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Digital innovation in healthcare is here.

Mass adoption of telemedicine due to COVID-19.

Better interoperability of electronic health records.

Digital content delivery.

Patient engagement platforms.

Healthcare decision support systems.


There’s no end to the number of ways that technology can bring positive change to healthcare providers, suppliers, and of course patients.


Over the past few years, 6B have been the technical partner to healthcare organisations like the NHS, Public Health England and even HealthTech start-ups such as IgniteData. We’ve designed and developed solutions that have improved efficiency, transparency and delivered better health outcomes. 


We understand the challenges you’re facing to implement tangible improvements within your institution – and we’re here to help. 

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Challenges facing today's healthcare organisations

Rising demand

The increased need for quality healthcare can’t be blamed on the recent pandemic. The global rise in chronic diseases, plus the logistics of having an aging and expanding population have meant the demand for health services has been climbing for some time. Add to this the increase in resource pressure caused by understaffed healthcare organisations, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the top challenges for the industry.

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Patient experience

Patients don’t just want to receive the best medical care – they want it to be as personalised and convenient as possible. Their ever-increasing expectations driven by their digital experiences elsewhere, have put an added pressure on healthcare establishments to up their “customer service” game. Whether it’s making information easily accessible online, or the concept of remote monitoring to help patients in hard-to-reach geographic areas, patient experience is key.

Cost efficiency

Funding has always been a critical factor – especially when the idea of digital transformation often entails large, complex and expensive projects at first. But cost efficiency challenges go further than that. Wasted time and resource goes into many manual, outdated processes, which also mean a pretty penny being spent on system maintenance. This lacks synchronicity, effectiveness and ultimately hinders staff rather than helps.

Complex needs

Speaking of outdated systems, what about the sheer complexity of the implementation itself? A recent study found that senior decision-makers in healthcare felt that the third greatest challenge when it comes to tech is actually the knowledge of it on the team. With so many solutions and competitors out there, not only can it be overwhelming trying to understand the different options available, but also hard to find one that’s as robust and customisable as it needs to be for company growth. 

Big data 

Healthcare institutions process reams of data every day, yet find themselves lacking the richness of that data when it comes to reporting. With thousands of datapoints at your disposal, how do you make sense of it in a quick and user-friendly way to better inform critical operational decisions? Plus, there’s the obvious concern around the security of all that information. With new data privacy regulations to consider too, the potential risk associated with protecting sensitive, confidential patient or business data, is as high now as it’s ever been. 

How web and mobile can help solve them

There are a whole host of benefits to investing in the digital infrastructure of your healthcare organisation, including:


  • Better patient outcomes – The use of telemedicine platforms and AIs for diagnosis data, to speed up consultations and make them more effective, is just one area that can improve patient wellbeing. Innovation in wearable technology further enhances the power of remote patient monitoring. Imagine being able to administer the exact dose required for a patient’s specific biological make-up. Using new, non-invasive technology like this means less health risk with far greater medical efficiency
  • Engaging user journeys – A user-centric online platform means people get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Whether that’s a customer-facing website for viewing service or practice information at their convenience, or booking appointments via their own personalised portal 
  • Greater team efficiency – No more lengthy manual internal processes. No more unnecessary duplication of data leaving systems open to risk and human error. Equipping your internal stakeholders with the right digital products helps them do their jobs more efficiently, from content management to workflows and reporting 
  • Lower costs – We’ve just covered the cost saving in terms of resource, but there are a multitude of digital products out there that are designed to keep maintenance costs down. Whether you need help with hosting, database management or something that’s completely bespoke to you, the aim is to make the most impact with the least cost

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Our talented in-house team of web designers, developers and strategists are skilled across a number of disciplines when it comes to healthcare. We’re healthcare system integration specialists, fully accredited, and used to dealing with large, complex infrastructures that are part-and-parcel of legacy system overhauls. You can discover more about our specific healthcare services below...

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“We’ve enjoyed working with 6B immensely over the past few years to launch and further develop the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust website.

“From the initial discovery phase through to planning and delivery, the project has been a success, and we’ve continued to work with the team to enhance, maintain and improve the platform through regular discussions and planned maintenance.”

Natalie Lee, Web and Digital Design Communications Officer, NHS Somerset

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