Housing App Development

How do you create that sense of community spirit in an increasingly online world? 

And how do you implement a strong tenant experience to match – top customer service, accessible communication channels, all with a personal touch that builds trust? 


Our partners have asked us similar questions – and a digital solution that puts the customer first is our answer.  


We’re well aware of the challenges facing today’s Housing sector – but we also know the huge potential available for you to transform those day-to-day interactions with Association members into opportunities for true engagement. Plus, you can boost your ability to demonstrate value for money as well as performance internally, via a single, streamlined system. 

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Challenges facing today's housing associations

Customer service 

High customer expectations and low patience have made convenience critical to user experiences. Many Housing Associations struggle with the tenant demand for things like 24/7 service access, live support and the demonstration of a clear return on their investment – but a tendency to reach for the phone for a straight answer can also leave call centres inundated with simple problems. 


The recent digital evolution of the housing sector has meant that having multiple tenant portals and property sites live at the same time is a common issue for today’s Housing Associations. The result? Confusion around methods of tenant communication with their association, and no single product responsible for driving real community engagement.  


Depending on your rental portfolio, your tenants might not be all that digitally savvy. Driving meaningful interactions can then be a challenge if you don’t have a user-friendly site with a simple-to-use intranet, or personal portal for your tenants to manage things themselves. This can also make informing them of any benefits you offer even harder.  

Internal complexity 

Key concerns here often lie in: back-office systems (such as Orchid, Aareon, Capita and Civica) that need to be expertly integrated, the online security of tenant data, and the ability for Association staff to report on their performance to stakeholders with ease. Without the right infrastructure, vulnerability and inefficiency can be rife. 

Mobile consumers 

Customers are increasingly taking care of mundane activities on-the-go, so providing a userfriendlyfeaturerich service that works for mobile tenants is a new goal for many Associations. A mobilefirst approach also helps to drive that all-important user engagement too – it’s all about being accessible to the tenant on the platform they want to interact with you on. 

How web and mobile can help solve them

Success is subjective, which is why we start every project by defining success – what does “a great solution” mean to you? In the Housing sector, a strong digital offering often means benefits for our clients like: 

  • Better customer service – Features like chatbots free-up valuable client services time, while live chat functionality delivers a fast, mobile-friendly approach to tenant communication 
  • Greater accessibility – Streamlining your products into a single point of contact will cut out all that confusion, making you more accessible via a simplistic user experience 
  • Higher engagement – Properly built, a tenant portal can, not just inform, but empower your customers with the ability to report issues, update their details and much more besides 
  • Informed tenants – Upload important tenant notices, send out personalised messaging, deliver timely content promotions – basically, use automation to keep your tenants up to speed 
  • A personal hub – Create that real sense of community with a “Hub” style portal, that encourages interaction and discussion amongst your tenants in a secure environment

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After designing and building well over 100 bespoke systems, with a particular focus on the Housing sector, we’re confident we can help you.


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