Supporting the community

Supporting local communities

We play an active role in the digital community, and organise and participate regularly in forums and discussion sessions. We are, for example, members of All in. Leeds., a collective of over 100 agencies in the north that represent an inclusive, transformative voice for the digital industry.

Furthermore, we actively engage with schools and colleges across the UK, and host a range of educational events and opportunities for young people to learn about the digital sector. We have, for example, undertaken presentations at Wakefield College in an effort to encourage female students to consider a career in the digital sector.

Charitable support

We pride ourselves on supporting the communities in which we operate, and have formed a number of partnerships with charities across the UK.

We support a number of charities on an ongoing basis, and host regular fundraising events. We have, for example, provided a range of services to Wakefield Hospice.

Nurturing young talent

We have made a valuable contribution to the wider socio-economic environment, and we work with colleges and councils to identify and nurture young talent.

We also support local authority/college apprenticeship programmes – we take part in the Kickstart Scheme, for example – with our latest apprentice securing a job following their placement.

Supporting our team

We are proud to be based in Yorkshire, to support the community by providing employment for talented individuals from across the region, and further afield.

We welcome opportunities for team development, and provide regular opportunities for our team to undertake additional training (both internal and external, up to NVQ level 2), alongside a comprehensive programme of planned training and development.

All our team are paid competitively, and receive regular bonuses, pay reviews and benefits, including flexible working, healthy breakfast and lunch buffets, subsidised gym membership, mental health and wellbeing support and unlimited holidays.

Environmental impact

We recognise our responsibility to our team, and to the communities in which we operate, to make an active contribution towards a cleaner, healthier future.

6B adheres to the principles of ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems (EMS), and takes steps to actively reduce our environmental impact. This includes the implementation of a paperless office, and a range of measures to collectively reduce our emissions output.

Transparent ways of working

Each of our engagement models include a master service agreement outlining all of the details and terms of the agreement, the master service agreement (or MSA) will include for example-

  • A detailed Statement of Work outlining what we are delivering, what our responsibilities are and what are the responsibilities of the client
  • Non-disclosure agreement to ensure complete confidentiality between your organisation and 6B
  • Management and reporting terms to ensure project governance and reporting throughout the project is transparent and consistent
  • Maintenance and support conditions can be included for ongoing proactive monitoring and support of your developed digital product or service
  • Full transfer of intellectual property rights on the code and related materials that we produce for you

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