A bit of background 

Cars on Demand saw a gap in the market. As the UK’s leading car rental provider for both trade and consumer, their quick service, low deposits and low monthly payment structure aims to satisfy that void between daily rental and long-term leasing. 

To do this, they tap into a market of fleet operators, small businesses and large corporations, who need to adapt their fleet to meet changing circumstances 

Plus, while they put the customer first, they put the plant second. They prioritise eco values where they can, hold a partnership with Offset Earth for carbon reduction, and offer a range of electric cars. 

The opportunity 

Cars on Demand had a manually-operated legacy system in desperate need of an upgrade, while the bulk of processes were handled over the phone requiring excessive amounts of time.  

A company with modern, future-focused values needs a digital presence to match. So, in 2016, they recognised the potential for a serious modernisation project that would support them in their continued growth, rather than hold them back.   

Any further business development was restricted, so automating this was key in freeing up time and space to consider new clients. A new website was a given too, with a branding refresh to better showcase the company’s ethos and offering. 

Our role was to create an automated Customer Relationship and Fleet Management System that would facilitate the effective management and scaling of the Cars on Demand brand.  

We’d need to ensure flawless system integrate with the website too, allowing their team to record new prospects, manage and grow their sales pipeline, and keep a close eye on vehicle stock inventory.  

The core objective? Modernisation for rapid growth. 

What we did 

The Breakthrough stage was vital. For the first few months, we simply immersed ourselves in the detail of the Cars on Demand business model.  

We needed a detailed understanding of the legacy systems in place, the manual processes and the impact it all had on their daily operations. We delved into the positives, but explored the limitations too.  

From our research, we developed a bespoke database and transitioned Cars on Demand to 6B’s own CMS. We implemented sophisticated user flows and automation that would save precious time and deliver maximum impact, including areas like: 

Managing website orders, enquiries and user registrations (including checks and online deposits)  

Real-time updates to product listings and details 

Stock control and product pricing 

Creating quotes, contracts and invoices  

Integration with the accounts system

Reporting on time tracking and profitability

That’s the team sorted – now the customer. 

Improving and simplifying the user journey was paramount, so we added the ability for prospective customers to produce a live price, before proceeding to an enquiry or purchasing in just a few clicks. 

We also wanted to empower existing customers with account management functionality, so we built an online portal for them to view and proceed with quotes, make reservations, pay deposits, view invoices and complete credit/ID checks. This was all tracked and logged by our new CRM – but historically, it was all manual. 

To ensure a seamless user experience, we integrated with several third parties – CAP, credit check facility, Sage, Docusign – but we also had franchises to consider. We advised and implemented a complex permission structure, which enabled franchise teams to see and edit their own data and advertising content, whilst providing Cars on Demand senior staff with an overview of all activity and an extensive reporting suite for monitoring. 

We didn’t want any potential for human error either, so sticking with automation, we granted the ability for franchises to add/edit specific advertisements for pre-defined periods. Adverts were automatically removed on the site once the deadline had passed, as opposed to systems that require manual real-time changes. 

We’d also taken notes during our research of helpful new features that could promote business development, maximise output, but save time. We implemented: 

  • The ability to add multiple contacts against a single “key person” (useful for trade customers) 
  • Vehicle stock management functionality, with vehicle transactional history  
  • New prospect fields, like saving documents and creating notes 
  • System generated quotes, contracts, invoices and documents for contacts 
  • A cloud database so their team could access the system from any place, on any device 
  • Google Analytics integration for easy website performance reporting

How’d it go? 


6B set out to eliminate costly manual procedures and provide a modern foundation for expansion – and we achieved that.  


Their automated, robust new system allows for rapid growth, and the business has seen fantastic results since its launch in 2018. Their annual turnover grew by 30% in 2019, with a profit increase of 22% compared to 2017.  


Cars on Demand, MD, Paul Brown explained how the “introduction of an online reservations and vehicle ordering platform (IQ) to manage vehicle fleet, invoicing and CRM” had revolutionised the business.  


More than five years after our partnership began, our working relationship with Cars on Demand is still evolving, with future roadmap phases focusing on improvements to the front-end user experience.  

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