Retainers and Other 6B Support

6B aims to build solutions that offer flexibility, robustness, and, perhaps most importantly, scalability.

Effective digital solutions should have the ability to grow and change alongside your business, which is why we pay serious attention to implementing forward-thinking technology and future-proofed design into our work. New and old, technology can of course be prone to discrepancies, faults, and errors while in operation, especially upon initial deployment.

As such, 6B offers a comprehensive 3 month warranty period as standard to support you upon release. This means, should you experience any issues in the first 3 months, we’ll assign a team to diagnose and fix any issues as quickly as possible.

What Happens After the 3 Month Warranty?

GDPR and other regulatory bodies demand that after this 3 month period, 6B must have an agreement in place to be able to continue any important maintenance or repair work on our products. Whether you’re experiencing issues with a website, CMS, CRM, app or other, it’s important that we remain compliant in our customer support.

That’s why we offer extensive and cost-effective service level-agreements (SLA) to our clients – helping us to protect your products, and keep your business running smoothly.

This also accounts for any on-demand requests for account email setups. If your solution is hosted by 6B Digital, and you require additional users to be added to the account, this must be detailed in an SLA. 6B appreciates that your teams are continually evolving, so it’s important to ensure that this is included in your agreement with us.

SLAs provide transparency and security to both our clients as well as our developers, and will ultimately yield better managed technologies and better long-term customer care.

What’s Included in the SLA?

Every project is unique, and 6B values the importance of making sure you get the support you need. For this reason, we’ll cater the SLA to your needs. This can include:

  • Regular maintenance of site/product updates, bug fixes, and security checks
  • User email setup and user support
  • On-demand repairs and fixes as well as use of our purpose-built Support Portal
  • Monthly site reports citing analytics reviews, bounce rates, SEO analysis and CRO.
  • Monthly or weekly content management
  • Content creation including images, written content, and other marketing resources
  • SEO and metadata optimisation
  • Management of social media accounts

If you’re unsure about your account with us, or would like more information about our products and maintenance, please contact our dedicated customer support at It’s as important to us as it is to you that you remain online and in-the-loop with your 6B account, so always check if you’re unsure.

For existing customers, remember to check out our new Support Portal that enables the easy and efficient reporting of bugs and other issues. Connect directly with our team and get it sorted.

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