What is enterprise web application development?

Enterprise web application development is the process by which software developers create a bespoke application for an enterprise-level company’s internal or external workings. As enterprises are on a larger scale than other businesses, their web applications must fit the bill. 

In this current market of high competition and fast-changing trends, it is important to get ahead. The only way to do that is through high-quality, bespoke applications that increase efficiency, connection, and opportunity. Enterprises, no matter how big, can easily fall behind their competitors if their range of digital outreach is not up to scratch. As such, many enterprises will carry out an internal process of web application development, or they will outsource a software development company to do it for them.

In this blog, let’s talk a little bit more about enterprise web application development and why it matters in 2022.

What kind of web applications are developed for enterprises? 

There is a range of web applications typically developed for large businesses and enterprises. Many will focus on the internal workings of the business and some will offer external platforms for customer interaction. Some options for internal web applications include: 

  • HR management 
  • Learning management systems
  • Business continuity planning
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Enterprise resource planning

And more. Some external options we commonly see include: 

  • Product catalogue and distribution
  • Social networking and messaging 
  • Customer log-in portals
  • Order management

For many enterprises, a fully-fledged web app that can encompass all or most of these options will be the ideal scenario. Many enterprises approach software development companies with the dream of a web app that can happily encompass all of the internal and external structures they need in one place. 

What is designed and built will depend on the size of the enterprise, the type of business conducted, the clientele base, their budget, and so on. Web applications come in all shapes and sizes and, for enterprises, they can be very large and complex indeed.

Why do enterprises need web app development? 

Luckily for enterprises, there are many advantages of engaging with web app development. Liaising with a software development company to have a bespoke application developed for a company is something uniquely powerful and transformative for large businesses. It can be the very thing that takes the business to the next level and cements its reputation as a leading company. 

Some specific advantages include: 

  • Successful marketing and increased brand awareness as the enterprise is established as a professional leader in the field 


  • Cohesive internal structures achieved through the bespoke application


  • Global reach of both clients and colleagues, especially in a post-pandemic world in which we rely so much on digital platforms


  • Solid lines of communication again for both clients and colleagues 


  • Increased efficiency and productivity of staff, programmes, and automated processes 


  • Increased sales, business, and profit


  • More robust levels of security with bespoke microservices and gateway authentication

The advantages involved with enterprise web application development certainly aren’t small or insignificant. The right application can transform an enterprise from the inside out and can start a new era of success right away.

What makes a successful enterprise web app?

For a web application to be successful for an enterprise it must be tailored to that enterprise’s unique needs and requirements. It must solve a problem that exists within that enterprise, for either internal or external workings. The application must serve a direct purpose that has tangible results for the enterprise. 

The web app must also be robust, responsive, secure, and scalable as the enterprise expands and grows. For something so nuanced and complex, only a team of experienced professionals with a software development company could pull it off. It isn’t an easy task and it is one that needs to be handled correctly in order for the vision to be successfully delivered.

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