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How information is secured with HL7 FHIR

Keeping information secure is of paramount importance to any industry – but none more so than in healthcare.



How personalisation can boost member satisfaction

Think of your local pub. When you walk in, they greet you by name. They ask if you’d like a pint of your usual tipple. You’re well taken care of here, and you don’t receive the same service in any other pub.



3 ways tech could accelerate business growth

Tech plays an integral role in almost every aspect of our lives. From transport and banking to healthcare and shopping, it’s hard to think of a single area where the impact of tech cannot be felt.



How prototyping will help test your market fit

Having a great idea is one thing – but whether or not it’s valuable for your users is another.



Moving from discovery to development

To get a product market-ready your business needs to undergo a comprehensive discovery and development process. There needs to be a balance between the two which is rarely a priority for businesses.



Our approach to design systems

Design systems enable businesses to scale at pace. They empower teams by giving them a set structure to follow when building, helping them to overcome their product problems.



AI adoption in the automotive sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become synonymous with self-driving cars in the automotive sector. This is in part due to Elon Musk’s tireless crusade to make driverless cars the norm on our roads. But AI is driving so much more change than autonomous vehicles in the sector.



Making membership more accessible with tech

Inclusivity is a huge part of modern UX design – and it’s especially important to membership organisations, who need to cater to a diverse set of users. Web accessibility is what makes this possible – the use of inclusive web practices.



Three key strategies for legacy system transformation

Legacy software can be dangerous for your business - that's why we've broken down the three key strategies for transforming your legacy applications.

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Progressive web app vs native app – which is better?

Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way businesses interact with customers. It’s no longer possible to ignore the opportunity mobile represents if you want to see your business grow.

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Ensuring the full team have a voice in an agile environment

At the heart of agile methodology is the priority of people over processes. It’s a way of managing a project that evolves to changing demands and solutions through self-organising and cross-departmental collaboration.

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6B’s approach to atomic web design

The typical way of viewing a website in the past has often been to create a linear, step by step checklist of pages. But what if there were a better way?



Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computer systems to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, learning from experience and adjusting to new inputs to mimic human cognitive functions.



Release strategies for your mobile app

Once your app has been released to your users, there’s no way of recalling it. This is why it’s so important to have a defined strategy in place.



Why startups should consider outsourcing software development

Software development is notoriously difficult to get right. It involves a range of complex services such as building applications, software integration and data analysis, and not every business will have the capacity or capabilities to do things in-house - least of all a startup.

A laptop showcasing the Book Your GP app.


3 ways web development can tackle inefficiencies in your business

We’ve all been there before – you’re trying to find a piece of information or data among your many spreadsheets and systems, and you just can’t place it.



How mobile can boost business performance

Nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket these days – 6.37 billion of us to be exact. That equates to just over 80% of the world’s population. It’s estimated that the average person spends more than three hours a day scrolling, swiping, clicking and liking.



How your outdated systems are holding you back

Non-value added time has always been a problem. What do we mean by it? Any action that doesn’t add benefit to a product or service – with said benefit or value being defined by the customer.



How tech can eradicate non-value added time from your business

Non-value added time has always been a problem. What do we mean by it? Any action that doesn’t add benefit to a product or service – with said benefit or value being defined by the customer.

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It’s official: we’re a certified Great Place to Work

When 6B started out, our goal was to build a new type of agency – as our Founder & CEO Paul Brown put it, “a place with purpose, where building people and products to unlock positive change is the priority.”



Driving tech adoption in the housing sector

The housing sector is in the midst of a national crisis. A growing population coupled with rising house prices is driving demand for affordable housing, there’s a shortage of suitable land to build on, and these challenges must be met whilst balancing the safety and security of residents.

Multiple devices showcasing 6B's websites and apps


5 ways tech can drive greater member engagement

A product roadmap is a definitive plan of action for how a product or service will evolve over a set period of time. It outlines future functionality and when new features will be released.



6B’s guide to developing an agile product roadmap

A product roadmap is a definitive plan of action for how a product or service will evolve over a set period of time. It outlines future functionality and when new features will be released.



The transformative impact of digital in healthcare

Digital Transformation


What is Digital Transformation?



Identifying and mitigating project risk

Risk is an inherent part of any project - the key is how to mitigate those risks so that your project does not go off the rails.



User research for user-centred design

What is user research design and why does user research play such an important role?

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Creating, Testing and Scaling the Design of Digital Services

When it comes to establishing, or defining, a business or organisation, the obvious place to start is to think about what it wants to deliver, how it fills a gap in the market, and what its purpose is.

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A developer at 6B during the development stage


6B Supports Growth with Two New Senior Appointments

As we continue to expand our team here at 6B, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome Caroline Johnson as Senior Project Manager and Robert Clarke as Senior .NET Developer.

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A 6B team member during the research stage


6B Sets Its Sights On Success With £11,000 From The LEP’S #Grow Grant

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured £11,000 from Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, the LEP’s Digital Investment Fund, #Grow, which will be used to support our ongoing expansion.

6B News
Two developers from the 6B development team


Welcoming Three New Recruits to our Growing Team

Despite what’s going on in the world, we are very pleased to announce that we have appointed three new recruits to our growing team.

Graphs displaying boosting website performance at 6B


Boosting Website Performance

Your website should be the face of your business. In an age of online shopping, strategic marketing, and increasingly intricate SEO, your website needs to perform above the rest to reach to your target audience - but how?



Designing Intelligently with A/B Testing

Effective digital solutions observe development as multifaceted and flexible. Both your designing and manual building phases will take a few forms before the final product deployment, and much of this change comes off the back of feedback and testing.

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How to Create a Web Design Brief

So, you need a new website. Perhaps you are launching a new business, or perhaps your existing business has outgrown your old website.

A team gathered around a desk


Building Valuable Digital Teams

Talent in the digital industry is in high demand. From developers, penetration testers, and security experts to infrastructure engineers, designers, and IT diagnostics, their skills are varied and required to some degree in most modern businesses.

The local offer website


Designing Accessibility for the Public Sector

Research and discovery will always form the foundation of our project development. No matter the size or complexity scale, conducting user, competitor and internal analysis allows 6B to gain first-hand insight into what makes your company different, your offering better, and your audience unique.

A board covered in sticky notes


Managing Risks in Digital Development

During the development period of any digital product, change and compromise are always inevitable. Though these variables can offer opportunities to better refine your work, or an instance for your teams to come together in collaborative problem solving, they can also present challenges, risks and potential issues to the overall continuity of the project.



Inspiring Creative SEO

Truly successful SEO content is strategic. Well placed keywords, LSI phrases, and intelligently constructed metadata is the key to creating optimised web pages and articles - but how much are we sacrificing well-written work to achieve Google’s best ranked search?

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Retainers and Other 6B Support

Effective digital solutions should have the ability to grow and change alongside your business, which is why we pay serious attention to implementing forward-thinking technology and future-proofed design into our work.



AI: The New Face of Web Design

As the world of digital development becomes evermore competitive and saturated with talented developers and innovative thinkers, the room for repetitive design is non-existent.



Practical Engineering

A few weeks ago, we explored our unique approach to development, Agile Dependability, and how this purpose-developed design methodology has propelled 6B from a small website development agency to the leading complex website, CRM, and integration agency in the North.

Devices showcasing the Career Street mobile app


React: Changing Mobile App & Web Development

Released and maintained by Facebook, React.js is a JavaScript library used for building intuitive and user-friendly UIs.



Local Government: A Project in Bradford

Completing a successful year, 6B was awarded a bid to work with Bradford Metropolitan Council on the design and development of a new, dynamically designed, bold, and highly engaging website to deliver their SEND Local Offer.

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Zoho vs MS Dynamics

Off-the-shelf development has become an increasingly competitive market, with suppliers working to outshine their competitors with innovative technologies and cost effective out of the box products, services, and tools.

A laptop with a code editor open


Off-the-Shelf vs. Bespoke Development

Choosing the most appropriate digital solution for your business isn’t always as intuitive as ‘this one or that one?’. Digital development can be a mind field and without the consultation of expert developers and digital agencies, picking wrong can be extremely harmful to your online business.

A woman uses the Living Well government website


What Government Contracts Have Taught Us

Large-scale digital development has become second nature to 6B. We’re delighted at our catalogue of experience working in collaboration with local and national government.

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Agile Dependability

During our time designing and developing digital solutions, brand identities and marketing schematics, we’ve certainly grown alongside our work. As such, it’s become clear that the road to our ultimate success lies most heavily in how we choose to approach our work.

A developer at 6B during the development stage


Kentico Website Development

6B is proud to work with Kentico to deliver enterprise-level digital solutions to an exceptional standard. With vast experience in building .NET websites, CRMs and other digital platforms, trust our in-house team of multidisciplinary experts to design, develop and deploy your digital solution, built entirely with Kentico.

A laptop with a code editor open


.NET Core – What’s the Word?

In an industry quickly becoming oversaturated with zealous newcomers, businesses that strive to top the web and software development ladder need to adapt now more than ever. Bog standard is out of the window as clients hunt for the most intuitive developers to further their business operations with innovative technology and bold designs.

The brand exploration process


Creating a Brand Identity

Creating a brand is so much more than a nice logo, it’s more than a colour palette, a memorable slogan, or how everything looks on your packaging. Brand identity is the essence of your offer, whether that’s a product, or a service, it should entirely encapsulate your core values and the promises you make to customers.



Kentico Partner Programme

6B is proud to announce our official partnership with Kentico, as part of the Partner Programme. Kentico is a leading web content management and building platform, with intuitive functions, vast interoperability and integrations, and a modern .NET foundation.

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A 6B designer at work


COVID 19 – Update from 6B

After events of the last week, we wanted to let all our clients and friends know that we are still active and working. It's an odd time for the economy and with uncertainty around every corner, we are fortunate enough to be able to take our work home with us and do our day-to-day jobs from there.

Development of a website/app/crm


Security Notice

We take the protection of personal information very seriously, which is why we are advising you of an event that resulted in the disclosure of personal data by a third party

A web designer sat at his laptop


Kicking off the Right Way

An agency can’t dictate the structure and needs of a brand - it’s as simple as that. To establish a strong foundation, a collaborative approach must be taken.

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Setúbal in Portugal


6B Opens New Office in Portugal

6B is excited to announce that due to recent expansion we have now opened an office in the city of Setúbal, Portugal. This is a major step in the 6 year history of 6B...

6B News
Digital Entrepreneur Awards


6B Shortlisted for National Digital Awards

6B has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Digital Business of the Year - Small, at the 2019 Digital Entrepreneur Awards (DEAs).

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Buffalo Web Design logo


6B Acquires Buffalo Web Design

6B is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of Buffalo Web Design. The merger took place in July 2019, and includes 6B taking over the support and maintenance of Buffalo’s extensive client-base.

A CRM displayed on a laptop


5 CRM trends for 2019

2018 represented an exciting year for the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

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A 6B celebration


6B in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the North

6B is delighted to announce that it has been recognised by the Northern Tech Awards as one of the top 100 fastest growing tech companies in the North.

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6B gains ISO 27001:2013 accreditation


6B Gains ISO 27001:2013 Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that 6B has gained accreditation in ISO 27001:2013, the internationally-acclaimed framework for information security management.



6B’s guide to Google Ads

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your positioning in Google search results? Does your business want more enquiries, but you’re not sure where to start?

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