Software development for business

Hiring remote developers or freelancers for your project can be challenging. Working with a sole provider is a single point of failure and usually their facilities, tools, liabilities and partnerships can’t compete with a development agency. Our team of experts have wide ranging capabilities and a wealth of experience in providing software development services for businesses that consistently deliver high quality digital projects at speed.

A development agency focused on client success

There are a number of reasons businesses hire 6B as their outsourced development department, including-

Partnership – the customer is number one at 6B. We always seek to form a long-term partnership with our business clients, working with 6B does not feel like a traditional supplier/customer relationship.

Speed – through our combined experience we have developed modules, processes and approaches to save time and accelerate development.

Experience – we have delivered thousands of successful digital projects to businesses in different sectors and we have specialist sector expertise across healthcare and professional services.

Flexibility – we offer several flexible engagement models to businesses, from fixed-price to ongoing subscription models, 6B will work in a way that works for your business.

Ideal for fast growing businesses

New and established businesses are usually very focused on growth, and in the digital sector, platforms, technologies and opportunities are constantly changing and growing too, introducing new challenges and opportunities.

6B are an ideal digital partner to support your business growth, we work to both deliver digital projects and also in an ongoing consultation capacity, proactively guiding a growing business through ongoing digital transformation.

Whether you have spotted an opportunity for a new mobile app, or want to enhance your customer experience through software and customer portals, our product developers and consultants can plan, produce, launch and deliver engaging and useful digital products to help your business grow.

Why Businesses love working with 6B

We work with a number of businesses on an ongoing basis, both as a retained partner and on adhoc project by project basis. Businesses love working in partnership with 6B for a number of reasons-

  • We make the process of working with us simple, fast, transparent and collaborative – we are a friendly bunch that want your business to succeed and grow
  • We work in close partnership with our clients, often working on-site so we get an in-depth feel for your business and culture
  • We offer a wide range of development services including website development, web application development, mobile app development, legacy software modernisation and application migration to cloud
  • We add value quickly and deliver projects at speed through utilising pre-built components
  • With each project we advise you have: a single point of contact, clear Intellectual Property (IP) rights, a visual spec that you can understand, technical documentation for your project

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