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We are different to a conventional consultancy. We operate through research, collaboration, experimentation and execution. We work internationally and very locally, in a variety of sectors and at a variety of scales – we are focused on the delivery of effective digital products and solutions for ambitious organisations.

We are not interested in trends and we don’t just do something because everyone else is doing it – we prefer to be different and a little more imaginative. We design UI that is practical and engaging, and we build products that make sense.

From defining your product vision through to launch, we deploy the right people, the right technology, and the right culture to accelerate digital delivery.

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Our Values

Clients – We understand the most important person in the process is the client. That is never lost on us. With every project we work to build an enduring and positive relationship.

Agility – As opportunities arise and business priorities change, product roadmaps can change too. Our team anticipate change and adopt flexible Agile and Lean methodologies.

Collaboration – We embed into your internal teams and share knowledge, technology and experience to up-skill teams and deliver added value.

Transparency – We view transparency as a tool to help others. We share early in the decision process to avoid ‘big revelations’, we strive to make all communication clear and to avoid making assumptions to ensure authenticity and trust.

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Working with 6B

With each project, we aim to realise something extraordinary. We are interested in going about the process of design and development in a different way – a way where clients, users, designers and developers are all part of the process. More than anything, we are interested in creating unusual, delightful and intelligent digital products and services that are thorough, considered and exceptional.

Our agile approach to all projects regardless of size is the same – we like to have fun, push the boundaries of design and technology, experiment with new technology, pay attention to detail, provide a great service and we really care about having a positive impact on your organisation.

We aim to set the standard for a new type of progressive consultancy. United by our love of digital and our desire to do things differently, we are on a journey to build bigger, build bolder and build beyond.

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