Legacy software modernisation

6B provides legacy software modernisation that will redefine your legacy software to benefit from new technology, including cloud technology and modern best practices in software development. 6B’s legacy software modernisation team (including legacy software modernisation service designers and  legacy software modernisation service developers) will rationalise your legacy software system to cater for current and future needs. We do not simply rebuild your legacy software – our legacy software modernisation team is capable of reimagining your legacy software and carrying out complex data migrations to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Legacy software modernisation process

6B provides legacy software modernisation following a tried and tested legacy software modernisation process.

From initial consultation our legacy software modernisation process ensures your newly developed software is more intuitive, more secure, fully integrated and fully documented.

As part of the legacy software modernisation process 6B will develop a side-by-side new software so that a quicker transition from your legacy software can occur.Our legacy software modernisation systems meet government Digital by Default standards to ensure that all users can understand and interact with your system.

Legacy software modernisation company

6B is a legacy software modernisation company that carries out user research to understand how users interact with your legacy software and where pain points are. Through incremental application replacement, our legacy software modernisation will minimise business disruption. Our legacy software modernisation’s multidisciplinary team uses agile approaches to redevelop your software using cloud services and the latest technology.

It is increasingly difficult to maintain legacy IT systems, with systems run on legacy hardware that is unreliable and expensive. System security may also be lacking. 6B’s legacy software modernisation company will implement modern best-practices and work to identify pain points to reinvent your legacy software system, no matter how complex or old it is.

Our legacy software modernisation process starts with research to understand exactly how the existing legacy software is utilised and where the opportunities are for improvements in the new system. Following an in-depth research phase our legacy software modernisation team work to design, develop and roll out your new system. Through incremental application replacement, we minimise business disruption so that you can continually operate.

Our multidisciplinary teams adopt agile approaches, working in close collaboration with your team to redevelop your software using modern best practices and the latest technology.

Facing up to legacy software challenges

6B understands how complex legacy software can become, legacy software has often been developed over many years, it may be undocumented and deep system knowledge may be held by only a small number of legacy team members.

No matter how complex the system or circumstances may be, 6B makes legacy software migration easy for your organisation. Our service ensures no disruption to your organisation, your costs will be managed and 6B provides the necessary resources to modernise your legacy software, taking away the strain from your internal team..

6B team members

Working with legacy software systems can be both challenging commercially and culturally. Fast-paced teams want to work with the best modern tools and they want to see changes rolled out at speed.

6B offers two options to accelerate legacy software modernisation – either building a new system to replace your legacy software, or we can modernise subsets of functionality in your legacy system to enable it to interface with new technology.

In most cases, data needs to be migrated to the new system. Alternatively, 6B can develop a system where data is synchronised between systems so that a side-by-side rollout can occur. Database engineers and scientists at 6B can carry out complex data migration scenarios smoothly thanks to our extensive experience.

No matter your legacy software modernisation requirements, 6B will drive changes to your software and systems to ensure your organisation is running the best, modern and future-proofed technology.

6B managers in the 6B meeting room

Benefits of working with 6B

Advantages of using 6B for your legacy software modernisation includes:


  • Shared knowledge – we will ensure your internal team is fully knowledgeable on the new system, utilising technical and user documentation, on-site training and technical knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Accelerated delivery –  we use pre-built modules and systems to accelerate delivery of modern software and bespoke applications
  • Tried and tested – we have modernised many legacy systems, 6B represents a safe pair of hands in your legacy software modernisation project
  • Best practices – Architected to utilise modern and open source technologies that support evergreen development during continuous improvement

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