One sector where technology is advancing at a rapid rate is healthcare, and this is for three main reasons:

  • The transition to a post-pandemic society
  • Innovations in wearable and medical devices
  • Consumer demand

The work we undertake in connected health app development is all about harnessing the power of mobile connectivity which we have at our disposal to create a better, more efficient healthcare system. We leverage the latest technology to ensure healthcare services remain accessible to patients in remote settings through connected solutions like telemedicine, decentralised clinical trials, remote care, and more.

Connected health: the key benefits

Healthcare providers are quickly realising that these new connected health solutions not only offer them new ways to treat patients, but they also open up new, more preferred channels of communication. Here are some of the benefits 6B have noticed among our client base when it comes to connected health app development.

Enhanced engagement 

Through using wearables and wireless devices to monitor vitals at home, connected health puts patients in charge and encourages them to self-manage their diseases.

Support clinical decision making

With easy access to patients’ health information via a connected health platform, healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions in a timely manner.

Fewer errors

Connected healthcare systems provide a round-the-clock view of a patient’s condition and data is routinely reviewed to help with early diagnosis, predictive analysis and the monitoring of chronic diseases.

Improved coordination 

Once a patient has been discharged and is in the care of their family or caregiver, those responsible for taking care of them benefit from receiving up-to-date critical information about their condition.

Reduced costs 

Because patients aren’t required to visit care settings in person as often, it allows healthcare providers to operate more efficiently and reduce their operational costs.

Why choose 6B for connected health app development?

  • Security compliance: with sensitive patient data being shared across systems and between organisations, it’s imperative that the correct security measures are in place to protect this data – 6B are ISO27001 certified.
  • Proven track record: we have the practical experience and technical knowledge of designing and building smart, functional mobile apps that meet strict regulatory requirements for clients in a range of industries.
  • Experienced health tech consultants: 6B has years of experience working with public healthcare organisations, funded health tech startups and other health organisations to deliver healthcare app development and healthcare integration solutions.
  • Agile approach:  We adopt agile methodologies, from establishing your organisation’s objectives through to delivering a bespoke solution that perfectly encapsulates what your service users require.

Our Digital Health services

When it comes to healthcare, our skilled multi-disciplined team have successfully delivered projects for clients in the public and private sectors, ranging from complex system integrations to legacy system overhauls and everything in between.

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