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We know how difficult it can be to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to finding that ideal technical partner – but we pride ourselves on our ability to support every customer and their unique company challenges.


That’s why we devised our simple, two-tier offering for businesses looking for a custom WordPress website design: Classic and Enhanced.


Regardless of which is right for you, we’ll still take a distinctly ‘mobile first’ approach to design and development, meaning your new site will be optimised for all devices and screen sizes, maximising your audience reach and, ultimately, expanding the breadth of your brand.

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What’s included in our Classic offering?

To explain this in the simplest way, we’ve broken down our Classic WordPress offering by our delivery method. Our 6B’s of Service symbolise your product lifecycle, and the journey your solution goes on in order to turn from an idea into reality. Let’s go through it…


It all starts here. We’ll perform a full audit of your existing technology, get to grips with your business processes, and work with you to define exactly what your project is trying to achieve. We’ll make initial suggestions for the structure, functionality and components that can get you there, and this is also where all your project set-up takes place, including:

  • – Internal and external kick-off sessions
  • – Discovery workshops
  • – Resourcing and Jira/Confluence onboarding
Digital strategy company


Time for a dash of creativity. We’ll take all our audit learnings, pair it with internal and external feedback, before starting the initial design concepts (such as the look and feel of your new homepage). You can expect things like:

  • – User journey mapping
  • – User testing
  • – Responsive designs for mobile and desktop
  • – Component and plugin selection


Here’s where we get stuck in. We know the look and feel of your solution, the key components, the plugins and features that are going to make your new site sing – now, your project will come to life. But because we work agile, we’ll regularly test, feed back and make amends as we build:

  • – Brand-centric site build
  • – Bespoke CMS configuration
  • – Top security and privacy practices
  • – Content migration and SEO implementation

Best Practice

Our final stamp of approval. Accessibility and inclusivity measures, multi-device responsiveness, browser compatibility – it’s all triple checked for true quality assurance. You can expect things like:

  • – Full regression testing
  • – Load testing
  • – Design conformance
  • – Cookie management


When internal teams need an early-stage “leg-up”. We realise some teams might need more support than others when it comes to launch day, so we’re able to provide different options depending on your team structure. For example:

  • – Essential go-live support and maintenance
  • – Thorough CMS training
  • – Written guides and how to’s
  • – Digital enablement and adoption


Now the real fun begins. Your custom WordPress website is live and in the wild – but the work has only just begun. We want to make sure your solution constantly evolves, so you stay ahead of the competition. We’ll take you beyond customer expectations with:

  • – A bespoke retainer package
  • – Regular support and maintenance allocation
  • – Product growth suggestions
  • – Latest tech implementation

How is the Enhanced offering different?


The unique framework our team have built for our WordPress projects means we can offer a high level of technical excellence, to a variety of businesses.


But your case may be more complex. You might have a set of requirements that fall outside of our framework – which is where our Enhanced offering comes in.


It enables us to deliver the same premium experience and high quality output, but allows for a more in-depth approach to whichever aspects of your build need attention. Through initial conversations with our team, we’ll be able to tell you whether your infrastructure requires this. But a few scenarios could include:


  • – Brand-specific components that aren’t catered for within Classic
  • – Unique user experience needs for your niche market
  • – Additional layers of security due to the regulations your sector must abide by
  • – Back-end infrastructure and processes that could require enhanced automation technology
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“We’ve enjoyed working with 6B immensely over the past few years to launch and further develop the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust website. From the initial discovery phase through to planning and delivery, the project has been a success, and we’ve continued to work with the team to enhance, maintain and improve the platform through regular discussions and planned maintenance.”


Somerset NHS Foundation Trust: Centralising content for simplicity


The first integrated trust of its kind on the English mainland would need a digital solution that was just as innovative.


6B partnered with the newly formed Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to give its community of patients a single point of contact for the information and content they needed to access.


The WordPress website we designed incorporated over 180 standalone services and empowered staff to manage content autonomously, whilst improving the overall user experience for patients.

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Our WordPress insights

Our WordPress insights

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