Data & analytics agency

6B is a data and analytics agency providing first class data infrastructure, data pipeline and data maturity audits for public sector and private sector organisations across the UK.

Our data scientists create a clear strategy to assist your data management protocols, utilising a capture and analysis process that transparently and cleanly shows important data to stakeholders to inform decision making, with the ultimate goal to improve service users’ experience.

Data metrics and analysis

6B analyses your data points so that your data management can help you grow your business capacity, analyse your performance expectations and overcome any challenges by identifying opportunities.

As a data and analytics agency that ensures you make the most of data metrics and analysis, we use powerful platforms to analyse and interpret raw data, using visualisation techniques to take this data and present it on a clear platform in real time that is accessible and understandable for your employees.

Data and analytics consultancy

Our data and analytics consultancy ensures any system you use is fully secure and compliant with legislation and standards, while ensuring the commercial viability and flexibility you require.

Through co-design with your team, our data and analytics agency works with you to shape your data and analytics in a way that understands your business processes, legacy systems, customer needs and current data performance.

We give you a formal, documented and transparent approach to the collection, storage and processes that your data goes through, utilising the power of data to help you make informed decisions.

6B is a data and analytics agency that unlocks the power of data to better understand user needs, make clear decisions and unlock new services that you can provide, using data metrics and analysis to further your business and identify new opportunities you can explore.

Many organisations have lots of data, but the presentation of it is either stored in a legacy system, filed as a spreadsheet or is unstructured and inconsistent. 6B uses a capture and analysis process to unlock data and unite it into a consistent format, allowing ease of use that can empower quicker decisions and that help to predict and analyse trends.

Revolutionise research through data & analytics

6B fuels research by holistically examining your data. To unlock the power of data, a clear strategy is vital.

We consult with you to identify, collect and analyse data points across multiple sources. Our business analysts will assess your challenges and match them with key data sources to open transparent pictures of your organisation’s capacity for growth, to analyse key business decisions and to exceed performance expectations.

Key areas 6B can help with

There are five key areas where 6B can assist you with your data and analytics approach. A data maturity audit addresses high-level steps we can take to address any pressing issues. We will compile a strategic report to detail recommendations with end users and stakeholders firmly in mind.

Next we look at your data architecture, infrastructure and pipelines. We use open source components to model your data, utilising the ETL technique to migrate and cleanse your data.

Our data scientists will use your data to glean insights into operational decisions you can make in the future or improve your current services.

Through our extensive knowledge of suitable APIs, our developers will turn your data into composable, transparent blocks that will bolster your service offering and provide intelligent analysis of user needs.

Finally, using machine learning techniques we can spot trends and make autonomous decisions from data insights which allows your team to move faster and the freedom to spend time working in more valuable ways for your business.

Development of a website/app/crm

Benefits of our services

  • Better understanding of trends – Our unique approach understands ‘actual’ trends in data at scale, through cutting-edge tools that utilise AI and mathematical models, we scientifically predict new and emerging trends in your organisation and in your market.
  • Improved data sharing – Open data allows stakeholders to make informed decisions and improve services through high quality data feedback
  • Integration with leading data visualisation platforms – we integrate data models seamlessly with leading data visualisation platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Looker and more.
  • Better decision making – Your decisions will become faster and more accurate as you harness the power of transparent data and analytics
  • Enabling new opportunities – Data and analytics will reveal new opportunities where your organisation can expand, compete and grow

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