Technology Skills Enablement Agency

Our team of technical architects, designers and web developers will help your team gain the skills required to accomplish your goal. From launching a new product to integration with bespoke software systems, our technical skills enablement agency does not just provide the technology to help you succeed – we give you access to our talented team, who can pass on their knowledge and skills to your people.

It is not just about ensuring your team is upskilled for tasks to accomplish in the present – our technology skills enablement service helps your staff to learn digital skills that will help in the future.

Paying for external consultants can cost your business or organisation time and money. Strong, in-house capability is key for your organisation to grow. 6B will help you identify where your skills shortages are and how you can improve them through co-sourced delivery, team augmentation and training.

6B’s benefits

6B’s technology skills enablement agency utilises all of our experience to pass on important skills and knowledge to your teams. We use real-world examples to demonstrate how we develop software and give you an indication of the path you should be taking.

We expand your capabilities through scaling and enhancing skills, behaviour and the infrastructure you need to help your staff develop their knowledge. 6B uses collaborative practices to ensure collective ownership, high levels of performance and efficient communication between your team.

Agile methodologies

Our Agile methodology ensures consistency across your Wow (ways of working) at all stages of the product strategy development roadmap. We optimise your delivery through guidance on setting up your team and using the most appropriate methodologies and tools to carry out your objectives.

6B uses Agile methodologies when it comes to working on any project and we would encourage others who work in this industry to do the same. Agile methods encourage teams to build products quickly, regularly test that work and iterate it through regular feedback. By planning, discovering, developing, building and testing at the same time, we can continuously improve how a product or service works so that it meets the user’s needs.

Utilising Agile methodologies allows our technology skills enablement agency to respond to emerging technology that may come about, changes in legislation or systems in a quick way. We can continue developing a product while dealing with any changes, meaning that we do not have to start again.

6B will demonstrate all these behaviours, methodologies and Wow to your team so that you can reap the benefits Agile methodologies provide.

We show you and your teams which approach you can use depending on what type of project you are working on.

Through using Agile methods, you can quickly adapt to change and ultimately focus on the most important person – the service user.

The 3 phases of technology capability transformation

6B adopts three stages to transforming your internal technical capabilities:

Capability Assessment – We assess your organisation and your staff through workshops, observations and interviews to see where the skills gap is and make recommendations

Co-Sourced Delivery – We work simultaneously with your team to build and develop software in a different way to how you have done it in the past. Our team can give you cutting-edge techniques and our knowledge is transferred to your team as we work on your project

Training – To scale delivery and to build up a talent pipeline for the future, we source and train apprentices, graduates and senior members of your team to upskill your organisation’s knowledge base

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