In year’s gone by, patients had a strictly formal relationship with their doctors. The doctor would recommend a course of treatment, medication or surgery to a patient, and it was then up to the patient whether they wanted to proceed with it. However, the relationship between patients and doctors today looks very different – and patient engagement app development is just one of the reasons why.

Digitisation in healthcare is transforming this traditional model of care, making these interactions more collaborative, cost-effective and efficient for all involved. This change in approach has been accelerated by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, where patients and physicians had to adapt to cope with increased demand and unforeseen challenges.

Today, patient engagement app development is a key driving force in managing everything from electronic health records to repeat prescriptions, all of which impact the patient experience – and this is where our vast experience at 6B can help.

The reality is, that if you want to free up clinical staff from completing administrative tasks so they can focus on administering care, whilst putting patients in control of their treatment, you need a robust, secure and engaging mobile app that enables the provision of telehealth created by a digital agency that knows what they’re doing.

Engagement benefits patients and staff

Less readmissions 

We work with a diverse range of healthcare providers across the public and private sector, and they all have one common pain point: preventable readmissions. They cause an unnecessary backlog which affects patient outcomes and satisfaction, and they eat into already stretched resources and budgets. The work we do in patient engagement app development and telehealth at 6B helps to negate this problem by sending personalised post-discharge information, reminders for regular follow-up visits, and giving patients access to the healthcare information and resources they need.

Patients proactively managing their health

In this new age of patient care, we recognise that it’s critical that patients remain connected to relevant resources and informed about their healthcare so they can proactively manage their health and work with clinical staff to improve outcomes. Through our work in patient engagement app development and telehealth, your organisation can keep better track of patient welfare and promote a healthier lifestyle with a number of in-app guides and resources.

Enhanced reputation 

Patients these days, much like consumers, expect to be able to access everything on-the-go and when they need it. While certain procedures and appointments will always have to be conducted in-person, like chemotherapy for example, there are a number of touchpoints in the healthcare system that can be streamlined with the use of mobile apps that we develop for providers. With the information available at the click of the button, patients will no longer have to wait to find what they need, which helps boost your brand image in their mind.

Patient engagement best practices

First impressions count

The saying goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”, and this is particularly true with apps. Patients are familiar with apps and how they work as they use them every day, so they won’t tolerate an app that is frustrating to use. The extensive rounds of testing that we deploy throughout the development process will ensure that your app is functioning as it should from the moment it is released, which will go a long way to increasing brand loyalty among your users.

Communicate with users 

Naturally, the content and features of your app will evolve over time to meet changing expectations among your users. We partner with your organisation to ensure these changes are clearly communicated to your users via push notifications and updates so they can see that your organisation is consistently adding value to their healthcare experience.

Seek out feedback

This may sound obvious but it’s a point that is all too often overlooked by healthcare providers: seek out feedback. You might think your app and telehealth services work perfectly in practice but if there are user issues that aren’t ironed out, your users will grow frustrated and turn elsewhere. Ask patients for honest feedback, and ask them often. We’ll help you devise a plan to collect invaluable feedback from users so iterative improvements can be made to deliver enhanced value.

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