Digital health delivery

Our digital health experts work with the NHS and digital health innovators to consult, develop, implement, support, and integrate digital health services and implementations.

Digital Health Consultancy

From developing strategies to modernise core technologies, to building digital cultures and planning innovative digital health solutions, we are here to help.

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Digital Health Development

Our digital health experts can support the development of bespoke software and applications that transform patient care and deliver better healthcare outcomes.

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Digital Health Integration

Semantic and flexible digital health integrations with common systems and NHS services, utilising open data standards, and delivered at speed to the highest security standards.

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Strategy and transformation

We'll work with you to develop innovative approaches to your tech challenges, devising a strategy that supports the long-term success of your digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Empower your organisation with modern digital technology and strategies to improve efficiency and to drive digital transformation and growth.

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Product Strategy

Work with 6B to create a winning digital product strategy, from design to development, implementation and commercial rollout.

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Discovery & Alpha

Explore and prototype innovative ideas to kickstart and test digital services and products inline with GOV.UK Discovery and Alpha approaches.

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Technical Due Diligence

Work with 6B to thoroughly assess the technical aspects of your investments to make informed decisions and to mitigate risks.

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Change Adoption

Support your team in smoothly transitioning to new technology processes and tools to drive efficiencies and improved work practices.

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Digital Workplace

Work with 6B to create a modern, efficient digital workspace for your team to collaborate, communicate, and boost productivity.

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Technology Skills Enablement

Equip your workforce with essential technology skills for increased competence and productivity through training and ongoing support.

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Emerging Technology

Leverage our expertise in the latest emerging technology to create digital products and services with AI, ML, IoT, Voice, Blockchain, and more.

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User Research

Gather insights from users to make informed decisions and build products that are truly user-centered and empathetic to your user needs.

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User Testing

Evaluate your digital product or service's usability and effectiveness by involving real and diverse users in testing and feedback.

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Service Design

Design and improve your technology and digital services with a customer-centric approach, ensuring better experiences and outcomes.

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UI/UX Design

Work with 6B to craft visually appealing and user-friendly digital interfaces to drive seamless and enjoyable user experiences.

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Accessibility & Inclusive Design

We design and build compliant digital interfaces that are usable and inclusive to everyone, regardless of abilities or backgrounds.

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Rapid Prototyping

Quickly create tangible clickable prototypes to test and iterate ideas for effective digital product development.

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Content Modelling

We develop content architectures, strategies, and models to organise and structure content to improve its relevance and usability.

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Technology and engineering

We take pride in our technical excellence when designing and delivering development projects, from bespoke software, applications, websites and integrations.

Bespoke Software

Tailor-made software solutions designed and engineered to meet your unique organisational needs and to enhance operations.

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Web Development

We design and develop websites and web applications using modern technologies and methodologies to deliver stunning and seamless online experiences.

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App development

We create bespoke native and hybrid mobile apps and progressive web apps with a focus on user experience, performance, and integration.

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Low Code And Automation

Streamline the creation and deployment of apps to simplify application delivery and automate processes, no matter what level of technical expertise exists in your teams.

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Data and AI

6B helps organisations of all sizes to become more data-driven and AI-enabled, effectively democratising data and AI through value-driven, incremental deliveries.

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Cloud and Platform

Extensive end-to-end cloud expertise to help your organisation create efficiencies, streamline processes, scale operations, and reduce costs.

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API development and integration

We build and integrate APIs to improve interoperability and to enable seamless and secure sharing of data between systems and organisations.

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Legacy Software Modernisation

Upgrade your outdated software for improved performance, security, and user experience, keeping your systems up to date, secure, and resilient.

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Test Engineering

We architect and engineer automated tests to ensure digital technologies meet quality, security, and reliability standards.

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Team Augmentation

Work in close collaboration with 6B, we can provide skilled technologists to supplement your team and to accelerate digital delivery.

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Application Management

Our application management services provide ongoing support, from regular maintenance and performance optimisation, to fixing bugs and technical investigations.

Managed Services

Our managed service takes care of ongoing maintenance and support of your systems, so you can focus on your core operations.

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With all of our services we aim to be a partner rather than a provider, working with you in collaboration to drive digital transformation whilst upskilling your teams.

Our priority is to unlock value at speed – whether that’s through technology, creative, or strategy – by focusing on people, we enable organisations with the tools and capabilities to transform and grow.

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