Our Approach to Recruiting the Right Talent

At 6B, our people are what makes us, us and finding the right people who connect with our values and vision is paramount to our success.

Let’s talk about our culture. We’re a bunch of super passionate, techy people. We foster an environment where diversity is celebrated and ideas are encouraged. It’s a place where teamwork thrives, and individuals are empowered to bring their whole selves to work each day.

We work hard to make sure we’re bringing in individuals who not only have the skills and experiences to drive us forward, but who will also thrive and enhance our culture, and it all starts with our recruitment process. From the moment a candidate expresses interest in joining our team, we’re not just evaluating their qualifications – we’re also assessing their alignment with our values and ethos.

One of the key components of our recruitment process is what we like to call “culture fit.” This doesn’t mean finding clones of ourselves, but it’s about finding people who share our core values and show a genuine enthusiasm for contributing to our collective success. We look for candidates who share traits such as being a trusted partner, passionate about their work, and those who go the extra mile to be supportive to their colleagues and clients.

But culture fit isn’t just a one-way street. We also recognise the importance of cultural alignment from the candidate’s perspective. That’s why we strive to be transparent and authentic throughout the recruitment process, providing candidates with a clear understanding of who we are, what we stand for, and what it’s like to be a part of our team.

In addition to assessing cultural fit, we’re also committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within 6B. We actively seek out candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. By bringing together individuals with different perspectives and life experiences, we enrich our culture and drive innovation across the board.

Recruiting the right talent isn’t just about finding individuals with the right skills – it’s about finding individuals who will thrive in our culture and contribute to our collective journey. By prioritising cultural alignment, fostering diversity, and maintaining authenticity throughout the recruitment process, we’re confident that we can continue to build a team that’s as dynamic and diverse as the challenges we face.

What we can offer you

Joining us at 6B will open up a dynamic world of opportunities, offering a stimulating environment where creativity, innovation, and technology drive impactful outcomes for clients. Here’s a few things you can expect from us:

Collaborative Work Culture: We thrive on collaboration and you’ll be welcomed into a vibrant community of diverse talents. Expect to engage in brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and cross-functional collaborations aimed at delivering top-notch solutions.

Professional Growth Opportunities: We recognise the importance of nurturing talent. You’ll have access to a wide range of learning resources, including workshops, training sessions, and professional development programs tailored to enhance your skills and expertise.

Diverse Client Portfolio: We cater to a diverse array of projects and clients, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. This variety not only keeps the work engaging but also broadens your professional horizons.

Client Interaction and Relationship Building: Client satisfaction is paramount. You’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with clients, understand their needs and objectives, and collaborate closely with them to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations. This direct client engagement fosters strong relationships and enhances your communication and interpersonal skills.

Fast-Paced and Dynamic Environment: The digital landscape at 6B is ever-evolving, and you’ll be part of a fast-paced environment where adaptability and agility are essential. You’ll be challenged to think on your feet, embrace change, and proactively seek solutions to complex problems, keeping you constantly engaged and motivated.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives: While the pace may be fast, we also recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our flexible working arrangements, generous annual leave scheme, regular social get togethers and weekly breakfast runs aim to support employee well-being and foster a positive work environment. Plus, we’re always looking at what we can do better, and the employee voice is at the heart of that.

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