Joining forces with Patients Know Best to deliver enhanced healthcare integrations

We’re excited that 6B has been named the new technology partner for Patients Know Best (PKB), Europe’s leading Personal Health Record platform.

6B will join forces with PKB to drive continued growth, helping the business achieve its mission of ensuring that every person:


  • Owns a copy of all their health information
  • Understands what this information means
  • Uses this understanding to make shared decisions with family members or carers and healthcare professionals

PKB provide patients and healthcare organisations with a patient engagement platform that aggregates data from many sources and provides advanced tools for patient-clinician interactions. Connecting information from primary, secondary, social and mental health care providers allows patients to access their data via an online patient portal to self-manage their health and wellbeing. Healthcare professionals can access the same data via an integrated care record to help inform clinical decision making, manage patient care more effectively and promote independence.

Our main objective will be to design enhanced bespoke integrations with a number of Electronic Patient Record systems (EPR’s), including EMIS, SystmOne, and Vision, alleviating current limitations in order to:

  • Eradicate the current need for GPs to authenticate each patient manually 
  • Provide more real-time data in bulk, including demographics, observations, medications, allergies, and appointments

The system integration aims to enhance the functionality of PKB’s platform, enabling greater efficiencies, with the potential to release cash savings, reduce duplication, streamline interactions to increase capacity and ensure a patient’s multidisciplinary care needs are always met, whilst providing a more cohesive and personalised experience for the patient.

Patients Know Best Chief Technology Officer, Máté Varga, had this to say: “Patients Know Best are thrilled to be partnering with 6B to help us enhance our healthcare integrations, starting with fetch data from other NHS suppliers, as we continue to expand our SaaS offering.” 

“With standardised APIs and well-defined processes, integrating healthcare data should be a straightforward process, but we recognise that navigating the complexities of the healthcare system can be challenging. By leveraging 6B’s expertise, we’re able to streamline this process and make it more efficient for our patients and users. We’re excited to see the positive impact that this collaboration will have on the healthcare landscape as we work together to improve patient outcomes.”

We are delighted to partner with Patients Know Best as they are a pioneer in the digital health innovator space, driven by a social purpose to empower patients with their health data. We are incredibly excited about helping the business with their integration needs and look forward to forming a long-term strategic partnership

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