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6B are skilled in delivering API development and integration services to clients across both the public and private sectors.

We supply API development and integration services that enable the seamless exchange of information from different applications, allowing organisations to enrich and enhance their products and services in innovative ways.

Our team of in-house developers have the knowledge and practical experience to deliver API development and integration services that are reliable, stable, secure and scalable.

REST API Development Company

Whether your organisation needs to develop an integration to interface with an existing API or requires development of an API from scratch, we have the in-house expertise to provide services that deliver real value and tangible benefits to your business:

  • Robust and scalable APIs that are cost-effective scalable services that meet the demands of your business
  • Reduction in human error with high quality API development
  • Multi-discipline teams that work in close partnership with your business
  • Reduced API integration issues through rigorous testing
  • Greater flexibility in the way your organisation operates

The importance of API integration cannot be overstated in today’s business world.


API integration and development can transform an organisation, keeping your data in sync, enhancing your productivity and driving revenue.


APIs unlock a new level of flexibility and create a connected system where data is relayed automatically, making the embedding of content from different websites as well as mobile apps and web apps seamless.


Our API development approach is underpinned by the principles of reliability, security and ease of use.

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Seamless integration

An Application Programming Interface (API) facilitates the interaction between third-party applications – put simply, they enable the exchange of data and functionality in an easy, reliable and secure way.

Through API design, deployment, integration and management, APIs allow interoperability with a diverse range of systems. From granting a client single sign-on access, to connecting an organisation’s online store to an ERP system – it’s all made possible via API integration.

Developing products and services to be API-first allows solutions to talk to each other without human interference.

When starting an integration project, we first need to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and objectives through extensive research and consultation – then, we can design and implement an integration solution that’s fit for purpose.

With implementation complete, we’ll continue to manage your APIs and offer maintenance and support to ensure maximum efficiency.

Custom-built APIs

At 6B, we develop bespoke APIs in different formats – including REST, SOAP, JSON and XML – and in all four principal types:

  • Public – open and available for use by any outside developer or business
  • Private – only available to certain selected and authorised outside developers or API consumer
  • Internal – intended only for use within an enterprise
  • Composite – combining two or more APIs to craft a sequence of related or interdependent operations

Our flexible, custom-built API services (including API development and integration), can support you in identifying and creating bespoke APIs that meet your needs.

Advantages of working with 6B for API development:

Experienced API team: Our team of developers have the expertise developing and interfacing with a range of APIs including pen APIs, internal APIs, partner APIs, composite APIs, RESTFUL, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC and SOAP.

Custom-built APIs: We’re used to making sense of big, complex integrations. Regardless of the tech you need, our wealth of experience will help us deliver the ideal, custom APIs that meet the demands of your ambitious business strategy.

Fully managed service: We manage the whole API development and integration process, overseeing everything from consultation to implementation and providing maintenance support thereafter.

Effective communication: Our culture of transparency and open communication ensures that your organisation remains informed of ongoing developments every step of the way.

Integration insights

Integration insights

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