Zoho vs MS Dynamics

Off-the-shelf development has become an increasingly competitive market, with suppliers working to outshine their competitors with innovative technologies and cost effective out of the box products, services, and tools.

Arguably, the biggest names in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) development are Zoho CRM, a fast and flexible CRM with low-budget packages, and Microsoft’s own MS Dynamics, praised for its secure network of tools and robust architecture. So which one is best for your projects?

Today we’d like to take a look at these giants in CRM development and what makes them different.

Zoho CRM: What’s on Offer?

An excellent platform that’s suitable for projects of all sizes and complexities, Zoho is a trusted provider and offers intuitive out-of-the-box tools. Zoho’s tools are built to boost sales leads, support customer engagement, and ultimately help grow your business. Zoho offers include:

  • License – you will still effectively own your license, giving you the flexibility to reconsider your position as your business changes.
  • Highly customisable – this enables you to create a bespoke CRM with all the security of a trusted provider.
  • Out of the box – Zoho has hundreds of features that fit your specification as standard, for instance:
    • Recorded sales performance metrics
    • Collaboration across teams via common feeds
    • Reach your customers via telephone, email, live chat, and social media
    • Automated tasks, events and reporting
    • Track KPIs and measure performance
  • Simple and intuitive interface that offers enhanced UX

Integratable with a number of third-party applications, allowing you to further customise the CRM to your team’s needs i.e., automatic event and invoice number generation
Trusted CRM that support for over 150,000 businesses with a large support community

MS Dynamics: What’s On Offer?

Widely considered the leader in enterprise-level CRM development, MS Dynamics offers a suite of business management tools, integrating a basic CRM with intuitive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services.

Microsoft’s offering is highly intuitive, and allows you to integrate familiar products like Outlook and Excel. As standard, MS Dynamics offers:

  • Sales – manage sales journey and identify new opportunities, MS Dynamics offers a single view of the customer
  • Customer Service – remain in-the-loop with your customer communications with a streamlined Customer Service interface
  • Operations – manage your business operations and help increase productivity with everything in one place
  • Financials – MS Dynamics helps you avoid ‘big revelations’ in your financials, your team can see everything
  • Field Service – increase your customer service by deploying services and products with ease. MS Dynamics’ field service tools can track and locate to help negate issues.
  • Project Management Automation – Further increase productivity within your teams with automated tasks and services.
  • Marketing – reach the right people with the right message with MS Dynamics’ easy-to-use marketing tools

Taking a Closer Look

As individual products, both Zoho CRM and MS Dynamics are great services, and are largely comparable in their offering. However, there are some key discrepancies that are worth considering when choosing the right option for your business.

If you’re looking for the most affordable solution, Zoho CRM comes out as the much cheaper option. With excellent tools included in the basic package, staring at just £10 a month, it completely undercuts MS Dynamics whose services have to be purchased individually. Not to mention that you will essentially own the license after development.

Despite this, there are many services that Zoho CRM doesn’t offer. MS Dynamics’ range of products is vast, sub-categorising their product page into everything from marketing, sales and customer service, to operations, commerce and human resources. Their services are usually made cheaper for recurring customers and the sheer breadth of their offering is impressive.

With this considered, it would seem that while both excellent, Zoho CRM excels as the better option for small to medium business builds. They offer a great selection of intuitive tools and the general flexibility of the infrastructure means that it doesn’t feel like you’re using an off-the-shelf product, rather a bespoke application.

As well as this, their scalability and interoperability with third-party applications doesn’t exclude them from supporting large, enterprise-level developments.

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