Android App Development Company

6B are an Android app development company who fully understand the language and framework of developing mobile apps. Our technical architects and developers use a React Native approach for wearable devices, Android mobiles and other Google products.

We work collaboratively with public sector organisations, private sector companies and startups through our dual-track agile methodology to constantly iterate new ideas and developments, making the most use of user feedback and stakeholder feedback to produce the best possible Android app for your business.

Android app development agency

Our Android app development company keeps user data safe through app sandboxing and device encryption. All our collaborative work is available at any scale across various development stacks. Our Android app development company uses Android features including geolocation, gyroscope, camera and more to deliver a native Android mobile app that performs quickly, keeps sensitive user data secure and is designed with customer ease of use as a priority.

Native Android app development

6B is a native Android app development company that carries out Android development audits with a comprehensive plan of action for your product. This helps stakeholders, users and our developers to work on any improvements and keep your product as innovative and up to speed with the latest feature updates as possible.

Our native Android app development company utilises the potential of Google and Android features to develop a mobile app that fills user needs.

Android app development process

6B uses our Android app development process to iterate new ideas at every stage of the product cycle.

Our Android app development process ensures successful delivery of an Android app development project, including technical architecture, feature mapping, deployment and maintenance once your Android app development product is live.

We’re React Native developers at our core, with a deep understanding of the frameworks and processes required to develop outstanding Android apps. Our designers, developers, and technical architects utilise their Android mobile app experience to incorporate the latest technologies into our collaborative work with you.

We build all our Android app products with security in mind, keeping user data safe through following secure development processes and encryption.

High quality Android experiences

We work across the entire Android ecosystem, so we can deliver seamless performance for your mobile app across mobile, tablet and wearable devices.

Utilising Android’s advanced native features, with the unrivalled performance, readability, and speed to market of React, we build industry-leading platforms and applications that make the most of the latest technological breakthroughs from Google.

6B offers a full range of Android mobile app services. From Android app consultancy and audits to Android app architecture, development and ongoing support – we work alongside your team to offer any technical support required for your Android solution.

We also offer services such as:

  • bespoke development
  • consultancy for long-term support
  • consultancy and delivery on urgent short-term fixes
  • due diligence when changing suppliers or considering a business purchase

Our bespoke Android app development services and processes allow you to access our in-house Android development team for a variety of use cases. 6B is available at any and all stages of your Android development cycle to deliver on your KPIs and help your business to grow.

Our four-sprint process

Our Android development process follows four key stages:

1. Discovery sprint – We work closely to understand your user profiles, business objectives and commercial models to build specifications and prototypes, defining what success looks like for your Android app development and providing sound technical guidance from the outset.

2. Solution sprint – We work out the finer details of your Android product, including which stakeholders should be involved, what needs your app fills and how your customers interact with your product. We build process maps and clickable wireframes to outline your app at a high level.

3. Delivery sprint – We build your Android product following dual-track agile methodologies, which allows us to create your app in an iterative way that makes real-time use of stakeholder and user feedback, allowing continuous improvement of your product.

4. Deployment sprint – We make your Android product live, coordinating the safe and secure release of your software. We ensure that your development and production processes are in sound working order so that your product can be as big a success as possible.

Our mobile insights

Our mobile insights

Devices showcasing the Career Street mobile app

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