Robotic Process Automation development

6B are adept in delivering Robotic Process Automation development that achieves measurable success for clients in the public and private sectors.

With the help of our expertise in Robotic Process Automation development, organisations can establish a more efficient, effective, flexible and responsive way of working.

We partner with organisations to provide a fully managed service that incorporates and champions their business objectives, meeting their specific requirements and giving them the tools and knowledge to use this intuitive software technology.

Robotic Process Automation development company

Robotic Process Automation development can have a huge impact on transforming an organisation’s prospects. Once implemented and these changes have taken effect, there are numerous tangible benefits that an organisation will begin to see:

  • Improved customer satisfaction with faster delivery
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity by removing low value added tasks
  • Enhanced adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness
  • A fully scalable software solution
  • An application agnostic solution that can integrate across all platforms
  • Reduction in overall costs
  • Greater return on investment

At 6B, we recognise the value of AI and human intelligence, and we think the two should work in conjunction with each other. We deploy Robotic Process Automation to interact with your systems and applications so your organisation can focus resources on tasks that actually require human intelligence.

Software robots have the same digital skillet and operate in much the same way that humans do – except they can work around the clock, faster and to a greater degree of accuracy.

When software robots are deployed to carry out repetitive and time-consuming tasks, your staff are able to do what they do best and enjoy most: creating, innovating and connecting with customers.

Creating efficiency opportunities

Through the implementation of a defined automation roadmap, our team of developers will streamline your organisation’s workflow process, maximising productivity and profitability. We work in partnership with your organisation to identify and continually monitor new opportunities to make your workflow more efficient, making your business objectives a reality. Whether it’s boosting customer satisfaction or enhancing employee engagement, the automation developments we produce will deliver tangible results and accelerate digital transformation.

Digital transformation through automation

Robotic Process Automation is a totally noninvasive software that can be easily implemented to accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation. There’s no need to alter your business systems, applications or existing processes – bots can adapt to any interface or workflow, and it’s ideal for automating workflows that lack APIs, virtual desktop infrastructures or database access.

During the discovery phase, 6B will conduct comprehensive research of your organisation’s existing processes and business systems, which will help us pinpoint specific areas to implement automation. This research, combined with your input, will enable us to create an automation roadmap that meets the requirements of your business today and long into the future as we enact ongoing improvements.

Once your organisation has embraced RPA the tangible benefits begin to show almost immediately. Everything from cost reduction and delivery speed to greater accuracy and return on investment are enhanced with automation. So whether your organisation operates in a highly regulated sector like healthcare and requires near-perfect compliance, or you need to reduce costs without compromising on performance, RPA is the software that will deliver for you.

As well as eliminating manual errors and boosting profitability, RPA will become an essential tool in increasing employee satisfaction. The duty of carrying out laborious tasks will be fulfilled by software robots, so your staff will have more time to channel their creative energy into value added and critical work, which will in turn result in productivity rising.

Advantages of working with 6B include:

Experienced team – Our team of developers provide automation software solutions that streamline workflows, making your organisation more flexible, responsive and profitable

Delivery mindset – Through conducting in-depth research and embracing collaboration, we deliver automation solutions that are aligned with your business objectives

Effective communication – Our fully transparent approach ensures your organisation remains informed of ongoing developments

Fully managed service – We manage the entirety of your automation process and continually look to innovate and identify emerging opportunities for automation

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