SaaS Product Development Company

6B are a SaaS product development company that develop Software as a Service for businesses and startups in the UK.

Our SaaS technical architects and SaaS developers develop SaaS products that are scalable and robust through utilising pre-built SaaS modules and the latest technology including cloud and open source technology.

Our SaaS product development company develop multi-tenant SaaS products for organisations of all sizes from start-ups and scale-ups to blue-chip businesses.

SaaS development company

We are a SaaS development company that is user-centric, meaning we keep your end user at heart throughout the process, we provide SaaS product engineering and architecture that is efficient, scalable and affordable.

Our SaaS development company develops SaaS products, provides SaaS data integrations and SaaS partitioning to avoid data overlap in large-scale multi-tenant SaaS products.

SaaS product development agency

As a SaaS product development agency we follow a tried and tested SaaS product development process which starts with discovery, alpha research and testing to ensure your SaaS product development fulfils the criteria of your intended users and stakeholders.

Bespoke SaaS development

Our bespoke SaaS development service team use the right tools and technology to develop a high quality bespoke SaaS product.

Our bespoke SaaS development consultants can help with all areas of bespoke SaaS development including SaaS consultation, SaaS UI/UX design, SaaS development and SaaS maintenance and support.

6B is a team of SaaS developers who develop user-centred and beautiful SaaS applications. We are experienced in building SaaS products that will delight your customers, and are scalable to help you grow a SaaS user base at speed.

We utilise modern technology, cloud-based services and agile methodologies to streamline SaaS product development and delivery.

Experienced SaaS developers

Our experienced SaaS developers have developed SaaS products for a variety of industries and use cases, and for organisations large and small. We utilise pre-built SaaS modules and components to develop large-scale and robust multi-tenant SaaS solutions at speed.

Following SaaS development our bespoke SaaS development team is available for ongoing proactive maintenance and support for your SaaS product, allowing your team to focus on scaling your SaaS customer base.

6B’s SaaS product engineering and architecture processes ensure a SaaS product that is efficient, robust and scalable. From SaaS planning and architecture to SaaS security design so that your product users can enjoy a safe experience, 6B’s experienced SaaS development team is here to help. 

We will complete an in-depth SaaS discovery phase to uncover the aims and objectives of your SaaS product. Following SaaS discovery we will design and develop your SaaS product. We can work with your team to plan SaaS development releases, including a MVP release to help gain early traction or to prove product-market fit to secure further investment in your SaaS product. Following development your SaaS product will undergo quality assurance testing before deployment, launch and then ongoing support and maintenance as required.

Why choose 6B for SaaS product development?

The advantages of working with 6B’s SaaS product development team include:


  • Accelerated delivery – 6B utilises pre-built SaaS modules and components to accelerate development and delivery of bespoke SaaS products
  • Ongoing support –  following bespoke SaaS development 6B are available to offer ongoing maintenance and support of your bespoke SaaS product
  • Scalable solutions – we have developed high-performance SaaS applications for large-scale organisations supporting thousands of users at scale
  • Modern technology – 6B is a SaaS product development company that utilises modern technology and approaches to design and develop SaaS applications
  • SaaS ownership – the developed SaaS product is owned by you, we do not retain any IP rights unless it is contractually agreed

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