A bit of background 

For over 15 years, UKA247 has helped support hundreds of clients with emergency repair work. What was once a small family firm has now grown to become one of Yorkshire’s leading repair specialists 

Today, they work with a variety of clients across the UK – from domestic properties through to major insurance clients and contractors. Their unique trade offering enables their customers to expand their trading period to 24 hours daily, while offering call handling services to businesses looking to extend their service past 5pm.  

To tap into the market of specialist emergency repairs that need to operate outside of the usual 9-5, UKA247 needed an enviable tech stack that would serve its customers at any time. 

The opportunity 

The potential for a progressive, future-focused digital transformation was clear – but there were core objectives that led the project: 

  • improve the speed to respond and close a claim 
  • reach both engineers and customers faster  
  • deliver a more efficient service 
  • reduce IT infrastructure and hosting costs  
  • an enhanced user experience for both engineers and customers 
  • an upgraded offering enabling 24/7 support to new and existing customers, totally unique to their sector 

Our role was to create a roadmap that would revolutionise their digital offering – starting with the design and delivery of an integrated solution, before building new digital products that would make up this enhanced UKA247 experience.  

What we did 

Since that initial brief 7 years ago, the 6B team has delivered a lot of digital transformation within the business. 

In the beginning, we quickly identified 3 key areas that would deliver maximum impact and meet their objectives of speed and efficiency:  

  • a business management system  
  • self-service web portals 
  • a mobile app  

We started with the business management system in 2014; it became the brain of the organisation. This centralised database managed all major business functions, from relationship and claim management, to accounting and operations.  

The next stage of their roadmap involved the development of multiple online portals that empowered both clients and contractors to manage their own claims. Linked to the new database, these portals delivered on time efficiency, automating internal processes that had historically required intensive amounts of time and manual effort.  

Most recently, we developed the UKA247 app, where the main aim was to keep things simple. Accessible on both iOS and Android devices, the app allows contractors to receive emergency work for trade in their area.  

Accepting jobs, suggesting alternative times, time-stamping arrival/set-off points, and completing job documentation can all be done on the mobile platform, so responses at every stage are as simple, fast and efficient as possible – all perfectly synced and controlled via the business management system.  

Contractors can even upload photos of the job before and after work is complete, adding job details that help push for quick approvals on extra time or parts needed.  

All these features kept customer service in mind at every opportunity, helping to build reliability and trust in the contractors. 


“6B have brought our company on leaps and bounds with the use of digital technology. We have a great relationship and they understand our business needs. I would very much recommend 6B to give your business the extra edge when it comes to tech. Awesome company to work alongside. 

Aaron Lyons, Operations Director, UK Assistance 247

How’d it go? 


Our working relationship with UKA247 has gone from strength to strength over the last 7 years. 


Since launching the business management system and self-service web portals in 2014, over 67,000 jobs have been completed through the new system, while over 140,000 houses have been supported with emergency repairs.  


And since the app launched in 2019, almost 2,000 contractors have managed their work far quicker, simpler and more efficiently via their own mobile device. Not only has it boosted the user experience, but that all-important speed to respond and close a claim has improved by 24% over that 2-year period. A serious competitive edge that’s only continuing to improve. 


UKA247 has seen a significant improvement in their internal efficiencies through database automation. Historically, they’d funnelled investment into on-site servers to run their legacy systems – but this cost has been eradicated with their new, unified system. The knock-on impact has meant a drop in overheads through our streamlined IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. 


But the story doesn’t end here – we’re still working with UKA247 to ensure their solution continues to reach beyond user expectations, and cement their newly-established position as disruptive leaders in their field.  

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