What is meant by software development consulting?

Software development consulting or software consultancy has been an approach on the rise over the last 5-7 years. The consulting market has grown year after year throughout the world and it continues to do so as the years pass. Mainly due to the great level of benefit the approach has to offer a range of businesses and companies.

In this blog, we are going to explore software development consulting in more detail, explaining what it is, why the role exists, and how it can benefit you in your business.


What is software consulting?

First things first, let’s define exactly what we mean by software development consulting.

Consultancy is offered by certain software development companies. It is a process of advice, guidance, and active support within the field of software development. Teams from software development companies pair up with other businesses to guide and support them with all of their software needs. This could come in the form of creating new bespoke software for the company or advising them on what kind of software approach would be best for them to adopt. Usually, it is a mix of both, with additional services.

Software is essential to nearly all businesses and companies. However, many do not know a lot about software or even what their own software needs are. They may be aware that an adequate software package and approach is what they need to take their business to the next level, but have no clue where to begin with that process. That is where software consultants within a software development company that offers consultancy will come into play. 

Businesses may work with a software consultancy long term or they may partner up for one specific project.

What does a software consultant do?

With companies that offer software consultancy, there will be dedicated software consultants, in different ranks. These colleagues have a range of duties, including:


  • Offering expertise, suggesting appropriate software products for a business and helping build a plan of how these products can be implemented effectively.


  • Along with advising new software, also analysing the performance and relevance of a company’s current software package and replacing anything that isn’t optimally performing or adding value


  • Helping companies implement software systems that solve their problems. Listening to the problems and gaps that companies may have and using their own expert knowledge of software and software development to offer solutions. 


  • Increasing efficiency and productivity within a company. Using software solutions to help the company in question protect its investments and long-term financial stability. 

In many software development companies, consultants will have dual roles and will often also be developers, engineers, project managers, and analysts themselves. This means that as well as offering advice and wisdom, software consultants may also be heavily involved in much of the practical work and development themselves. These dual roles are very effective as it means all work that is done is tied directly to the overall intended strategy and goals for the client company.

How software consultancy can positively impact your business 

As we mentioned, the reason software development consulting continues to rise in popularity is due to the many positive impacts the approach has on businesses and companies. It is something that can, in fact, transform your business and help you reach entirely new levels of profit and productivity. 

To be more precise, the benefits it can hold include

Insight and information straight from the experts: Receiving technical insight and information from software experts is a big benefit for your business. It can be difficult to know exactly what you need in terms of software and it can be even more difficult to know how to do it. Getting advice right from the source cuts out stress and wasted time. 

Strategic goals and technical planning: Working with software consultancy helps your business to develop clear strategic goals and to engage with those goals via technical planning. This puts everything down clearly on paper and helps you know exactly where your business is going and how. Getting things so concrete helps every decision made within your business to stay purposeful and meaningful. 

Cost-effectiveness: Consultancy helps you make the best decisions possible for your business. Consultants can help you examine your current working model and root out any potential cost-ineffectiveness and waste. They can then replace this model with one that works with your budget and increases the revenue you bring in. This is a big win in the current climate. 

Implementation and use of most modern technological solutions: Often we don’t even realise how outdated our current tech solutions are. Working with software development consulting allows you to upgrade to the most modern options out there and stay on trend in the wider market. In a fast-paced digital world, it is easy to fall behind. Working with a consultancy doesn’t allow this

Reducing risk: Changing and adding anything new to a business can be risky. It needs to be something that is done correctly. Working with a software consultancy allows you to make the best possible decisions for your business so that this risk can be minimized. Working with experts in the sector means they can spot risks and potential errors long before you do and they can work to rectify them quickly. 

Ease of implementation and in-house use: When gaining any new software solution, there can be a steep learning curve. In buying an off-the-shelf software package and implementing it yourself, you and your staff may struggle to use the software to its highest capability. When you work with software consultants, you have a much easier ride. They can help you implement the software fully into your business and help with staff training. There is no point in having wonderful new software if you can’t use it and fully integrate it into your current working model.

An overall increase in profit and productivity: Overall, working with software development consulting from a software development company can help your business increase in critical areas of profit and productivity. Consultancy can transform your business and increase its effectiveness beyond even your own vision. It is an extremely worthwhile business venture with a high level of ROI.

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