In fact, digital therapeutics app development is becoming so sophisticated that it would be more appropriate to compare it to a prescribed medicine than a downloadable healthcare app. Through the use of wearable devices and bespoke applications, the work we do at 6B empowers healthcare providers to collect patient medical data around-the-clock in real-time. The apps that we design and build provide both physician and patient with a more well-rounded view of their condition, triggers and cravings to create a better informed, bespoke care plan.

This around-the-clock collection of health data ultimately means that the lines of communication between patient and physicians are kept open, meaning specific actions can be prescribed in response to their changing condition. Rather than prescribing a generic treatment plan for the treatment of chronic illnesses, we help providers leverage the power of digital therapeutics to improve outcomes for patients.

Benefits of digital therapeutics

Patient demand 

Patients no longer want to be dictated to; they want to be in control of their own treatment and they want better options. Digital therapeutics app development is the way to make this happen. With a bespoke app that’s tailored to the needs of your staff and users, healthcare providers can begin to deliver the seamless communication that patients have come to expect.

Improved outcomes

Ultimately, the aim of any healthcare app is to improve patient outcomes. With the help of digital therapeutics, patients and practitioners have access to advanced technologies in the palm of their hands which monitor all aspects of a disease’s progression, meaning the treatment that patients are offered is responsive on a case-by-case basis.

Targeting of specific diseases

The main difference between digital therapeutics apps and general wellbeing and health apps is that they’re backed by clinical and scientific evidence. This means that instead of offering generic medical advice for an all-encompassing topic like mental health, they are more suited to targeting specific diseases.

More effective than conventional therapeutics delivery

The apps that we create help establish a direct line of communication with patients via their mobile (which they have on them near enough all the time), so it’s far easier to intervene with a course of treatment and remind patients about medication dosage and when it should be taken.

Why choose 6B for digital therapeutics app development?

In order to unlock the potential of digital therapeutics and give patients better treatment options, healthcare providers need to partner with the right digital agency. At 6B, we have the practical and cross-industry experience to ensure your solution is compliant with stringent regulations, built at the most competitive price possible, and in a way where it can be scaled for future expansion.

  • Mobile app specialists: we cover every angle of the mobile development journey, including: mobile strategy, mobile content, product and service design, app development, location-based marketing, integration support and mobile experience optimisation.
  • Security compliance: with sensitive patient data being shared across systems and between organisations, it’s imperative that the correct security measures are in place to protect this data – 6B are ISO27001 certified.
  • Technology agnostic: Our team follows best practices to find change adoption strategies that work best for your organisation’s aims and objectives.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: from initial discussion right through to launching your app, our team will be on hand to provide ongoing maintenance and evolution of your solution.

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