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Most membership structures now rely on a digital product as a key interaction point with their customers.


But from our experience, it’s the mobile-first approach that poses the real opportunity to stand out. 


It isn’t enough to boast a digital offering anymore; organisations are now under pressure to build beyond. To deliver exclusive online content that’s backed by an exceptional user experience.


The right tech solution can attract new members, retain existing users and fuel future growth. 


Having been the technical partner behind several member organisations, we understand the competitive landscape of the market, its challenges, but also the exciting untapped potential it holds for the more ambitious organisations. 

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Challenges facing today's membership organisations

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Member attraction 

We had to start with the most obvious sector concern: membership base growth. For some, this could mean challenges around sales reach, driving engagement and greater conversion once users land on your site. For others, it could be purely technical, like trying to use an old, outdated system to expand into new international markets. 


Once you’ve attracted new members – can your solution cope with the strain Building a solid technical foundation is critical for business growth – not only so your platform retains its top user experience and speed regardless of visitor volumes, but so you have the scope to improve and advance its features over time. Working with start-ups has given us a unique perspective on this. 


How do you ensure you’re promoting the right kind of content, to the ideal members, at the most convenient time? Reminding users of your value is critical to retention, but you have to pick your moments, which is where AI and big data analytics come in to help take the pressure off the marketing teamThe question is how to build a system that can process all those data points and interactions into one easy-to-use system dashboard. 

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Data security 

Members are getting more data savvy these days. Data privacy has never been as hot a topic for consumers, or as pressing an issue for companies. Maintaining the highest standards where privacy, security and the processing of sensitive data are concerned is a top priority. An outdated platform leaves you wide open to system vulnerability and risk. 


Members want to be able to access your content and services wherever they like. A mobile-first mindset has never been more important. Cloud integrationapp development and responsive-websites provide a unique edge over competitors – when executed well. A well-crafted UX that puts the customer first, with an inclusive approach to accessibility, won’t go unnoticed to potential members seeking an always-online service. 

Customer service 

Limited account management, long wait times on client service channelsconfusing lines of communication, outdated processes – sound familiar? These are common concerns amongst account managers who want to better serve members – and handled with care, it can increase member satisfaction significantly.  

How web and mobile can help solve them

There are a whole host of benefits to investing in your digital presence for members, including: 

  • Enhanced revenue streams – improving portal navigation, easy-to-use functionality and payment partner integration make for a smooth and seamless sign-up experience.  
  • Brand new ones – whether an events page to sell tickets or a training hub promoting member courses, a strong digital product means adding revenue streams in just a few clicks 
  • Business growth – pairing a solid technical foundation with an enhanced customer features like chatbots and automated responses, makes company growth support simple 
  • A greater offering – building exclusive content via a members-only portal with knowledge hubs, fan zones and interactive areas that provide will help boost user retention, whilst giving non-members an added incentive to convert 
  • Personalisation – use valuable member activity data to enhance their experience and customise their content based on user preferences. Extend this into your automated comms too so that news and notifications are more meaningful 
  • Community hubs – take engagement a step further by creating your own version of a social network for members to discuss key topics, share ideas and see your platform as a real hub of activity  
  • Performance optimisation – learning where to take your solution next can be tricky, but performance tools and reporting suites can be integrated into your CRM, making your membership base easier to understand and your solution easier to future-proof

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