Low-code applications development

6B specialise in providing low-code applications development for a range of clients across both the public and private sector.

Our work in low-code applications development ensures that an organisation’s users, who aren’t formally trained in programming, can build and iterate apps with ease and at speed.

With the expertise of in-house developers, our low-code systems assist businesses in creating apps which meet current and future business needs, automate processes to reduce risk of error, and accelerate digital growth.

Low-code applications development company

By embracing low-code development, your organisation can discover a cost-effective alternative to traditional coding that is not only user-friendly but also has numerous other benefits:

  • Improved accuracy in processing
  • High productivity and business cost savings
  • The ability to adapt to customer changes and needs through fast delivery
  • Faster digital transformation focused on the needs of users
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Enhanced security with admin tools, access control and threat assessments
  • Eliminates the need for third party apps outside of IT infrastructure

Low-code app development enables developers to deliver mobile apps and web apps that vary in complexity a lot faster. By using visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features as opposed to a substantial coding language, our developers can teach users with no formal training to create apps which meet business demands, accelerate digital growth and automate processes.

In order for your organisation to grow, you need to automate processes in a cost-effective and timely manner, which means eliminating the IT delivery gap. Because low-code requires less programming expertise than traditional coding, the apps we help your organisation build will close the IT gap and reduce the reliance on expert IT support, saving money and valuable resources in the long run.

With the increasing speed of business transformation and customer expectations higher than ever, the necessity to be more productive and deliver applications faster has never been more prevalent. Our low-code platforms provide your business with a technology core that has in-built visual builders and ready-to-use code, so you can roll out new applications effortlessly and in accordance to new customer experience trends.

Build and iterate faster

Technology, and the role it plays in your business, is ever-evolving. To keep up, it’s essential to build and deploy innovative solutions. Intelligent low-code platforms have the power to transform the development lifecycle; it empowers developers to prototype and iterate more easily and quicker than ever before. At 6B, we’re focused on delivering quality solutions and products at speed, and low-code development is one of the tools that enables us to do this.

Scalable infrastructure

Creating apps using visual methods and models can be more efficient than developing using code. 6B’s low-code systems provide out-of-the-box functionality, eliminating the need to build core modules for apps from scratch; all of our low-code systems feature drag-and-drop capabilities, which ensures a seamless and easy to follow development process. Whether your organisation requires customer-facing apps to boost engagement, or defined build processes to automate workflows across departments, our systems help streamline the development lifecycle.

6B’s low-code tools provide invaluable insight into several stages of the software development lifecycle, including debugging, testing and deployment. They grant your organisation’s users access to information about the apps, their development and enable them to revert to previous versions for superior lifecycle management. This information can also be used to measure the effectiveness of apps by monitoring workflows and processes; it offers a useful analysis and helps to optimise operational efficiency, while reducing the risk of error through automation.

Another key feature of our low-code development’s out-of-the-box functionality is the usage of pre-configured modules. It’s essential that a low-code platform allows users to reuse prebuilt or newly-developed modules, plug-ins and entire applications, and with these common core functions, alternative solutions can be developed more quickly. This functionality ensures that your organisation can build apps to match and encourage business growth, adapting to an increase in users.

Advantages of working with 6B on low-code application development include:

Microsoft technologies – We work closely with our chosen provider, Microsoft, and the Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents), which allows us to analyse data, build solutions, automate solutions and create virtual agents for our clients.

Experienced team – Our team of low-code developers have the expertise and practical experience to help organisations create applications that are intuitive to use, functional and fully scalable.

Delivery mindset – We collaborate and consult with your organisation every step of the way, building a low-code platform that’s strategic and centred around your current and future business objectives.

Fast delivery – By adopting agile methodologies, we’re able to deliver low-code platforms that can be built quicker than traditional software development and meet the demands of your business.

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