System C EPR API integration partner

6B is an System C EPR API integration partner, providing integration for healthcare web apps, bespoke software and mobile apps.

As an System C EPR API integration partner, we help public organisations and private companies to integrate with System C EPR. Purposes for this includes analytics platforms, clinical decision support software, government registries, medical devices and more.

Interoperability with System C gives data that can be accessed throughout the healthcare system, allowing smoother corroboration with organisations that improve patient outcomes.

Financial management, patient engagement and population management are just a few other benefits of working with an System C EPR integration partner such as 6B.

System C EPR integration consultancy

Our System C EPR API integration agency uses HL7 FHIR and SMART on FHIR to integrate your mobile app, health web app or bespoke software with System C.

6B’s modular development approach ensures that our System C EPR API integration agency provides product compatibility and functionality, excellent user experience and full security. We can also produce scalability through each iteration of your product without it compromising on quality or time.

6B is an System C EPR API integration partner with experience healthtech consultants who can facilitate interoperability with third party healthcare applications and medical devices, allowing doctors, consultants and nurses to quickly check patient records, providing more efficient patient and clinical outcomes.

System C EPR integration

System C EPR integration is possible through 6B to achieve interoperability for data exchange across healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, physicians, pharmacies and research organisations.

In-depth patient care, test result analysis and clinician assessments can take place through System C EPR integration, which is seen as a major priority for NHS trusts across England, Wales and the UK.

An System C EPR integration gives clinical and financial data through proprietary, intelligent APIs from System C.

We also work with Cerner and Epic too, providing one EHR ‘connector’ so that your web app, mobile app or bespoke software is interoperable with multiple EHR platforms.

Delivering integrated care is a high priority for NHS Trusts across the UK. 6B helps you achieve interoperability with System C so that harmonised data can be accessed across care settings through improved data exchange. This capability allows you to more easily collaborate with organisations and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.

Why System C?

System C CareFlow EPR technology provides tools for in-depth patient care, analysing test results and giving clinicians tools to build assessments of a person.

From population management and life science solutions to financial management and patient engagement, the software offers innovative EPR that will benefit the outcomes of a patient.

A transparent and connected community

This fully integrated, System C CareFlow EPR gives clinical, financial and other content that provides data from both ends of a patient’s healthcare journey.

Proprietary intelligent APIs from System C provides a transparent and connected health community across many hospitals.

Finally, using machine learning techniques we can spot trends and make autonomous decisions from data insights which allows your team to move faster and the freedom to spend time working in more valuable ways for your business.

What solutions do 6B offer?

6B enables your organisation to prepare for and complete integration with System C, ensuring your product is fully compliant with the System C standard in terms of its security, user experience, product compatibility and functionality.

From startups to large enterprises, we can develop and design tailored integration solutions using our modular development approach, which allows you to scale up and adapt without losing quality.

Development of a website/app/crm

Other 6B benefits for System C integration

Other benefits for using 6B with your System C EPR API integration include:

Embracing the latest technology – 6B utilises HL7 FHIR and SMART on FHIR to integrate your product with this secondary care EPR. We have a huge amount of experience in developing complex applications utilising HL7 FHIR, from bespoke solutions and secure medical platforms to developing tailor-made solutions for your product.

Working with a range of organisations – We work with health tech companies of all shapes and sizes, including startups, large enterprises and public health departments. Our experience in both private and public sector healthtech gives your organisation a competitive advantage.

Integration with multiple EPR systems – We are experienced working with and integrating AllScripts, Cerner, and Epic too – we can develop one EPR ‘connector’ which is interoperable with multiple EPR platforms.

Scalable possibilities – Our modular development process is unique so that each release of your development can be scaled up without compromising on quality.

Experienced consultants – We have a huge amount of experience in facilitating interoperability with third party healthtech applications and medical devices, our experienced healthtech consultants are here to help.

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