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6B are adept in delivering digital workplace consultancy solutions, providing clients across both the public and private sectors with the tools and technology they need to drive cultural change across their business.

Through the integration of new technologies and a defined digital framework, we enable organisations and their employees to connect, communicate and collaborate within a newly established digital workplace.

Our in-house team possesses the technical knowledge and first-hand experience to deliver a comprehensive digital workplace consultancy that is underpinned by an organisation’s unique and specific needs, and ensures they do not fall behind their competitors.

Digital workplace consultancy company

By embracing the digital workplace, your organisation can realise a cost-effective alternative to a bricks and mortar office, that enhances collaboration across departments and delivers real tangible benefits to your business, such as:

  • Support changes in working styles to work more transparently
  • Unify online and offline communications by keeping employees connected
  • Enhanced employee retention with greater flexibility and choice
  • Attract better talent to your organisation by offering progressive and innovative work environments
  • Increased operational agility and flexibility
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction as employees have the tools they need to serve customers more quickly

While the workplace has been constantly evolving since the industrial revolution, the ubiquitous nature of information technology has accelerated this evolution in recent decades, redefining the way we connect, communicate and collaborate forever. This change comes as the result of three fundamental factors: catering to a multi-generational workforce’s needs, the proliferation of information, and the need to work at an ever faster pace.

6B are expertly placed to help your organisation facilitate this change, equipping you with the tools and technology to deliver a cohesive digital workplace consultancy service that meets your specific business needs. We strategically implement digital technologies into the fabric of your organisation to enable unhindered team collaboration, mitigating common business risks and adhering to regulatory compliance mandates.

Make the digital workplace a reality

To truly realise the benefits of a digital workplace, your organisation needs to think bigger than communicating via email or virtual meetings. As the distinction between personal and professional work environments dissolve, it’s imperative that employees have the tools to share knowledge and forge relationships beyond typical work groups. 6B has the practical experience and technical knowledge to facilitate this switch by driving cultural change at the heart of your business. By cultivating cultural change and unifying technology, we can help transform your employee experience and deliver real value to your business.

Digital transformation through consultation

Our primary focus is to identify and implement strategic improvements to your organisation’s workplace, and we do this through an extensive digital workplace consultancy process. We evaluate your existing workplace and how it functions to gain a comprehensive understanding, before extrapolating the data, sifting through costs and modelling utilisation based on key metrics, to inform and benchmark appropriate changes. Once this has been completed, 6B will propose a series of direct solutions, using data-led insights to oversee the execution and implementation of the proposed improvements.

The improvements we propose will form the basis of a digital framework. This framework will dictate how your team shares knowledge, the tools needed to support your digital workplace, appropriate governance structures and management processes, which are all underpinned by your unique business needs that will drive the digital workplace.

The work we undertake will connect your employees, removing boundaries of department or geographical location, to deliver tangible value to your business through knowledge sharing and enhanced collaboration. In addressing existing challenges, not only will the digital workplace improve staff retention and customer experience, it will also create a significant reduction in operational costs, raise productivity and increase revenue. Ultimately, our work will help optimise your workplace and provide a better way of working.

Advantages of working with 6B to implement a digital workplace include:

Experienced team – Our team has first-hand knowledge of embracing the digital workplace and know how best to navigate the changes and what they mean for long-term working patterns and relationships.

Research informs a strategic solution – We work in close partnership with your organisation to identify your needs and opportunities for innovation, implementing a tailored digital workplace consultancy strategy capable of driving change at all levels.

Agile methodologies – We monitor and search for opportunities that will create more efficiency within your organisation with regular iterations, collaborating with you to evolve your digital workplace.

Digital transformation to enable a digital workplace – Through the measures and strategy that we implement, your organisation will be equipped to work as effectively from a remote setting as you did in the office.

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