What Government Contracts Have Taught Us

Large-scale digital development has become second nature to 6B. We’re delighted at our catalogue of experience working in collaboration with local and national government. This has allowed 6B to advance its technical practices to manage and deliver larger, more complex and demanding projects, as well as see the incorporation of accessibility focused design.

In essence, we’re proud to be able to support everything from our own community, developing a solution to promote Wakefiled’s intangible cultural assets, to a council’s effort to reach those in most need, and making the country’s national health care services more accessible. Today, we’d like to take a look at our most recent government-based contracts and what made our solutions so successful.

Working with Bradford District Council

In December 2019, 6B completed the design and development of Bradford District Council’s new Local Offer site ( that offers support and advice for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The initiative is predominantly targeted at parents and carers, and provides information about local events, support avenues, and other provisions to help the educational development and wellbeing of the community’s most vulnerable.
It was our prerogative to centre our design around clear signposting, site-wide accessibility, and a focus on support for everyone affected in the Bradford Council catchment area. The site was a resounding success and 6B were flattered to receive such complimentary feedback from neighbouring district councils such as Rotherham and Kirklees, “Bradford Local Authority (LA) Local Offer is a ‘Rolls Royce’ version of what a local authority local offer should look like […]”.

As such, a second project with the council was of immense importance to us. It illustrates the level of collaboration important to digital development, and our commitment to maintaining long-term relationships.

The Bradford Council’s Living Well platform is a digital source of support targeted at physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing ( Similar to the Local Offer site, accessibility was a priority. However, this project’s scope deviated in how it needed to engage with the community and instead, narrowed its approach to offering support to a more self-management and collaborative effort.

Using this information, 6B incorporated a ‘How Well are You?’ quiz that could be recorded and tracked via an online login tool. This tool allowed the Council to approach community support with a more personal touch, and the focus on advertising local events and community exercises promoted bringing people together to tackle issues that are often isolating and self deprecating.

Building Communities with the NHS

Our work with the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust surely proved one thing true about how 6B work; our dedication to complete and open communication is the cornerstone of our success.

Earlier this year, we were glad to announce the completion of the new Somerset NHS Foundation Trust site; a platform that provides mental health and acute hospital services to the relevant communities. The Trust is focused on outstanding community care and the merger of Taunton and Somerset offered a unique opportunity to provide better care to more people.
What made this project so illuminating for the 6B team, was our ability to remain unshaken by the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown measures, and release an entirely functional, successful and secure site that saw the merger of sensitive data almost entirely remotely.

It proved that our team is incredibly diverse in their ability to adapt to new challenges and changing variables. Though these challenges are unique to the COVID-19 pandemic (we hope), these are qualities learnt and never forgotten. We will continue to grow alongside our projects and the skills gained during the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust project are skills that we’re currently implementing in our ongoing work with Public Health England.

Though still in development, we’re optimistic about the current development of our unique digital solution and hope that this further propels 6B into more government and health-based digital projects.

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