AI Development Company

We are an AI development company, we can help you implement robust and cutting edge AI and machine learning technologies to give your products and services a competitive edge.

6B enable all businesses, large and small, to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI). We build AI models from the ground up (where sensible to do so), we’re considerate to human-assisted design, and we help clients through every step of the AI development journey.

Our AI development agency will build you accurate and confident AI solutions that integrate into your business with ease.

AI Development Agency

It’s our mission to empower you through data and AI solutions. Our AI development agency team are experts at taking an AI system from prototype in one team to a company-wide roll out for everyone to use. Our AI development agency team has the in-house ability to scale AI technology and teams ensures the success of your AI solution right from the start.

We recognise that each organisation is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cloud. Our approach is rooted in collaboration, working closely with your teams to understand specific challenges, goals, and visions. By combining our technical expertise with innovative technologies, we drive business transformation through utilising the latest cloud and platform technologies.

We offer a number of cloud services including advisory and consulting services, cloud platform engineering, and cloud migration:

Cloud Strategy

From empowering your organisation with tailor-made cloud strategies, to defining the integral role of the cloud within your operations, and constructing a compelling case for migration. We have developed a Cloud Maturity Assessment which we deploy to analyse your existing infrastructure and to pinpoint the necessary steps for advancing to the next level of cloud maturity.

Cloud Engineering

We work with you to establish the groundwork, procedures, and tools essential for the seamless operation of your cloud services on a large scale. Leveraging Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Cloud approaches and methodologies, we offer a structured framework that operationalises the process of implementing cloud and platform solutions, ensuring accelerated value delivery.

Cloud Migration

We execute a seamless end-to-end process for transferring your applications and data to the cloud without disrupting day to day operations. Our unique five-step migration framework aligns seamlessly with the primary Cloud Service Providers’ adoption frameworks, enabling you to realise tangible business benefits from the cloud quickly.

Building Resilient and Dynamic Platforms

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – Streamlining development processes is essential for accelerating time-to-market. Our experts specialise in PaaS solutions, providing a comprehensive platform that facilitates application development, testing, and deployment. This not only enhances efficiency but also fosters innovation by enabling your team to focus on creating value rather than managing infrastructure.

Microservices Architecture – Modern applications demand a modular and scalable approach. 6B excels in designing and implementing microservices architectures, breaking down complex applications into smaller, manageable components. This fosters agility, allowing for independent development, deployment, and scaling of each service.

DevOps Integration – A seamless integration of development and operations is critical for achieving continuous delivery and improving collaboration. Our teams leverage DevOps practices to automate workflows, enhance communication, and accelerate the software development lifecycle, ensuring faster time-to-market and improved overall quality.

Partnering with 6B

We have worked with cloud technologies for years, engineering cloud solutions and empowering organisations to scale operations seamlessly. There are several reasons to shoes 6B as your next cloud partner:

Our Methodology – Our agile delivery methodology ensures a structured and tried and tested framework with an iterative migration approach tailored for large-scale organisations embarking on cloud migration. Whether it’s handling increased data loads or expanding your user base, our methodology ensures a fluid and responsive approach.

Engineering Excellence – 6B boasts a track record of engineering and successfully delivering intricate enterprise applications utilised by thousands of people daily. Through our extensive delivery expertise, we have the insights and expertise to guide organisations in the modernisation of their applications and the seamless adoption of cloud-native architectures, maximising the advantages offered by the cloud.

Our people – We invest heavily into our people at all stages of their careers at 6B, from graduates of our academy programme, to our teams of cloud-certified engineers and architects. We are proud to have some of the best talent in the industry, able to understand your organisation and make the right choices to suit your requirements.

Our partnerships – We have invested in our partnerships with the main Cloud Service Providers, particularly Azure and AWS, and we have attained a wide range of competencies and specialisations with each one. We have access to supporting programmes like additional funding, technical support, and training, that we can leverage to help your business realise the full potential of the cloud.

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