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6B is a digital agency in Leeds offering bespoke development services including mobile app development, bespoke software, progressive web app development, and database development.

At the start of your project, we collaborate on user research, discovery and alpha, rapid prototyping and UI and UX design.

Agile web development services from 6B include web apps, CRM, APIs, .NET, PHP, Laravel, React and Javascript, as well as database development and bespoke software. We are also Android app developers, iOS app developers, and React Native app developers. Other development services include progressive web apps, DevOps, Saas, cloud support, and emerging technology such as AI, voice, and IoT.

6B’s digital agency performs activities including service design, data and analytics, and product strategy. We upskill your team through technology skills enablement and we provide team augmentation. We carry out technical due diligence and project recovery if required.

Sectors we work in include local government, central government, healthcare organisations, funded startups, retail, B2B, industrials and other businesses.

Healthcare app development utilises SMART on FHIR and HL7 FHIR. We integrate with healthcare applications such as AllScripts, Cerner, Epic, Emis and SystmOne.

"What's your biggest business challenge right now?"

Before you scroll any further, let’s start with this very important question. Whatever the answer, we want to show you how tech can help. In our experience, it usually breaks down into one of three areas – which one resonates with you?


“Our processes need modernising – they’re too lengthy, leave our systems vulnerable, and the cost of non-value added time is mounting up.”


“We’ve got a really unique set of circumstances – standard partners can’t build us something bespoke, but off-the-shelf just doesn’t work.”

Rapid-growth pains

“Our tech is outdated and stunting our business development – we don’t have the expertise to know what’s right, so we’re stuck until we find a solution.”

See how we can help you turn these challenges into opportunities


6B is a technology and engineering consultancy, specialising in solving customer problems through clever uses of technology.


Our team of specialists are dedicated to supporting rapidly evolving businesses through their system “growth pains” – those issues which inevitably crop up when trying to scale to the next level.


Having designed and built well over 100 bespoke systems, our core expertise lies in web, mobile and software development. 

Expertise in key sectors

While our services can be applied to any industry, our focus across key sectors allows us to deliver market-leading solutions informed by experience and expertise.


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Central Government

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Why choose to work with 6B?

From humble beginnings back in 2014, 6B has rapidly grown into a leading digital agency Leeds. When our founder and CEO, Paul Brown, started the business from a desk in his bedroom, he had a clear vision in mind when starting out – to build a new type of agency. He wanted 6B to be a digital partner that was capable of making sense of the complex technology solutions that businesses need to transform how they operate and ensure they continue on an upward trajectory. From streamlining of legacy processes to implementing modern tools and automating processes for companies who want to scale at pace, everything we create is fuelled by a genuine passion for what we do and backed by our technical excellence.

So what makes us different from any other digital agency in Leeds? At 6B, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of total collaboration. When we embark on a relationship with a client we view it as a partnership – we don’t build for you, we build with you. Where some agencies prefer to be briefed and work in isolation until a project is complete, we think this way of working is counter intuitive and detrimental. Yes, we are the technical experts in this working dynamic, but you’re the experts in your field of business. What we build will be informed and guided by your input and your vision. 

When looking to get a product to market, a few weeks can be the difference between success and failure. We’re committed to creating sophisticated digital products at pace – it’s one of the core tenets of how we work at 6B. Partnering with us ensures that your business won’t be left waiting around or ruing a missed opportunity; our experienced team of developers know how to build products that function flawlessly at speed, helping you maintain a competitive advantage over competitors in your market.  

Everything we build at 6B is focused on doing it right and at speed. It’s the way we like to operate and it’s what our long-term clients have come to expect from us as a digital agency Leeds. However, the timeline for what we create will depend entirely on the complexity of the digital product you want. A relatively simple brochure website can be designed and developed in four to six weeks if we move quickly, but a bespoke native mobile app will naturally take longer to develop. What’s important is to let us know if you are working to any time restraints; this will allow our project managers to work with you and establish a suitable timeline that will meet the demands of your business. 

At the start of each project, we take the time to devise an agile roadmap. The roadmap will be shared with you and your team, enabling you to track progress with the project milestones and product features being clearly set out, as well as giving you an insight into the strategy we have devised. Ultimately, the project roadmap will ensure that you are aware of what needs to be done by which date for the project to be completed on time, and it will give you a platform to raise concerns should you have any.  

The way we work at 6B as a digital agency Leeds, can be distilled down to a six stage process: 

  • Brief: You give us an overview of what you’d like to achieve during the project, and we start to take a top level look at your organisation, assessing the challenges you face and devising a strategy for our proposed solution.
  • Breakthrough: We establish who your end users are and what they want from your product. Research and user testing informs what we design and how it will function, and we consult with you to ensure it looks and performs how you envisioned it would.   
  • Build: With the design signed off and agreed upon, we take over and begin to work our magic bringing your idea to life, with our team testing throughout development to identify any bugs or potential snags.
  • Best Practice: We then conduct a series of rigorous tests and quality assurance procedures to ensure your digital product is functioning how it should be before the launch date. 
  • Boost: After your solution has been launched, our work is far from finished. We will track and monitor performance of what we’ve built using data and analytics to show how it’s outperforming your old solution, and make iterations where necessary.
  • Beyond: We’ll devise a future-focused roadmap that will include iterative improvements on what we’ve built, exploring further features and functionality to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Handing over your ideas for a digital agency Leeds to execute is an exercise in trust, and it can leave many business owners feeling powerless about the overall outcome. And if you’re unfamiliar with how a website build works or certain software operates, it can feel like you’re in the dark about how effective the end result will be. These concerns aren’t uncommon and it’s something we encounter on a regular basis with clients, particularly at the beginning of a working partnership. 

Once your digital product has been launched and is out in the wild, we continue to work behind the scenes to offer you the reassurance that what we’ve built is not only superior to your old solution in how it looks and functions, but is outperforming it too. We extract insights from the data and analysis work we do to provide your business with tangible results. Metrics like engagement levels, site visits, conversion rate and operating speed provide you with the peace of mind that the work we’ve done not only looks great, but crucially, works. We’ll use bespoke software to measure how your digital product is performing and provide a report to detail in which areas you’re outperforming your legacy system, as well as new features and functionality that could improve performance even further.  

What services do you offer, and what type of businesses do you work with as a technology and engineering consultancy?

6B specialise in all things digital, and the range of services we offer are as diverse as our client base, which spans from Leeds to the rest of the UK. Whether your company wants to create a mobile app to help boost engagement among your audience, a new website to enhance your online presence, or bespoke software to transform day-to-day operations – we do a little bit of everything in the world of digital. We have the technical expertise and in-house means to help you integrate disparate systems and innovate through the power of tech. 

During the initial stages of research, we will sit down with you and your team to discuss and uncover exactly what you want from your bespoke solution, and then we’ll advise on the level of complexity the solution will need to achieve this. Once you have distilled this information, we can begin to get to work on designing and building your solution. 

So what constitutes a successful digital development project? In short, it’s the harmonious marriage of design and build. As a digital agency Leeds, we use the latest trends in design to complement the cutting-edge technology that our developers use to create a solution that is unique to your business. Our team of in-house designers work in tandem with our developers to design and build a solution that is tailored to your specific needs as a business, with your end users and their requirements at the heart of what we build. 

After extensive user research and testing using defined user personas that are representative of your target audience, the UI/UX design that we create will provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for both your employees and your customers. A positive user experience will drive conversion and engagement among your existing audience, and help you expand your reach as a business. Through careful customer journey mapping and user experience testing, we’re able to create a personalised user experience that caters to the specific needs of each individual user, promoting higher levels of engagement and a stronger connection with your brand’s offering. 

Once the design has been signed off, our team of skilled developers can begin to create the code that will support the design. They will assemble different components behind the scenes to power the user-facing side of what we’ve designed so your digital product functions exactly as it should. The code our team configures will be highly scalable to facilitate future business growth, reliable to support an increase in customer traffic, and secure enough to ensure your business and its data isn’t vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

The portfolio of clients we work with is just as rich as the digital services we’re able to offer. If we can add value to a business and what they do, then there is no reason why we wouldn’t partner with them. From niche startups that need help finding their feet and established companies operating in highly regulated industries, to public and private sector organisations, we help the clients we serve transform how they operate and realise their business’ true potential. Whatever industry you do business in – be it healthcare, automotive or finance – we have almost certainly carried out similar projects in the past, and if we haven’t, there’s nothing more we love than a fresh challenge at 6B. 

At 6B, we undertake a comprehensive research and discovery process before starting any project. This allows us to gain a better understanding of your business, the market you operate in and how your products or services differentiate from your closest competitors. We know that no two businesses are the same – even if you operate in the same industry; how you conduct business, your unique selling proposition, and what your customers want and need when they interact with your brand will be totally different to your competitors. 

As a digital agency Leeds, our main priority is to cut the complexity out of tech. Yes, we will build a bespoke solution that is intricate and can perform a multitude of functions, but how your business and your customers use it will be totally intuitive. From the very get-go our team of technically experienced and passionate developers will keep your business and your vision at the heart of what they design and build, to create a tailored solution that encompasses your current and future needs as a business.

What are the benefits of outsourcing development as opposed to using our in-house team?

As a digital agency, when you choose to partner with us you’re getting exactly that – a digital agency Leeds. Since the formation of 6B back in 2014, we’ve made the conscious decision to stay in our lane and stick to what we’re good at, which is digital development projects. We haven’t diluted our offering by spreading ourselves too thin and branching out into areas like social media management and marketing. We’re specialists in the field we work in, and we’re brilliant at what we do – it’s why businesses up and down the country choose to partner with us. 

Many of the clients that we work with have previously tried to fulfil their digital needs in-house, and it simply didn’t work. Their internal teams were either overwhelmed by the size of the task in front of them, what was built had its limitations and prevented them from growing as a business, or they simply didn’t have the resources available to complete what they had started. We don’t doubt that you have a talented team who are capable of producing stimulating and creative work, but building a bespoke digital solution that will advance your business and hit the milestones you want to achieve is something best left to the experts. Outsourcing to an agency like 6B allows your business to focus on what it does best. Our technical expertise and practical experience of carrying out hundreds of digital development projects make us the ideal digital partner for your business. 

By outsourcing your digital projects to a digital agency Leeds like 6B, your business can expect a higher level of service and design that will deliver tangible results. In a world where almost every business has an online presence, we have the knowledge of the tools and technologies you need to help cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd. We have a proven track record of delivering the highest quality digital solutions for clients in highly regulated industries spanning healthcare to finance. 

Unlike full service agencies who may balance digital services with a wider marketing offering, our sole focus is working on digital projects. This is what we do day-in, day-out, and we’re pretty good at it too. This means that you’ll have access to our dedicated team of developers who have earned their stripes working on a varied portfolio of work, rather than a single developer at a full service agency who will tend to execute the same brief time and time again. The varied and innovative work that we’ve completed in the past will provide your business with a professional perspective on what’s required to take your business to the next level. 

The process of onboarding a new client is always an exciting prospect for a digital agency Leeds like 6B. It represents the start of our working relationship and is crucial to establishing a positive client relationship in what we hope will be a long and fruitful partnership with our agency. It’s an opportunity for us to learn more about each client and what they expect from us, and it’s a chance for us to explain the way we work in more detail and how we can deliver value to their business. Regardless of what you’re hoping to achieve as a business – be it expanding the customers you target or increasing productivity among your team with improved processes – we possess the knowledge and technical excellence to help you get there. And this all starts with the onboarding process.

Here is a rundown of what our onboarding process for all of our clients looks like: 

Step one: We schedule a call with any prospective client to scope out what they need from a digital partner and determine whether what we offer is compatible. 

Step two: Our CEO, Commercial Director or a member of the senior management team will arrange a meeting – face-to-face or via video call – to discuss what a partnership with 6B will look like throughout the project lifecycle. 

Step three: We write up a detailed project proposal, which will include examples of similar projects we’ve previously completed and case studies, as well as a project plan with deliverables and costs. 

Step four: Your business will decide whether or not you wish to go ahead with the proposal.

Step five: We will provide a contract that both parties will sign.

Step six: The project will commence with a kick-off meeting between 6B and your business. 

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