TypeScript Development Leeds

6B offer TypeScript development Leeds for large scale mobile app and web app development. We work in collaboration with organisations in healthcare, central government, local government, for funded startups and many other industries.

6B uses Microsoft TypeScript alongside JavaScript frameworks and libraries to create a mobile app, web app or bespoke software that implement flawless coding environments, giving your organisation a website or application that performs quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

6B begins TypeScript development at the Discovery stage to ascertain your organisation’s goals, who your customers or service users are and learn the biggest risks associated with your mobile app, web app or other bespoke software.

Our experienced TypeScript technical architects, UI/UX designers and TypeScript development Leeds staff build rapid prototypes through iterative, Agile methodologies to efficiently build your TypeScript mobile app or web app. We always listen to stakeholder feedback to ensure your TypeScript web app or mobile app fulfils your organisation’s requirements. Using wireframes, our TypeScript developers learn how your organisation’s TypeScript product will interact with service users and what functions your TypeScript mobile app or web app will possess.

6B also offers TypeScript deployment and ongoing TypeScript maintenance, keeping up with TypeScript updates to ensure your organisation’s mobile app or web app is one step ahead of your competitors.

TypeScript developers

6B are TypeScript developers that offer a range of Typescript development in Leeds and the UK. Client-facing websites, customer portals, progressive web apps, mobile apps and web apps are all designed, built and deployed by 6B’s TypeScript developers, who can deploy TypeScript’s single development codebase across all technological infrastructure for healthtech companies, public sector and private sector organisations.

Our TypeScript developers are available for consultation if you want to use TypeScript for an existing mobile app or web app, as well as creating a new TypeScript product from scratch.

Utilising the strict syntactical superset of Javascript gives your organisation a more robust technical stack for large-scale web and mobile apps that transcompile into Javascript.

From client-facing websites to customer portals, bespoke software and progressive web apps, 6B’s technical architects and developers can deploy TypeScript’s single development codebase across an entire technological infrastructure.

Why use Typescript?

Voted the second most loved programming language in a recent Stack Overflow developer survey, 6B gives your organisation the opportunity to leverage the scalability of TypeScript by taking your idea and combining TypeScript with JavaScript libraries and frameworks to provide a workable mobile or web app that builds beyond your expectations.

6B uses the modularity of TypeScript’s coding language to create objects that simply cannot be created in JavaScript alone.

Key reasons why development teams at 6B enjoy working with Typescript:

  • TypeScript simplifies JavaScript code, making it structural rather than nominal, meaning it is easier and faster to read and debug.
  • TypeScript is open source.
  • TypeScript provides highly productive development tools for JavaScript IDEs and practices, like static checking.
  • TypeScript supports static typing and can be easily compiled to ES6 standards.

Our Typescript Development Process

The 6B Typescript development process begins at the Discovery stage, where we collaborate with your teams to establish objectives, the vision and your organisation’s requirements.

When the basic understanding of your organisation’s product is mutually understood, we move onto the Design stage and create a rapid prototype of your organisation’s TypeScript product. 6B’s talented TypeScript developers and UI/UX designers create wireframes to understand the functions of your organisation’s app, how it will look through quality UI/UX design and how service users or customers interact with it to create an outstanding user-centric experience.

Following design 6B follows Agile methodologies to build your organisation’s product, iterating your organisation’s web app or mobile app to provide a comprehensive app in as efficient a timeframe as possible.

At the deployment stage, we streamline your process to ensure that your organisation is complying with any and all guidelines and standards, ensuring that your organisation’s TypeScript product is created in an environment that can be approached and accessed by all service users or customers.

Once your organisation’s Typescript product is live, 6B’s developers are available for maintenance to ensure that it benefits from the latest updates, as well as maintain its continued integrity in your specific marketplace.

Why work with 6B on a Typescript project?

Experienced TypeScript developers – 6B has a wealth of experience in creating apps in TypeScript to provide your organisation with a product that delights and creates unequalled user experience

Consultation available – 6B’s knowledge base places us in a unique position to offer sound consultative advice on implementing TypeScript in new and existing web or mobile apps, finding solutions and working to methodologies that suit your circumstances at speed

Bespoke service – From TypeScript web and mobile app development to Typescript enterprise app development and JS to TS migration, 6B’s flexible TypeScript developers are here to help

Specialist knowledge – 6B has successfully delivered TypeScript mobile and web apps to large organisations across multiple sectors

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