React: Changing Mobile App & Web Development

Released and maintained by Facebook, React.js is a JavaScript library used for building intuitive and user-friendly UIs.

Easily navigated and flexible, digital development with React and React Native, Facebook’s flagship app development framework, has grown in popularity massively in the past couple years – whether adding dynamic scroll features to existing web design, or building your own cross-platform app, Facebook’s React is fast, accessible, and easy to use.

Today we’d like to take a look at what has made Facebook’s step into the developer building market so successful, and why front-end development with React is changing the way we approach web and app design.

Putting the User First

Facebook’s approach to development has always been focused on the usability of design, and React.js is no different. It quickly rose to fame because of this and is now one of the most used front-end libraries on the net, prevailing on user-friendly functions, regular maintenance, and a great community of support.

In a survey conducted by digital information giant Stack Overflow, React.js closely followed .NET Core at the top spot with 68.9% of developers saying that they use the framework and expressed interest in continuing to do so.

One of Facebook’s best developments on their React.js product is how it better facilitates regular updates and maintenance compared to its competitors. When an update becomes available, instead of the system’s complex logic rendering the change to one function affecting the others, React essentially reuses system components.

This ultimately makes defining and manipulating components easier and more streamlined, increasing user productivity and ease of use. Easier developed producst also make for easier maintenance and updating in the future, meaning React products can grow and adapt alongside your business.

Facebook’s solution also offers a virtualisation of the document object model – all changes are first applied to this prior to the actual DOM tree being updated. This yields a much more responsive and smooth experience when browsing a site that is built using React.

Ultimately, React.js is not a full framework but what it does, it does extremely well. Additionally, it has a great community of support who provide a wide range of reusable components, as well as being regularly updated and maintained by Facebook and Instagram engineers.

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