5 common software development services in 2022

Software development is one of the biggest markets in the world. In fact, the software development market was valued at around 429 billion dollars in 2021 – and that figure only seems to be growing too. 

Software developers and development companies can accomplish more than ever before. If there is an idea you have, more often than not, this idea can come to fruition through development. We are seeing more apps, sites, servers, platforms, and the like being created than ever before. 

And what a wonderful thing! Having so many options out there is great for a range of people. However, it does also contribute to a feeling of overwhelm and confusion for many. With the software development market becoming so large and complex, many people are left wondering what it is exactly that software development companies do. 

In this blog, we are going to talk to you about five of the most common software development services in 2022 and what they are. Hopefully, this will help you understand what development companies can do and what they can potentially offer you and your business both now and in the future.

Let’s get started. 

1. Bespoke software development 

To get ahead in today’s society, you need something special. When it comes to software, this means that off-the-shelf software is no longer cutting it for a lot of businesses. Rather than purchasing pre-packaged software such as Microsoft Office and then tailoring it to individual needs, many businesses are instead opting to have a software development company create a bespoke package specifically for their needs. 

Bespoke/custom software has many advantages, including being a better match for user needs, having more specific functions for a certain customer base, and more accurately reflecting a brand’s vision. For this reason, many clients will opt for outsourcing their custom software needs to an expert development company. 


2. Web development 

Web development is an addition to traditional software services. This type of development also focuses on web optimisation and security, two integral parts of web servers, platforms and sites. 

Web development software services focus primarily on user intent and experience. This means that the services don’t stop once the product is delivered, there are additional maintenance, guidance and improvement services typically offered by development teams to maintain the web product. 

A business’s website/platform is the heartbeat of its public presence. To have something that works exactly how it should and looks good at the same time, consulting a software development company is key.

3. App development 

Mobile app development is a major component of software development in 2022, with an average of 80-100,000 apps launched on Google Play per month. This means that to have a successful app, you need to achieve quality on many different levels, including: 

  • Usability and UX design
  • Speed and performance
  • Navigation and online journey 
  • Personalisation
  • Relevance 
  • Scalability and maintenance 

Apps require a skilled eye. Without the right attention to customer experience on a mobile device, amateur apps are very easy to spot, and they don’t succeed. To enter the application market and to do it well, you need to be on an expert level of development and design. This is where hiring a valuable software development company with a history of app development success is the best move possible. 

4. Prototyping and MVPs

It doesn’t always make sense to spend months or even years building the app, site or server of your dreams and then launching it to the market. Often, it is a better choice to build a prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) to launch first. 

This is a quick and efficient way to gather user feedback and fix any early bugs within a product. As we know by now, it is a highly competitive market out there, and launching early can be a great way to get ahead if it is managed correctly. 

Launching a prototype or MVP that has just enough of the functionality you want to see in your end product and then gathering feedback will help you get a better perspective on things. It can help you finetune your process and maybe even readjust your goals. Whatever way it works for you, you can guarantee it will be a valuable process. 

Your software development journey can be accelerated tenfold by finding experts in prototyping.

5. Consulting 

Something that is greatly increasing in the world of software development is the concept of consultancy. Many developers, engineers, testers, and so on, are now also consultants in their work with clients. Not only is their role practical but it is now advisory too. 

Gaining a new product, whether it be software, a website, a CMS, or an app, is a transformative experience for individuals and companies. It needs to be a process that is handled expertly right from the start and right to the end. To pull this off, you need an expert driver behind the wheel. In fact, you need a team of them. This is why so many development teams now offer to consult as a direct service. 

Software is more than a “thing”, it is something that comes to life, and, as such, it needs real humans behind it.


A quick overview of software development services

Generally speaking, software development companies can provide a wide range of services. What those specific services are will depend on the individual company, their strengths, and their team members. 

Whatever software development services you need, you will be able to find a software development company that offers those services. Make sure that you find someone who has the expertise in the area you are interested in to get the best results possible. It isn’t enough for a company to simply say they can do something, you want to see a track record of success and proven knowledge before you proceed.

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