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Website development Leeds and web design Leeds. 6B are an experienced and passionate team of web developers and web designers based in Leeds. We develop ecommerce websites, brochure websites and large scale enterprise websites built in Kentico for clients in Leeds.

We develop websites on a number of leading CMS platforms including WordPress, Kentico and Shopify and where appropriate we develop bespoke websites in Leeds on a bespoke CMS using Laravel (PHP) or .NET Core.

Web Design Agency Leeds

Are you looking for a web design agency in Leeds? Ready to try a new website development Leeds agency passionate about delivering high quality websites at speed?

From simple one page websites to large-scale complex websites, 6B website designers offer a range of website development Leeds services to push your brand forwards and grow your business.

We are happy to develop in a variety of modern programming languages and with a variety of CMS including WordPress and Kentico – and where appropriate we build bespoke CMS. Our highly capable and multi-disciplined web design team is unique, the whole web design Leeds team at 6B code and we believe web design is one of our strongest capabilities.

Scoping & Research

Goals and capabilities should be aligned from the outset. Technical development research and scoping is all about getting under the bonnet of a new website and figuring out what it can do for you. We start any web design project by investigating how your business operates and develop a plan, designed to provide a return on investment based on your market, your competitors and your peers.

Our web design Leeds team are full-stack developers – this is unique in our industry meaning our developers are capable of seeing a website development through from start to finish. The front-end development process involves creating visually stunning user-experiences in technologies like React and Gatsby, and the back-end development process orchestrates all the behind-the-scenes magic that powers the website.

Throughout the website development process our technical SEO and quality assurance teams work closely with development to ensure everything is been developed to a high standard from initial website design to launch.

Devices showcasing Shopify and WordPress websites

Why Choose 6B for Web Design?

From simple one page brochure websites to large-scale enterprise websites with thousands of pages and complex portals and integrations – 6B are here to help.

  • We are a talented in-house multi-disciplinary team of web designers, developers, and search experts delivering an award-winning service
  • We are award winning and we have developed hundreds of websites for clients throughout Leeds, London and the United Kingdom
  • Our web design Leeds team are experts at creating best-in-class, eye-catching website designs that convert visitors into customers
  • We are platform agnostic, we will build your website in the best technology and CMS for your objectives including WordPress, Kentico and Headless
Various devices showcasing 6B's eCommerce websites

Whether you’re looking for a smart and simple business web design Leeds or a responsive e-commerce website with a whole range of bespoke features, we are here to help.

We’ll help to identify your core objectives and understand what you need from your website and then we’ll work with you to get the results your business needs, whether that’s increased exposure, better search engine rankings or more sales.

Robust & Secure

The development team at 6B have experience working across different sectors, producing a range of complex and secure process-driven bespoke applications and websites.

With experience in enterprise CRM solutions, large-scale web applications and secure medical platforms, we have the ability to design and develop tailored solutions.

Flexible & Scalable

Using our unique modular development approach we ensure that each release of your development can be quickly scaled up and adapted without losing quality and where possible without requiring new development.

We have developed many applications to handle business critical services running 24/7/365 for over 5 years now.

Integrated Technology

We are specialists in integrating with many applications including medical and healthcare applications, financial, CRM, ERP, payment gateways, accounting, social media and email marketing with specific examples including: Microsoft, Sage, Xero, Stripe, EMIS, Twilio and Open Maps. We are experts at integrating with online service providers, third party software and legacy systems.

6B team members

What services do you offer as a web design Leeds agency?

As consumers spend more and more time online, the importance for your business to have a strong online presence cannot be overstated; it should form the backbone of your strategy as a business. The modern day consumer will leverage what information is available to them online to help make better purchasing decisions. So your website is in effect your business’ gateway to the world, and it will enable your brand to cast its net far wider than any form of traditional advertising or marketing ever could. A website not only strengthens your brand’s credibility, creating the impression of a globally successful business, but it also helps to generate more leads, educate your target audience, and provides around the clock accessibility. 

Regardless of the size of your business or what market sector you operate in, the cost of not having a website isn’t worth thinking about. Chances are your closest competitors already have a website, and your existing customers will naturally expect your business to already have one. So with these two factors in mind, your business runs the risk of losing once loyal customers as they search for an alternative brand that can satisfy their needs. And nobody wants that. 

Our web design Leeds team consists of numerous talented full-stack developers, which means we’re capable of seeing your website development project right the way through from start to finish. This is something unique in our industry, as most web design agencies will only specialise in part of the process, and it will provide your business with greater consistency and an overall superior website. Our team of front-end developers will be responsible for creating visually appealing and stimulating user interfaces in technologies like React and Gatsby, while our back-end developers take care of everything that isn’t visible to the user but powers the website. 

Here is a list of the web design Leeds services that we offer:

Website design

Our web design Leeds team of designers use the latest design trends to help create a website that will leave a lasting impression on your target market and is intuitive to navigate. Every component and feature that we incorporate into your site will be user-orientated and will help to enhance the overall user experience. 

Website development 

Whether we’re starting from scratch, improving your existing website, or transferring your old site to a new CMS, 6B’s work in web development will ensure that your website performs at maximum speed and can handle an increase in traffic. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

During the design and development phase of your website, SEO will be a key consideration when populating content. Our technical SEO and quality assurance team undertake an extensive analysis of the keywords you want to rank for based on your competitors, location and search volume, to ensure these pages are optimised. 

Content Management System (CMS) 

We develop in a variety of modern programming languages and use a variety of CMS, such as WordPress, Kentico and Headless, as well as developing bespoke CMS where necessary. We’ll assess the needs of your website and decide on which CMS best meets those needs, so you can create, edit and publish content more easily. 

Website Hosting 

Once your website has gone live, we will continue to host the site for you and this means that you’ll have access to our team of developers to fix any bugs or advise on any issues as and when they occur. 

Domain name registration 

The name of your website is of huge importance. It’s how users looking to interact with your brand online will reach you, so it needs to be related to your brand, reliable and memorable. 6B can take care of the entire domain registration process, from purchase through to managing and renewing the contract for your chosen domain name. 

Database integration 

A lot of company websites will feature a database of some sort, such as a payments database. 6B will work with your business to ensure that the database you need for your business to function online is fully integrated with your new website in a secure and reliable way.

Content creation

As part of our web design services, 6B will help your company source imagery to complement written content. We will use professional sites such as Shutterstock to source appropriate imagery and obtain your approval before we purchase them. When it comes to written content, this will be predominantly populated by your business as you’re best placed to write about what you do, but we do have an in-house copywriting team who can do this for you at an added cost. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Once we have launched your site and it is live, we have the in-house technical expertise to advise on how best to maximise traffic to your website using pay-per-click advertising. This will enable your website to appear at the very top of the search results and we can develop specific landing pages to help boost your conversion rate once users visit your site.

Ecommerce functionality 

Our web design Leeds team are also capable of designing and building fully functional ecommerce websites, including necessary features such as easy to populate content management systems, discount and promotional tools, and an easy-to-use checkout.

Why invest in 6B’s web design Leeds services?

The decision to invest in professional web design isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, and there are many factors to consider when weighing up the value it can bring to your business. With a newly designed website, your business will benefit from increased conversion rates, enhanced competitiveness in your market, and improved search engine ranking. Every single one of these benefits will have a direct impact on your profit margin, market share, and future growth as a business. 

Let’s explore the benefits of partnering with our web design Leeds team in more detail:

Modernise your digital marketing strategy 

In the world of digital marketing, your website is the central platform for your brand. Whether through search results on Google or social media activity, it’s where you will direct users to find out more about what you can offer them. So in order to support your digital marketing strategy, your website needs to be up-to-date and fully optimised. 

With a robust and intuitive website, your business can boost the results of its other internet marketing strategies. From email marketing to pay-per-click advertising, 6B’s web design knowledge can help to enhance your site’s usability and develop specific landing pages that are optimised for conversion and maximise your ROI.

Increase your conversion rate 

Conversion rate is the golden metric used by businesses across the world. If your conversion rate is lower than your market competitors, it means they are more successful in translating interest about their business into tangible results. But what is a conversion? Is it only concerned with measuring customers who buy a product when visiting your website? Not necessarily. A conversion can range from a user purchasing a product to a user signing up to your monthly newsletter; it’s unique to your business and the goals you set. Whatever your chosen conversion goal, professional web design services can help. 

Most conversions in today’s economy relate to or include an online interaction in some form or other. If your website is outdated and usability is poor, this will affect the impression users have of your overall brand and they will be less likely to convert. How your website looks and how easy it is to use will be crucial to forming a user’s opinion of your brand. With an innovative design and a user-friendly website, you can create a positive first impression with users, increasing the chances of users spending money, subscribing to your newsletter, or interacting with your brand on a deeper level.

Improve your ranking on search engine results 

SEO is often referred to as a dark art. If the order search results appear on Google seemingly have no reason or rhyme to them in your mind, it can feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark when trying to improve how your business ranks. The modern consumer is heavily reliant on search engines – they use them for everything from searching illness symptoms to finding the best value for money car insurer. 

If a user is looking for a product or service that your business specialises in but you don’t appear on the first page of search results, it becomes increasingly difficult for your business to reach those consumers. This is why SEO is a core consideration in our web design process. By combining SEO best practices with award-winning design, 6B ensures that your website ranks high for the keywords your customers are most likely to search for. This enables your business to be visible to high-value users that are aligned with your target audience, converting those leads into paying customers. 

Transform your user experience 

Every website we design and build is subject to extensive UX testing. This process allows us to assess and monitor how a potential user would navigate through your website, determining whether users can easily access the content they need quickly. We’ve all had a negative experience on a website before – maybe the font wasn’t legible or the page you were trying to access took too long to load. Whatever it was, it was off putting and made you think twice about visiting again. 

6B’s professional web design Leeds services help your business deliver a positive user experience to anyone who visits your website – whether that’s on a desktop or mobile device. The design and website layout services we offer ensure that your website is intuitive to use and information is easily accessed.

Discover your competitive advantage 

No matter what industry your business sits in, you will have a direct competitor – you might even have a few. You are constantly competing with them for a larger market share. Although the products or services you provide may be superior, those differentiators can be easily lost online. An outdated or frustrating to navigate website can lead to users doubting the value your company can offer them. 

Our web design Leeds team works to ensure that those unique selling points aren’t lost on the users who visit your site. We make sure that your online presence stands apart from that of your competitors, making the decision to contact and invest in your brand a no-brainer. You can capitalise on the poor user experience users have had in the past with your competitors with a website that is built in a user-centric way.

What is 6B’s approach to web design?

So how do 6B create award-winning websites? It’s a good question. The truth is, all of the incredible websites we design and build are founded in a defined strategy that is unique to each client. The strategy incorporates each business’ short-term and long-term goals, emphasises what makes them stand out from their competition, and caters to the needs of the customers with an easy-to-use website that’s bursting with stimulating content. 

 Our web design Leeds team provide an end-to-end service and follow five basic principles: 


Creating a website that is visually appealing is the first step to impressing your existing customers and attracting new ones. How your website looks speaks volumes about your company and the products or services you offer. If your site looks outdated and tired, you run the very real risk of putting customers off. 

Businesses in Leeds and throughout the UK trust 6B to design and build a website that features the latest design trends and elements, with imagery and video content to engage visitors. We also design websites so they are completely responsive, so whether a user is accessing your site on their desktop or mobile phone device it will look just as good. 


A good looking website will draw customers in, but it has to be simple to navigate too. You can have the best looking website in the world but if users struggle to access the content they need then they’ll grow frustrated and bounce pretty quickly. 

One of the best ways to enable effective navigation is to use breadcrumbs. With breadcrumb navigation, the users who visit your site can jump back a page they were previously on at the click of a button. This tool is particularly useful when you want visitors to learn more about your business and what you offer, guiding users from different pages to an index page where they can find the specific topic they want to explore. Your business can also request a menu in the main header of the page, so different areas of your site are readily accessible and visible to users at all times.


The direction in which users will navigate your content is generally vertical. It’s intuitive and works just as well for customers using a mouse to scroll on a desktop or customers using their finger to scroll on their phone.

As a web design agency in Leeds, we know the importance of responsive web design – it ensures that all visitors to your site receive the same great user experience. So where a drop down menu in the header may work for users on a desktop, content quickly becomes crowded on the smaller screen of a mobile device. Instead, mobile sites should utilise a hamburger menu tool, which allows users to expand the whole menu of your site at the tap of a button. It’s a great space saving tool and it’s something all mobile users will be familiar with.


Your business has managed to get more customers to visit your website, now you need to grab their attention and engage them with stimulating content. A website simply made up of text and text alone won’t stimulate any user – you need to diversify the types of content on each page using a mix of media. 

Imagery, video, downloadable content, infographics and graphs are all great ways to vary the content you want to share with customers. Varied content throughout your website will ensure that your customers stay for longer and are more likely to convert.


So you’ve got a great looking website that’s easy to navigate across all devices and your content grabs the attention of visitors. That’s all well and good, but if users don’t convert then all of that hard work goes to waste. This is something we consistently emphasise to the businesses we work with in Leeds and throughout the UK.

Inspiring action is the ultimate aim of gaining new visitors to your site. That’s why it’s so important to regularly feature calls-to-action throughout the layout of your page. Whether this takes form in a text link or button is completely up to you, but they have to appear often and be placed well to achieve the conversion you want.

How do I get started with design services?

Get in touch with us and let us know what design agency Leeds services you’re looking for. In our initial contact, we establish what way of working and which plan works best for you.

How will I receive my design files?

We will deliver your design files in whatever way suits you, although the majority of our customers make use of our sFTP download links, ensuring that as soon as the artwork is ready they can download it instantly.



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