Why invest in Kentico?

A recent study by Microsoft found that the human attention span has fallen to just eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in the space of a few years.

Are we damaging our brains beyond repair, or do we simply demand more from the content we interact with now because there’s more choice?

At 6B, we think it’s the latter.

Managing online content has become a huge focus for every business. Users expect fresh content to be delivered quickly and often, so you need a single, easy-to-use central interface that allows you to write, edit and publish content freely.

As a fully licensed Kentico partner, we believe it’s this integrated marketing solution that will truly demonstrate a return on investment, managing your online content more effectively.

Whether it’s for your website, intranet or e-commerce solution, Kentico is a CMS that comes with a host of sophisticated built-in features – all of which allow you to customise sites, out-of-the-box functionalities, and offer reliable support.

Build at speed

The beauty of Kentico is that it allows you to make changes from anywhere, on any device.

Whether you need to update stock lists or publish a new blog, Kentico enables you to do this conveniently and hassle-free.

But how exactly does it work?

Kentico is a headless CMS, which means it separates the content management from the actual web management – it only manages the content within it, unlike a traditional CMS which typically manages the entire website. Ultimately, this means that content can be managed across a range of different digital touchpoints, from mobile apps to websites, easily and efficiently.

This approach brings benefits in equal measure to developers and marketers.

For developers, it results in app and website builds that are faster and compatible with any device. They’re free to use the technologies, languages and framework they prefer, while the cloud-native service automatically takes care of maintenance, upgrading and security.

For marketers, Kentico allows them to stay ahead of customer expectations; it empowers them to plan and publish content for any channel without delay, and without requiring the involvement of a developer.

Scale with confidence

Business requirements can change, but rebuilding your website every three or four years isn’t sustainable. It’s not just the expense you’ll suffer – your business will suffer from the downtime it experiences.

You need a CMS that can adapt easily and quickly. A sophisticated CMS like Kentico offers you the perfect long-lasting and scalable solution to your problems, so you can evolve and develop your business with confidence.

By leveraging out-of-the-box, core functionalities, Kentico not only offers a faster route to market (as not everything needs to be built from scratch), but it also means the system can be extended where necessary, and deliver a unified user experience.

Where WordPress is ideal for smaller websites and may become burdened over time with a range of plug in features, Kentico is equipped to thrive, as integration and scalability are a core consideration.

If your business is struggling to scale at pace or you’re looking for ways to cement the future of your digital presence, then investing in Kentico should be high on your list of priorities.

Avoid costly data breaches

For any business, a data breach can be catastrophic; it can cost you untold amounts of money in damages, fines and impact your reputation. It can take years to recover your credibility and trust with once-loyal customers.

The cost of a data breach also disproportionately affects small businesses, as they’re at greater risk of closing down completely after a data breach.

So – if your website still uses outdated software, it’s a question of when not if your website will come under attack. In this situation, it’s far better to be proactive than reactive.

Investing in Kentico means you’re investing in tried and tested security measures. It helps provide you with peace of mind that the latest security protocols and data back-up features are in place to protect your business.

Built-in Kentico features like module permissions and double opt-in registration can easily be integrated with your own database or authentication services, ensuring your business isn’t left vulnerable to attacks.

If any of these measures fail and your business is attacked, Kentico provides instant protection and will fix the problem as quickly as possible – usually in one or two days if it’s critical to business performance.

Automate marketing activity

Time to market, scalability and security should be enough to convince you to invest in Kentico; as a CMS, it will help you save and generate more money.

But another feature that’s often isn’t talked about is its ability to automate marketing activity.

Now, it’s true that most CMS will have automation tools built-in as standard these days, but none of them work as intelligently as Kentico.

Through the use of an intelligent sales funnel, site administrators can automate, optimise and analyse campaigns that nurture visitors and categorise them into prospects or warm leads.

By combining manual and automated condition-based triggers to dictate the journey of different users, the system responds to user activity. This means that personalisation can be maximised, which will help your business connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

The system will identify users that have interacted with your company’s content and trigger an increased user score. Then, assuming the user has consented to receive marketing information, a personalised and time-sensitive offer will automatically be sent to that user.

If a purchase is made, they’ll automatically be sent offers on accessories or aftercare. If no purchase is made, the user score will decrease and they’ll be introduced to different content in an attempt to re-engage and nurture them again.

Overall, Kentico provides you with a clearer picture of where your users are in their journey, what they’re looking for and when is precisely the right time to target them.

Is your business looking for ways to solidify its digital presence?

As a fully licensed Kentico partner, 6B recognises the benefits of investing in such a dynamic CMS. Talk to our team of developers about how easy it is to build and scale with Kentico, and how it helps your business stay ahead of changing customer and market expectations.

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