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6B are an UI/UX design agency team specialising in planning, designing and delivering exceptional user experience design. We specialise in designing unique, engaging and viral digital user experiences, the type of digital experiences that your customer will want to share and talk about,

If you are looking for a UI/UX design agency contact 6B today for a free website user experience design audit. 6B help clients with UI/UX design in Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate, York, Bradford, Huddersfield, Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire.

UI/UX design agency Leeds

Our user experience design Leeds process includes; customer research and interviews, competitor analysis, user persona identification and development, user stories and story boards, website structure and journey mapping, user experience planning and user experience design Leeds.

User experience (UX) planning and designing is a vital part of our design process.

We look at qualitative and quantitative insights gathered during discovery to create tailored and informed user experience strategies for your website or application. Our goal is to create useful and engaging digital experiences that connect with customers across platforms and channels.

We believe that good user experience design creates useful experiences that make your customers convert and eager to come back for more. We take the time to truly understand your customers and through user persona development we aim to delight your customers with personalised experiences which they’ll love and want to share with others.

User Experience Prototyping

User experience prototyping is an effective way to test layouts, tools, animation, content and customer journey funnels through representative user persona groups. Through user experience prototyping we test, tweak and test again to mitigate the risk of large-scale disruptive changes, (other than those informed by data), after going live.

We look for opportunities to personalise your user experience design to the defined user personas. User experience personalisation is your website’s competitive advantage – it is a way to create a one-to-one personal experience your customers will love.

We understand your competition and we understand that your customers are always looking for something new and better, and that’s where we come in. For us, user experience design goes beyond a website or app, from interactive experiences across multiple channels to cross platform games and tailored mobile experiences we have many ways to engage your customers through creative and unique user experience design.

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Why Choose 6B for UI/UX Design?

  • We have decades of experience in designing and delivering best in class user experience design
  • We offer bespoke user experience design services that are curated to the needs of our clients
  • We work with a wide spectrum of clients, from well-known international brands, through to public sector organisations and funded startups
  • We enjoy creating unique and effective customer journeys that deliver return on investment

Our user experience design services includes; user & stakeholder engagement via customer research and interviews, competitor analysis, user persona identification and development, user stories and story boards, website structure planning, customer journey mapping, user experience planning and user experience testing.

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Creative Ideas

We are interested in creating unusual, delightful and intelligent designs that are considered and exceptional. With our design work, we aim to push the boundaries and produce design work that stands out against the competition.

Forward Thinking

The User Experience Design team at 6B are at the forefront of the emergence of new design trends and technologies. The coherence and visibility of your brand across different devices has never been more important.

Wow Factor

At 6B one of our ‘6 beliefs’ is to ‘deliver WOW’ – when we deliver design work we really aim to produce something exceptional, design to make you and your clients stand out from the crowd and have impact in your market.

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