What is nearshore software development?

We have already explored software development outsourcing in previous blogs. This is the practice by which companies and businesses outsource any and all of their software needs to a software development company equipped to handle them. In today’s competitive and fast-paced consumer market, this is often the way businesses get ahead of trends and enter markets quickly. 

To expand on this topic, we are going to move on to exploring nearshore software development and what that means exactly.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with a definition of nearshore software development, explain why people do it, and how it might be of use to you and your company down the line. 

Let’s get started. 

The definition of nearshore software development 

Nearshore software development is the process of outsourcing a software development company one to three hours away from your current location. As opposed to offshore software development, this requires choosing a company within your own timezone (or very similar) to carry out the software development you require. 

Nearshore software development is very common and used by many companies each year. It is a process that helps companies expand and scale their business, without spending too much on internal hiring. Outsourcing software needs to a capable and experienced software development company saves time, money and effort. It also yields high-quality results.

Let’s look at some more advantages of the process. 

The advantages of nearshore software development 

There are many advantages of nearshore software development. They may differ from situation to situation, but the main consensus is as follows:

High skill levels in programming, coding, and development 

Outsourcing your software needs to a software development company in a nearby region or country allows you to find the best talent available for your project. You can pick the company that has expertise in the areas you need, rather than simply picking the first company you find in your own area. Nearshore software development allows you to find the best people for the job by widening the talent pool available to you.

Cost reduction 

Nearshore software development can be very cost-efficient. If you were to create your own software team within your current company, even if it were on a temporary basis, you would need to spend a lot of money on hiring, HR processes, benefits, office space and equipment, and so on. All in all, this would rack up quite the bill. 

Outsourcing your software talent from a nearby company cuts these costs significantly and allows your budget to be used solely for the creation of the software you want. This is far more efficient than the aforementioned option. 

Language and cultural similarities (in comparison to offshore outsourcing)

Working with a nearshore company means that you will likely share the same language and cultural similarities, at least for the most part. This leads to fewer communication barriers than we might find in offshore outsourcing.

More smooth communication and higher levels of mutual understanding have a very positive overall impact on your project. It helps things move more quickly and helps ensure everyone is on the same page at all times. Less frustration and confusion, and fewer unmet expectations for everyone. 

No or minimal time differences

Again, if we are comparing nearshore software development to offshore software development, we have the advantage of no or minimal time difference between you and your development team. This is a big advantage when it comes to planning meetings and running communication. With big time differences, it can often feel that you and your development team are ships in the night, passing but never meeting. 

Working with someone nearby can help minimise the stress of different time zones and mismatched schedules. It is much easier to plan, negotiate and discuss when your days are the same, or at least similar. 

Easy to visit and have real-life meetings 

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted post-pandemic and we are able to travel freely again, many of us will want to meet with the teams making our software, sites, and apps in real life. It is much more accessible to do so when you are working with nearshore software development. 

If you live 10-15 hours away from your software development company, it will feel like an impossible task to meet in person and discuss a project, but an hour’s flight is a different story and keeps the lines of communication firmly open. 

Similar laws and regulations

A key aspect of software development that is often overlooked is that of the law and legal regulations. It can be complicated for developers to manage the development of a system that needs to comply with different regulations and standards. It isn’t impossible but it certainly makes things more tricky. 

For example, all UK systems will need to comply with GDPR standards. If you are an EU client working with a UK software development company, you will have an easier time.

Who can benefit

Any company or business can benefit from nearshore software development. It is a process that helps you grow and expand through the power of technology and bespoke software. Doing so through someone close in proximity to you helps remove communication barriers and promote collaboration. And, as we know, both of these aspects are crucial for the success of a software development project.

Implementing and integrating new software into your business can be transformative in a host of ways. It is something that will forever change the course of your projection, in a good way. Doing this via nearshore software development is a very efficient way of doing so, for a range of people.

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