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6B are Kotlin app developers in Leeds. If you are looking for Kotlin mobile app developers in Leeds contact 6B, we offer services including: Kotlin app discovery; Kotlin app UI/UX design; Kotlin app development; Kotlin app deployment and more.

We work as Kotlin developers for businesses in Leeds and throughout the UK, we use pre-built Kotlin modules to accelerate mobile app development and deliver to you a high quality mobile application for Android devices, Apple devices and more.

Kotlin Android Developers Leeds

Kotlin is a powerful and intuitive programming language from Google, running in the integrated Android Studio platform. Our Kotlin Android developers Leeds team understand how to make the most of Kotlin to build apps at speed. Kotlin code is concise and includes modern functions, meaning powerful features can be developed quickly by our Kotlin Android developers in Leeds.

Kotlin Development Agency Leeds

As a Kotlin development agency Leeds 6B also develops mobile apps for Android devices using other languages like Java, React Native and Flutter. Kotlin however is an extremely well established language which is developed and recommended by Google and so it has a large community, established libraries and robust toolkits. Our Kotlin development agency Leeds team are experienced professionals, ready to work on your Kotlin application or software development project.

Our Kotlin app development team is experienced in delivering highly secured, multi-user, powerful, and high-performing progressive web and mobile apps.

Why choose Kotlin for my project?

Kotlin is a popular open-source programming language recommended by Google for developing Android applications, it merges object-oriented programming and functional features to craft a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.

Kotlin is a multiplatform language meaning it can be used to develop Android apps, client-side web apps in the browser and native compilations of Kotlin can even be run on Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, etc.

There are many reasons to choose Kotlin for your next project including-

Speed – Kotlin is a modern and concise programming language. Less code means fewer bugs and a faster delivery time of your application.

Security – Kotlin contains security features for authentication, immutability and nullability out-of-the-box, it has robust security features as standard to ensure secure development.

Interoperability – Kotlin is a Java-based programming language and so it integrates easily with other Java-based applications.

Flexibility – Kotlin is both a frontend (Kotlin/JS) and backend (Kotlin/JVM) language, using one toolset for frontend and backend accelerated development.

Functionality – Kotlin is a robust and well established programming language from Google, it allows a developer to robust Android applications at speed.

Why choose Kotlin over Java?

Because Kotlin is a Java-based language and its similar bytecode structure, Kotlin is often considered alongside JavaScript for application development. Kotlin in our opinion for most use cases however is the clear choice for several reasons.

In summary Kotlin runs faster, it is one language for both server-side and client facing development, it can be deployed to both mobile devices (both Android and iOS) and web browsers.

Kotlin app development services

6B offers a range of Kotlin services from application design through to development, user testing and deployment.

Kotlin app design – we follow Google’s design principles and guidelines to ensure UI and UX is highly engaging and intuitive and optimised for Android devices.

Kotlin app development – we develop high-performing bespoke native Android mobile apps using Kotlin.

Kotlin app migration – we migrate applications from any language to Kotlin, including React Native, Java, Flutter, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, etc.

Kotlin app testing – we provide a comprehensive testing and quality assurance service for Kotlin applications to ensure flawless performance.

Kotlin app support – our team of Kotlin developers are on-hand to provide ongoing proactive monitoring, support and optimising of your Kotlin app.

Why choose 6B for Kotlin development?

Since our inception we have developed Android Apps that have helped organisations to engage with target audiences and drive further growth and efficiencies.


  • We are a trusted development company in the UK, enabling organisations to seize opportunities by taking advantage of the latest Android technology
  • We offer flexible hiring models for Kotlin app development, from full product development teams to deliver your project to augmented development teams to add contingent resource you can utilise as needed in your development roadmap
  • You can rely on our Kotlin app development team to deliver secure, scalable, robust, and high-performing apps
  • We have specialist sector knowledge across healthcare, local and central government, funded startups and more
  • We take a solution-centric approach based on your needs, we have established processes and methodologies to deliver Kotlin app development at speed

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