reliability and data immutability – the DApp has established itself as the go-to application for auctions, gambling and gaming, as well as user identification. It provides a secure platform for storage of data and user funds, and actively mitigates manipulation.

6B is an experienced DApp development company. We offer end-to-end DApp solutions that help organisations develop a resilient and reliable decentralised application with smart contract, that is custom-built to meet their business objectives and aligns with what their users demand.

Making your company vision a reality

No one knows your company better than you. That’s why we take the time to listen, so we can translate your vision into a fully functioning decentralised application. 6B’s commitment to full transparency ensures your organisation remains informed at every stage of the development – we’ll explain why your DApp should be pure or hybrid, how this will affect the build and what it means for your end users. And because of the growing number of open-source and third-party APIs for blockchain development, we’ll be able to do this faster and easier than ever before.

DApp development services

At 6B, our DApp development company process starts by understanding our clients’ requirements, enabling us to develop a bespoke development roadmap, highlighting which functions to integrate and which design features to include for an enhanced user experience. Once this has been decided, we begin to prototype and develop the app, running quality assurance tests to identify any snags before it is ready for deployment. But our work doesn’t stop there, as we provide ongoing support and maintenance long after deployment to ensure optimal performance.

Our commitment to our clients not only means we’ll provide support post-deployment, it also means we’re able to offer an end-to-end solution for DApp development. Regardless of the size of your business, we’ll develop a custom decentralised application that helps you maximise productivity within your business and enhance the user experience. Our team of in-house designers will create a DApp that is user-friendly through user research and easy to integrate, with an array of unique built-in features.

So whether your organisation requires cloud storage to record millions of transactions in a secure way, or needs assistance with porting your existing DApp to a new platform, 6B has the in-house capabilities to handle everything and guide you through the entire process.

Why choose 6B for DApp development?

  • Technical excellence – To be technically excellent is one of our core values at 6B; as a DApp development company we’re skilled in making complex development projects simplified, unified and streamlined, with the business objectives of our clients driving what we deliver.
  • Extensive user testing and prototyping – We conduct thorough user testing and prototyping during the development stage, assessing functionality and performance to provide the best possible user experience.
  • Delivery mindset – 6B places a strong emphasis on collaboration and consultation with your organisation at every stage of development, providing custom DApp services to build a robust decentralised application using state of the art technology.
  • Transparent approach – Our fully transparent approach ensures your organisation remains informed of ongoing developments and any issues with application build are discussed with you directly.

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