EMIS Integration Partner

6B are an experienced EMIS integration partner. We have developed a number of bespoke EMIS integrations utilising the EMIS Interface Mechanism (IM1), EMIS Partner API, EMIS Portal SDK and EMIS PFS API.

We have developed innovative EMIS integrations to complement and enhance the core functionality within EMIS Web, from extracting patient data for complex reporting, to embedding external communication devices within EMIS Web. From bespoke EMIS Web development to consultation through the EMIS accreditation process, 6B are your specialised and experienced EMIS integration partner.

EMIS Integration Partner UK

As an EMIS development agency based in the UK, we are professional EMIS development partners here to help with your EMIS integration needs.

6B utilises the EMIS Interface Mechanisms version 1 (IM1) to access data held in EMIS Web as part of the GP IT Futures Framework (previously GPSoC), and we have experience working with the EMIS interface mechanism for the following 3 use-cases:

  • Bulk/Extract of patient data via EMIS Health Extraction IM
  • Practice/Transaction real-time API connection via GPSoC EMIS Transaction IM
  • Patient real-time access via the EMIS PFS API

We have experience working with the EMIS Health Extraction IM for bulk patient extract, the GPSoC EMIS Transaction IM for real-time transactions and the EMIS PFS API for real-time access to patient data via REST.

We design every EMIS integration with security, user experience and maintainability in mind, our mission is to enable easy access to EMIS Web through intelligent integration solutions.

EMIS Interface Mechanism Development

6B are here to help plan and deliver your EMIS integration. From initial research to understand which EMIS API to utilise, through to product development and EMIS partner application and accreditation consultation.

6B can develop simple read-only views of encrypted CSV files from EMIS Health Extraction IM through to more complex GPSoC EMIS Transaction IM (Interface Mechanise) integrations with SOAP transactional capabilities against EMIS Web. We also have experience working with initial EMIS APIs including EMIS Partner API, eRA API, Portal SDK, Care Record Viewer (CRV), Extracts, UDP and Unity Portal.

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Why choose 6B for EMIS integration?

Navigating EMIS integration and partner accreditation when developing a health tech product can be complex – 6B’s professional team of are here to help.

  • We are an award winning in-house multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers, and consultants experienced in delivering EMIS integrations
  • We are experienced in developing EMIS integrations and health tech for both primary and secondary healthcare
  • We are experienced in integrating with multiple EHR systems for startups, enterprise and public sector clients
  • We have experience working with EMIS Health Extraction IM, GPSoC EMIS Transaction IM and EMIS PFS API
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Robust & Secure

The development team at 6B have experience working across different sectors, producing a range of complex and secure process-driven bespoke applications and websites.

With experience in enterprise CRM solutions, large-scale web applications and secure medical platforms, we have the ability to design and develop tailored solutions.

Flexible & Scalable

Using our unique modular development approach we ensure that each release of your development can be quickly scaled up and adapted without losing quality and where possible without requiring new development.

We have developed many applications to handle business critical services running 24/7/365 for over 5 years now.

Integrated Technology

We are specialists in integrating with many applications including medical and healthcare applications, financial, CRM, ERP, payment gateways, accounting, social media and email marketing with specific examples including: Microsoft, Sage, Xero, Stripe, EMIS, Twilio and Open Maps. We are experts at integrating with online service providers, third party software and legacy systems.

Disclaimer: 6B are not affiliated with EMIS.

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