The Good Kennel Guide

The Good Kennel Guide provides a central listing and booking platform for licensed kennels and borders that meet the standards required by the Animal Licensing Regulations 2018. 6B were tasked with designing and developing a feature-packed dog kennel reviews and booking website.

We would also be responsible for the creation of a suite of brand assets including The Good Kennel Guide logo and associated graphics.

The Solution

Utilising a comprehensive research, scoping and development process, 6B worked with The Good Kennel Guide to create an intuitive, eye-catching website.

Dog owners can use the website to search for and book licensed kennels or home boarding, whilst kennel owners are able to create and manage public profiles, books and payments. 

The website also includes a range of useful information, tips and advice on dogs and dog ownership. It features a range of bespoke functionality:

  • Users are able to search for and locate kennels by location or point of interest as well as distance from the specified location via a bespoke search salvation output with a series of dynamic filters
  • Geolocation capabilities which update user preferences based on their location.
  • An interactive map which is linked to the content management system, with pins to show where kennels are located in relation to the user
  • Users are able to create tailor-made profiles in order to make bookings, leave reviews and more
  • A kennel booking management area integrated with Stripe, allowing kennels to manage payment for bookings
  • Site administrators are able to edit and publish a range of content and actively monitor, measure and analyse site performance activity via the content management system

The Results 

Since the launch of the website, The Good Kennel Guide has seen an increase in all aspects of website traffic year on year.

As a small family run business it has enabled them to increase efficiencies and brand exposure.

“6B have been really great to work with every step of the way – they have a deep understanding of what we are trying to achieve and are able to come up with great ideas, suggestions and approaches that complement and help us achieve that vision. They are always incredibly approachable and proactive, keen to identify any problems and tackle them quickly, politely and efficiently. The team is technically so brilliant and have been able to deliver our very complicated website – which involves multiple user interfaces, profiles, messaging and booking facilities. They have created workflows to set out and confirm their understanding which has helped us to understand and sign off complex processes. What is more, they have always shown a huge appreciation and enthusiasm for our brand that you might not get from other developers. We would not hesitate to recommend them for other projects or to other businesses.”

Sarah Harrison
Founder, The Good Kennel Guide –

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