IM1 Integration Partners

6B are IM1 integration partners who implement witness testing to develop and validate your integration with this important healthcare interface from NHS Digital.

Interface mechanism pairing integration is a leading interface from NHS Digital, enabling integration with leading clinical systems in primary care such as Emis, Vision and SystmOne via one set of APIs.

Interface mechanism pairing integration, or ‘IM1’, supports system standards and interoperability within local health and social organisations.

6B is an IM1 integration partner that consults with your staff and liaises with NHS Digital to ensure your mobile app, web app or healthcare software complies with the latest legislation and standards.

Interface mechanism Integration

Each supplier of foundation capabilities, which include Emis, Vision and SystmOne, must provide an interface mechanism that third party systems can use to integrate between core providing systems and your product or app.

6B helps develop products that integrate with IM1 for purposes including document management, appointments, clinical decision services and patient facing services.

Interface mechanisms that third party products can use to integrate your product and ensure its compliance with authority requirements can be developed with the guidance of 6B’s expert technical team.

IM1 integration development

6B’s IM1 integration partners will help you through every stage of the IM1 interoperability process. From IM1 pairing integration, we will assist you with the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) and the Model Interface Licence (MIL).

6B also guides you through the unsupported test phase and the supported test phase, helping you with the Pairing and Integration Pack (PIP) and the Recommendation to Connect Notice (RTCN). Our technical support is available for witness testing and to help you with the IM1 supplier forum when your healthcare app or healthcare website goes live.

We develop and validate your integration through witness testing, implementation and launch, always adopting a collaborative approach with your team to ensure fast and easy integration with IM1.

Throughout the process we communicate with stakeholders in your team and liaise with NHS Digital to ensure your integration is moving forwards at speed. We will ensure you IM1 integration remains compliant with the latest legislation and standards, as well as being effective and economical. Ultimately our aim is to ensure that your IM1 integration allows your product to securely and safely access patient data to enable improved health outcomes for patients that benefit from your service.

IM1 Pairing Integration

IM1 pairing integration allows a product to read patient information, extract information in bulk and enter data into the patient record. There are three existing suppliers that offer interfaces for systems to integrate with, which include Emis, Vision and SystmOne. 6B has worked with all three of these foundation solution providers and we can help onboard you with the Digital Care Services Framework.


Before pairing with IM1 can begin, the Supplier Conformance Assessment List (SCAL) must be filled in and submitted to the NHS Digital IM1 team. Your application is assessed for compatibility with the Emis, SystmOne or Vision APIs so it is important to include information about what your product will do. 6B helps you with that application, including clinical use cases for your product, utilising our technical knowledge to help you frame the SCAL so that as many of your functions can be approved of as possible.

The IM1 assurance process flow then requires a Model Interface Licence (MIL) to be completed so that you can access the unsupported test environment. At this stage, 6B collaboratively works with you to develop your product, taking the guidance and documentation required for SystmOne, Emis or Vision into full account.

Finally, using machine learning techniques we can spot trends and make autonomous decisions from data insights which allows your team to move faster and the freedom to spend time working in more valuable ways for your business.

Development of a website/app/crm

The remaining stages

Test Phases – Using the Pairing and Integration Pack (PIP), we help you develop your product using SystmOne, Emis or Vision. If issues arise at this stage that cannot be resolved by the PIP, they need to be sent onto the IM1 team.

When all parties are satisfied, full submission of the SCAL takes place and the process moves onto the supported test environment. 6B works with IM1 to ensure all assurance approaches are on point.

Assurance – When the SCAL is agreed with your provider supplier and witnessing takes place, the provider informs NHS Digital and the final SCAL is submitted. NHS Digital then must give you a Recommendation to Connect Notice (RTCN) and the plan to connect to IM1 needs to be drawn out within five working days.

During this stage, test evidence is agreed or 6B can help undergo a witness test with your product, with our technical experts available for assistance at any stage.

The MIL is uplifted once assurance has been received and you can move forward to the live environment.

Live – 6B provides assistance with the Request for Change and you are invited to the IM1 supplier forum, where you can continually engage with NHS Digital to report faults and incidents. 6B helps you engage with the IM1 team at NHS Digital, for consultation and for support through any of the development process. We help you comprehensively complete documentation so that the relevant bodies know everything  about your product and we aim to help your product start helping patients as soon as possible.

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