Here at 6B, we witness the transformative impact that leveraging data can have on any organisation. One industry that has realised the benefits of collecting and analysing vast amounts of data is healthcare, with analytics providing a useful groundwork in everything from optimising outcomes to refining internal processes.

The work we do in health analytics app development opens up a whole new stream of patient data, which, if used correctly, can provide actionable insights, support critical decision making, and improve patient outcomes with predictive analysis.

Any organisation working in the realm of healthcare is likely to be a treasure trove of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, with thousands of patient records to safeguard and multiple sites responsible for updating these records. Through embracing health analytics apps which help to gather and sort more data, your organisation could benefit from reduced operational costs, enhanced levels of efficiency, as well as improved handling of patient care.

Benefits of health analytics app development

Patient outcomes

The name of the game in healthcare is to deliver quick and accurate outcomes to your patients. With your organisation’s insight and input, the health analytics app that we design for you will increase your access to vital patient data, meaning that your multiple systems can uncover and identify telling patterns around diagnosis, treatment, and long-term care.

Sustainable change 

With an influx of new patient data ready to examine at your disposal collected from the app we’ve built, your organisation can begin to tailor your care programme to the specific needs of your users. By analysing this wealth of data, you can start to explore recurring issues and determine the most appropriate method for achieving progress.

Mitigate risk 

In healthcare, the need and desire to embrace technology and innovation must be balanced with the safety of patients at all times. The good news is that the app we create for your organisation will help gather a richer pool of data to examine, meaning that you can more accurately measure and evaluate data to drive clinical improvements.

Defining your health analytics strategy

Before you start implementing tools and hiring talent to support your wider health analytics strategy, it’s important to first define what your strategy is.

As a digital agency that has partnered with countless healthcare organisations across the public and private sectors, this is something 6B can help guide and support you with.

  1. Prioritise high quality data

As a trusted healthcare partner to organisations of all sizes, we’re clued up on what needs to be done to ensure data is collected, stored and formatted to ensure it meets privacy standards and can be accessed when medical professionals need it. We’ll work with your organisation to ensure vast amounts of unstructured data pools are standardised across the board, making them easier to access and glean insights from.

2. Patient privacy is paramount 

Anyone working for a healthcare organisation will be all too aware of the stringent laws and regulations that stipulate how patient data must be collected, stored and used.  We’ll ensure that all data meets industry and third-party compliance standards, enabling data to be seamlessly shared across various healthcare settings without compromising overall security.

3. Eliminate biases

When we think of data, we think of objectivity, but this isn’t to say that implicit and explicit biases cannot be found. Health analytics, just like any other field, can be susceptible to potential biases. To negate this, 6B will work closely with you to first identify and then eliminate any biases, helping you address the real and unique needs of your users and patients.

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