5 advantages of bespoke software development in the UK

Bespoke software development is the process by which a software development company creates a completely unique software product for a client. This product could be an app, an eCommerce site, an internal or external server, Saas, or anything within the realms of software development. 

Many companies and businesses choose to invest in bespoke software development due to the main advantages and positives it can bring to them. Of course, at 6B, we are big believers in the power of bespoke software. We know the transformative and revolutionary effects the process can have on any business or company. So, we thought we would create this blog to talk more about them.

Let’s look more closely at five of the most important advantages of bespoke software development in the UK.

Input, opinion, and unique voice 

When you work with a software development company to develop a unique and bespoke piece of software, you get the opportunity to have your own voice, opinion and input. You are able to set out your own requirements and ideas and see these come to life throughout the project. 

In comparison, if you were to buy a pre-packaged piece of software, you would simply have to use it as it comes. There is no opportunity to have something that fits your business like a glove when you purchase off-the-shelf software options. You get the features, design, and components that every other purchaser of the said product does. 

Specific tailoring to user needs and preferences

As your unique voice and opinion are heard within the bespoke software development process, it allows for specific tailoring of the software to your user’s needs and preferences. 

Say, for example, you are a business that sells clothes. The fact that you sell clothes won’t be your only distinguishing feature, you will also have a niche target audience at which all of your business efforts are aimed. So, say then that you are a small, UK-based clothing brand that relies on social media for advertising.

If you were working with a software development company to create bespoke software for your online platform, you might want features such as seamless social media integration, visual reviews, and increased sharing options. Working with a software company would allow you to request these features. Buying a pre-packaged software programme means you get what you get.

When the software you offer is tailored and personalised to your clientele, you will find your clients/users/customers more loyal to your platform than ever. People like to use something that fits them perfectly and they are more likely to stick around when it feels like a platform is designed for them. 

More bespoke software, happier customers. Simple.

Increased security 

Bespoke software packages offer increased security coverage for your platform. You can work with software development and cybersecurity experts to ensure that the levels of security built into your software are exactly what you need. You can tailor your protection to match the scale, purpose, and scope of your platform. Everyone has different security needs, and no off-the-shelf software programme can match those needs exactly. 

If you want to be protected exactly as you should, having a team of software experts design a solution-oriented approach is the only way to achieve this.


As your business grows and expands over time, it is wise to have software that can grow with you. When you purchase an off-the-shelf software package, this software option can only go as far as it is currently designed. There may be updates as time goes along but there will be no options for scaling the product to your current position and need. 

With the help of a software development company, you can revisit the development process as your business grows to scale your software. The support and assistance you receive do not run out once your product is finished, in fact, you can work with a development company long-term to ensure you get the maintenance, updates, and scalability that you need as time moves on. 

Growing with your software instead of growing out of your software ensures sustainability of success.

Elevating of brand 

Finally, having a bespoke piece of software created for you can greatly elevate your brand or business. As we have mentioned, your customers will enjoy dealing with software that is tailored to their needs and personalised to their interests. This will increase brand loyalty and sustainable profit. 

Additionally, having your own software, whether that be a site, app, or anything else, shows your business to be professional, secure, and established. Bespoke software helps you rise through the ranks and move from amateur levels very quickly. The lack of an advantage over your competitors when it comes to digital products is a big disadvantage today. 

You can’t afford to not be ahead in today’s market. Bespoke software helps you get farther ahead than you might even imagine.

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