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ABR Solicitors specialise in criminal defence, including fraud, crime, mental health and prison law practice. Their mission is simple: to provide their clients with the best form of defence in the pursuit of justice.

Their wealth of experience and well-maintained professional relationships with other barristers, solicitors and expert witnesses means they’ve become a go-to choice for those seeking independent representation. Their current website was professional, listing their services, locations and so on – but it fell short when it came to driving organic traffic to the site, mobile and multi-device responsiveness and ease of navigation.

To achieve this, they needed a website that would help drive traffic to their various UK offices – that’s where 6B came in. We knew we could use our technical excellence to help solve these challenges.

The bespoke, WordPress website we would build for ABR Solicitors would use the latest SEO best practices and top design principles – resulting in optimised service and location pages, to attract much higher, better quality levels of site traffic.

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