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What is a feature in software development?

“Feature” is a term frequently used in the realm of software development. In fact, feature-driven development is a subcategory of development methodology, commonly used in reference to MVP and prototype creation. So, what does it mean? What are features, exactly?

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How to become a software engineer

Software engineer is a slightly different title to software developer, if you need a further explanation of this difference you can read about it in our relevant guide. When we are referring to a software engineer in this blog, we are talking about a specialised role of software engineering that demands a certain high-value skillset and works within larger teams in general. 

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What is bespoke software?

There are many types of bespoke software commonly created across the world. Many companies now opt for bespoke software services as they give them a competitive edge over others in the industry. Having software that is specialised and tailored to fit exact business needs is a real advantage over off-the-shelf options. In fact, there are many advantages of bespoke software. 

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Types of software development companies

Not every option for development will be the same and it is important to know the difference so that you know you are choosing the right option for you. This can cut down on a lot of unnecessary time doing your own research and help you zoom straight to picking the software company you need and getting the product you want. So, to help you in that process, let’s look at the types of software development companies in more detail.

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Understanding interoperability in healthcare

In the world of business, time is money. But in the world of healthcare, time equates to something far more important than money lost or saved - it can be the difference between life and death...

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What is an offshore software development company?

Offshore software development is a practice increasing in popularity across the world. Due to how competitive and fast-paced the software market currently is, businesses worldwide are always thinking of ways to get ahead. When it comes to software development, a way to get ahead is to call in resources from outside your own country and move the development process further afield.

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Who owns software developed for your company?

As a company working with software developers, it's natural to worry about ownership issues, copyright issues, and other legal matters surrounding the software. The question of who owns the software built for your company is a tricky one. However, it is also something you can straighten out much more easily by knowing the right information and knowing a little more about your rights. 

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How much does it cost to develop software?

Many individual people, startups, and established companies all want to know how much it costs to develop software before they begin any kind of process for themselves. That makes a lot of sense. It might seem like there should be a very simple answering rubric to this question, with different price tags for different software packages. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as that.

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How long does it take to build custom software?

The answer to the question of how long does it take to build custom software is a tricky one. There isn’t one definitive answer for every situation and that can be frustrating for some people. Of course, if you are about to embark on a journey of custom software development with a software development company, you will want to get an idea of how long this process is going to take. 

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What is an MVP in software development?

MVP is an important term in software development. It stands for “minimum viable product” and it refers to a piece of software that is released by a software development company prior to a final product’s launch. It is something that works and can be used by customers or a testing group, however, it will have limited functions and capabilities as compared to the projected final product.

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A guide to ​​finding the best company for software development

If your company or business is considering outsourcing your tech needs to a software development company, chances are you are worried about making the wrong decision. Opting for bespoke software carefully created by a software company can be a big leap for many people, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. In this blog, we want to help you find the best company for software development.

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What is software maintenance?

It is easy to think that software development ends once a product is completed and launched, but this isn’t the case. The software development lifecycle also critically includes the process of software maintenance, by which a system is maintained, analysed, updated, optimised, and kept up to scratch by a software development company. Often in a separate team known as managed services, software development companies (or the good ones, at least) make sure that a product they have built and launched stays true to client needs as time goes along.

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Is custom software development worth it for small businesses?

Software development investments will be on the minds of many small businesses. In launching and growing any business, software will be an essential element. It can often be the factor that determines whether a business succeeds or fails. Before they invest a penny, most small businesses will be wondering whether custom software development will be worth it for them, or whether they should simply opt for a pre-packaged software option that is ready to go. So, let’s explore that question further and give you our thoughts on the matter.

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What is enterprise web application development?

In this current market of high competition and fast-changing trends, it is important to get ahead. The only way to do that is through high-quality, bespoke applications that increase efficiency, connection, and opportunity. Enterprises, no matter how big, can easily fall behind their competitors if their range of digital outreach is not up to scratch. As such, many enterprises will carry out an internal process of web application development, or they will outsource a software development company to do it for them.

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Advantages of off-the-shelf software

There are disadvantages to being aware of this form of software and we have another blog concerning this matter in our Insights section. Aspects such as lack of scalability, tricky integration, and update costs should all play a part in your decision-making process. However, in this blog, we want to discuss the advantages and positive potential that off-the-shelf software might have for some people so that you may have both complete sides of the argument.

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5 advantages of bespoke software development in the UK

Many companies and businesses choose to invest in bespoke software development due to the main advantages and positives it can bring to them. Of course, at 6B, we are big believers in the power of bespoke software. We know the transformative and revolutionary effects the process can have on any business or company. So, we thought we would create this blog to talk more about them.

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What is white box testing?

White box testing is a complex form of testing used in software development. Often going by other names, including transparent box testing, open box testing, code-based testing, and glass box testing. As all of these names suggest, white box testing includes a process of “looking behind” elements to see what is going on underneath. 

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Should you hire a freelance software developer or a software development company?

When implementing new software in your business, you will be presented with many options. The software development market is vast and there is a wide range of options to go with. In this blog, we are going to talk more about how you can decide specifically between hiring a freelance software developer or a software development company. 

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What is black box testing?

Black box testing is in direct comparison with white box testing, which doesn’t deal with input-output functionality but deals with code, design, security, and deeper layers of software. If you are interested in learning more about white box testing, you can check out our own blog on the topic. 

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Benefits of the Waterfall methodology

The Waterfall methodology is a popular working model in software development. Its structure defines a clear and sequential way of working through a development project, putting the work into forward-moving stages. These stages include...

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What is microservice architecture?

Microservice architecture is an approach within software development that focuses on building loosely coupled, independently deployable components which ultimately come together to make one complete service. Rather than having one monolithic product, microservice architecture allows developers to build independent parts of a complete product that won’t affect or counteract each other. 

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NHS Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) and what it means for technology suppliers

In an industry as tightly regulated as healthcare, the introduction of new technology brings about its own set of unique challenges. Where other industries have been quick to realise the benefits of technology, healthcare has traditionally lagged behind...

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Disadvantages of off-the-shelf software

There are quite a few disadvantages of off-the-shelf software that are important to discuss. Not so that we may dismiss the option entirely, there are, of course, advantages that remain and the option may be what works for certain businesses at certain times. To get a full picture and understand the full context behind off-the-shelf software before you make your own purchase, however, understanding both sides of the equation is important. 

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5 common software development services in 2022

Having so many options out there is great for a range of people. However, it does also contribute to a feeling of overwhelm and confusion for many. With the software development market becoming so large and complex, many people are left wondering what it is exactly that software development companies do. In this blog, we are going to talk to you about five of the most common software development services in 2022 and what they are.

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Top 4 software development methodologies

There are many software development methodologies out there, each with their own positives and challenges for each team behind them. There certainly isn’t only one way to look at a software development challenge and there isn’t only one way in which people are developing. 

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How to write a product requirements document

A product requirements document (PRD) is a crucial part of the development process, so it is pretty important to discuss and explore. In this blog, we are going to do exactly that. 

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What is software prototyping?

Prototyping is an important part of software development. The creation of an entirely new and fully functional app, site, platform, server, Saas, or software is not an easy process. It is a big task and one that requires care and complexity at each stage. 

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What is a RASCI matrix?

A RASCI matrix is a valuable tool used in software development project management. It is a framework that helps to define the roles and responsibilities of a project before it begins. The intention of using such a matrix is to make the project more efficient and productive and to keep a team working seamlessly together. 

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What is Waterfall testing?

The Waterfall model is an approach to software development. It is a systematic and methodical approach that sees development teams flow through linear stages, without returning to or repeating any previous stage. Just as the water flows through a waterfall in a continually-moving, never-looking-back fashion, development works in the same way through a Waterfall approach to development.

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Functional vs non-functional requirements in software development 

When it comes to software development requirements, there are two important categories, functional and non-functional requirements. To fully understand what we mean by defining requirements, we need to know exactly what one looks like and what form it can take. It is, therefore, crucial to understand these two categories and the differences between them.

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What is nearshore software development?

Nearshore software development is the process of outsourcing a software development company one to three hours away from your current location. As opposed to offshore software development, this requires choosing a company within your own timezone (or very similar) to carry out the software development you require. 

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Software development acceptance criteria examples

In software development, our ultimate aim is always to satisfy a client. When a client approaches a software development company with a project, they have a set of ideas in their head about what they want for that project. If we can match these ideas to the best of our ability, we will have one happy client. 

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Iterative development: a simple guide

Iterative development is a method of software development under the umbrella of Agile methodologies. Iterative and incremental developmental models are popular choices for the structuring of a software development project.

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Agile advantages and disadvantages

Agile is a term that has become synonymous with software development. It is a mindset that has revolutionised how software development teams across the globe work. We are even seeing the term adopted by other sectors and markets to increase productivity, efficiency and success. 

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What is a proof of concept in software development?

Proof of concept is an important aspect of the field of software development. It is something that every developer and development team will use at some point in their lives. If it is something you aren’t using yet then you may be missing out on a big opportunity. 

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Types of software: an easy run-through

Software is used every day by billions of people across the world. So much of our society now functions via software in its many different forms. But do we all know exactly what these different forms are? Despite our dependency on software, many of us don’t know what it means and what the different types of software actually are. 

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ERP vs CRM: what’s the difference?

ERP and CRM software are two cherries on the same stem. They are different and they serve individual purposes, but they are connected. As such, some people struggle to understand the difference between the two. They also, therefore, struggle to decide which option is what they need for their own project and team. 

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What is DevOps?

The software development methodology known as DevOps can be a tricky topic for beginners to get their heads around.  It’s a highly effective and innovative software development method that has a lot to offer to a range of people, whether that be developers or clients of a software development product. 

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What does SQL stand for?

Structured query language code, or SQL (often pronounced as "sequel"), is used by developers worldwide. It is the code for nearly all relational database management systems and has been since the late 1970s. SQL is a standard coding language used to interact with and query data within relational databases

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What is Agile Scrum methodology?

Agile and Scrum are terms that you will hear pretty frequently in the world of software development. Agile is a methodology that has taken the software industry by storm and we are even seeing it being adopted in other sectors as time goes by. However, many people still don’t know exactly what these terms mean and how they can be used to their maximum potential. 

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What is custom software development?

Custom software development is the creation of bespoke, personalised software for a business or company. Instead of buying an existing software package, some businesses opt for software specifically designed and created for them by developers.  In recent years, this has become increasingly popular. More and more businesses out there are recognising the importance of software both in their everyday workings and their long-term success. It is becoming increasingly known that packaged software doesn’t always cut it.

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What is the rapid application development methodology?

In a thriving software market, Rapid Application Development (RAD) can be the answer to many problems. With such high levels of competition and user demand, products are needed on the market with a faster turnaround than ever.

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MVP development for startups – how to do it and why

If you are a startup founder and you haven't considered MVP development yet, you are missing out on huge potential. MVP development offers a unique and profitable opportunity for tech startups. It can help you get your feet off the ground for the first time, without wasting all of your effort and money in the meantime.

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product owner vs product manager – what’s the difference?

The discussion of product owner vs product manager is an interesting and complex one. The two roles have a lot of similarities and that can certainly lead to confusion around separating and defining the two. Despite their similarities, product manager and product owner are different and have separate roles. The two job roles have different responsibilities, goals, and scopes despite their areas of overlap.

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What is the system development life cycle and why is it important?

The system development life cycle/systems development life cycle is an important process within the world of engineering and software development. Different sources provide a different idea of how many stages there are within SDLC and we will discuss that a little further down the line. However, the structure is what is both useful to know and efficient to use. This is got-to-know information for anyone in the field of development.

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Integrating Epic into your digital health application

Technology will never replace the importance of human touch when receiving medical attention, but it can help enhance it. If systems aren’t connected and able to seamlessly exchange information with each other in a healthcare setting, it could have an adverse effect on clinical outcomes and patient safety...

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Digital transformation in healthcare

Digital transformation has been a buzzword that’s bandied about in boardrooms for some time now. It’s a process that, for many, has held the key to improving efficiency and meeting changing customer and market expectations. But today, digital transformation represents more than just a buzzword or an ideal; it’s no longer considered a ‘nice-to-have’...

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Focusing a product team on outcomes

If you want your team to have a greater impact on your business, its overall mission, and the customers you serve, you need to value the ‘why’ over the ‘what’; you need to focus on the outcomes of your work, the reason behind what you do, and not the outputs, the actions you take to get there...

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Why you should choose React Native for mobile app development

The mobile app market is constantly changing, and it grows larger by the day. As more users demonstrate a preference for using apps over desktop, their expectations rise and so do the demands placed on the shoulders of developers...

Digital transformation


How is digital transformation driven by customer experience?

Increased efficiency, lower operational costs, and better customer insights - these are just a few of the advantages organisations will benefit from when embracing technology. Digital transformation is all about embedding technology to drive fundamental change...

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Why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical to your website’s success. While it’s advisable to strike a healthy balance between pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO, organic traffic accounts for 53% of internet traffic and has a higher conversion rate...

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What is NHS IM1 – Interface Mechanism?

Interoperability has been something high on the agenda of the NHS for a while now. With digital technology playing a more prominent role in patient treatment and new models of care emerging, there’s an obvious need for the better sharing of information across different systems...



Common project challenges with working agile and how to overcome them

Since we’ve adopted an agile way of working, we’ve noticed a tangible difference in the quality of work we produce and the speed at which we’re able to produce it. Agile project management is inherently flexible; it encourages experimentation, embraces change of direction, and champions the ability to adapt to an ever changing scenario...



Mobile app development for SMEs

If you’re an SME, you might be forgiven for thinking mobile app development is something solely for the big boys – the Facebooks and Spotifys of the world. Your content and the slick website you paid an agency to design a couple of years ago give your customers everything they need, right? You let them know more about your business’ origins, what products or services you sell, and list the multiple ways they can get in contact with you.

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What is NHS GP Connect?

In business, time is money. But in healthcare, time means something far more valuable: human life. To deliver improvements in patient care and outcomes, clinicians need real-time access to data that gives them an accurate view of a patient’s medical history.



WordPress: a developer’s dream

Since its launch back in 2003, WordPress has enjoyed a universal appeal. It empowered individuals and small businesses with no previous coding experience to develop their own websites using a number of built-in themes that could be easily customised.



How to drive agile adoption… with your team (part two)

Since the creation of the Agile Manifesto more than two decades ago, businesses across the globe have bought into the ethos of working agile. For software development teams like ours, these methodologies allow us to be more productive when working on projects and reduce the time between product launches.



Google Analytics 4: everything you need to know

Since its launch back in 2005, Google Analytics has cemented itself as the gold standard for tracking website and marketing performance. Tweaks, improvements and iterations to the service have been the proverbial hoops for marketers to jump through over the years – but in April, Google announced that it would be making a removal.



Do you have designs on a better looking website? Think WordPress

A whopping 43% of all websites use WordPress – including this one. The platform has long been regarded as a firm favourite among the developer community; it’s versatile, highly customisable, easy-to-use, and boasts countless plugins to meet a variety of needs.



How to drive agile adoption… with your client base (part one)

We see the benefits of working agile every day. This way of working has transformed our operations, and established a path for sustainable growth. We’ve become more responsive to change and less susceptible to the volatility of sudden shifts in the market – like the pandemic.



Using technology to streamline and scale your business

Business is a lot like life. It’s about moving forward. If you aren’t moving forward you’re doing one of two things: you’re either at a standstill or you’re regressing. If you’re at a standstill it means you’ve become stagnant, and regression means you’re in danger of being left behind.

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6B: it’s always been a great place to work

Last November, we were thrilled to announce that we’d earned Great Place to Work Certification. Since then, we’ve also made it onto their 2022 UK’s Best Workplace™ for Wellbeing list, and as of today, their 2022 UK’s Best Workplace™ (Small).



System integration: what to do when your digital products don’t talk to one another

We’ve all been there... You’ve got one application open on the left side of your screen and another on the right, copying content from one app to another. But is this the best you can hope for?



Why data analysis is key to enhancing digital customer journeys

As a business owner, you can’t predict the future or read the mind of your customers; there’s no crystal ball that will forewarn you of what future consumer demands look like. The good news is, data analytics is the next best thing to a crystal ball.



VUX: better voice user experience design

Less than a decade ago, the idea of asking an inanimate object to turn the radio on, find a recipe or set a reminder would have seemed dystopian. Fast forward to today, and it’s very much the norm.



Common myths that prevent businesses from replacing their legacy systems

Which approach works best for your event-driven app? Containers or serverless? Let's delve into the pros and cons of each with our latest blog.

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Out with the old, in with the new: a deep dive into our Drivespeed project

Drivespeed Group is an automotive service provider, who offer bespoke vehicle supply solutions and services. Over the last ten years, the Group has grown significantly, but the systems they’re using haven't grown with them.



5 WordPress plugins you actually need

We’re well-versed on the many benefits of using WordPress. What started out primarily as a blogging platform, has evolved into a powerful website builder and a robust CMS.



Is it cheaper or more expensive to work agile?

6B is proud to apply agile thinking to everything we do. But there is a train of thought that says agile is a more expensive way of working than the traditional waterfall method. That’s why we’ve explored the financial aspects of agile working for you, and explored why, actually, it can save you money in the long run.



React Native V Flutter – which is best?

Engaging with customers, gathering rich consumer data and reaching new audiences – there are lots of reasons why you should invest in mobile app technology. But to build a mobile app, where do you start with so many different frameworks to choose from? React Native and Flutter are two of the biggest players in this game, so we’ve analysed both platforms to find out which one is the right option for your mobile app.



Design and delivery at speed

How do you balance speed and quality? It can be a fine line to tread. That's why we've spoke with our team to let you know how we deliver quality products that don't take forever to build...

Digital transformation


Finding another gear: digital transformation in the automotive industry

For the automotive industry, the road ahead looks vastly different today than it did even a few years ago. Vehicles and the driver experience have shifted from physical to digital.

Digital health


Why the digital patient experience is critical to healthcare

Things have changed. In the past, healthcare was led by physicians. But with healthcare information more readily available than ever, patients are taking a more active role in their own treatment journey. In our latest blog, 6B assesses why this digital journey in healthcare is so important, and what we can do to help organisations give patients the best possible outcomes.



How your legacy system is holding you back (and what to do about it)

We’re living in an era defined by innovation. The speed at which technology moves means that software that was cutting-edge a few years ago may now be obsolete.



Why invest in Kentico?

A recent study by Microsoft found that the human attention span has fallen to just eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in the space of a few years. Are we damaging our brains beyond repair, or do we simply demand more from the content we interact with now because there’s more choice?

Digital transformation


5 considerations for your digital transformation project

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation - it looks different for every organisation. But what do you need to consider before embarking on a project like this? 6B sat down with our team to learn more.

Design, Technology


How boosting website UX can drive greater tenant engagement

For any housing organisation, boosting tenant engagement is a top priority. When tenants have a reliable platform to make their voices heard, your business is better placed to understand what improvements you need to make to enhance housing conditions and services.



The benefits of working agile

You may have heard of agile working before, but what does it mean? What benefits does it bring for your product? 6B uses the principles of agile working with every project we do. That’s why we’ve explained what the benefits are to our customers in our latest blog:



5 reasons why you should use WordPress for your website build

There are a lot of website builders out there, but how do you know which the best one is for you? 6B has used WordPress for years to deliver highly bespoke, superb-looking and high-quality websites. Here are 5 reasons why WordPress is the website builder we choose over others.



Membership management software: the all-in-one solution

Running a membership organisation is a challenge at the best of times. As the size of your membership base grows, so too does the complexity of managing members and maximising engagement.



Native vs hybrid mobile app – which is better?

As the influence of mobile apps continues to grow, it isn’t only big businesses who are splashing the cash on app development. But why are more and more businesses choosing to invest in apps?



5 common causes of project complexity and how to fix it

How do we stop projects from spiralling out of control and becoming too complicated? In our latest blog, we’ll show you 5 common causes of project complexity that can happen – and show you how to get around them.



How to raise investment for your digital startup

Despite what people may tell you, blood, sweat and tears alone is not enough to successfully take a business to market. You need money – often, a lot of it.

Digital transformation


The SME guide to digital transformation

The digitalisation of businesses has continued at great pace in recent years, and the pandemic has only served to accelerate this trend even further. But as larger companies adapted to changes and invested in digital transformation early on, smaller companies have lagged behind.

Design, Software


How to design an accessible and inclusive digital service

Why is it so important to ensure that your digital services are accessible and inclusive? Our latest blog delves into how a service is designed for everybody



Serverless vs. Containers: which is better for event-driven apps?

Which approach works best for your event-driven app? Containers or serverless? Let's delve into the pros and cons of each with our latest blog.

Digital health, Software


How information is secured with HL7 FHIR

Keeping information secure is of paramount importance to any industry – but none more so than in healthcare.



How personalisation can boost member satisfaction

Think of your local pub. When you walk in, they greet you by name. They ask if you’d like a pint of your usual tipple. You’re well taken care of here, and you don’t receive the same service in any other pub.

Software, Technology


3 ways tech could accelerate business growth

Tech plays an integral role in almost every aspect of our lives. From transport and banking to healthcare and shopping, it’s hard to think of a single area where the impact of tech cannot be felt.



How prototyping will help test your market fit

Having a great idea is one thing – but whether or not it’s valuable for your users is another.



Moving from discovery to development

To get a product market-ready your business needs to undergo a comprehensive discovery and development process. There needs to be a balance between the two which is rarely a priority for businesses.



Our approach to design systems

Design systems enable businesses to scale at pace. They empower teams by giving them a set structure to follow when building, helping them to overcome their product problems.



AI adoption in the automotive sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become synonymous with self-driving cars in the automotive sector. This is in part due to Elon Musk’s tireless crusade to make driverless cars the norm on our roads. But AI is driving so much more change than autonomous vehicles in the sector.



Making membership more accessible with tech

Inclusivity is a huge part of modern UX design – and it’s especially important to membership organisations, who need to cater to a diverse set of users. Web accessibility is what makes this possible – the use of inclusive web practices.



Three key strategies for legacy system transformation

Legacy software can be dangerous for your business - that's why we've broken down the three key strategies for transforming your legacy applications.

Design, Mobile, Web


Progressive web app vs native app – which is better?

Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way businesses interact with customers. It’s no longer possible to ignore the opportunity mobile represents if you want to see your business grow.



Ensuring the full team have a voice in an agile environment

At the heart of agile methodology is the priority of people over processes. It’s a way of managing a project that evolves to changing demands and solutions through self-organising and cross-departmental collaboration.

Design, Web


6B’s approach to atomic web design

The typical way of viewing a website in the past has often been to create a linear, step by step checklist of pages. But what if there were a better way?

Digital health, Technology


Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computer systems to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, learning from experience and adjusting to new inputs to mimic human cognitive functions.



Release strategies for your mobile app

Once your app has been released to your users, there’s no way of recalling it. This is why it’s so important to have a defined strategy in place.

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